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October 27, 2017 7:25 pm

22 Years in the Gateway

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 @ 5:55 AM


New signage  on the way for the Gateway – image courtesy Gateway BIA

Prince George, B.C.- The area of 20th Avenue and Victoria is called the Gateway,  and  improvements  to the area have been  supported by the  Gateway Business Improvement Society for  the better part of a quarter century.

Over the past 22  years,  the Society has  spruced up the corridor that leads to the downtown of Prince George from highways 97 and 16,  by  adding  trees,  street lights  and a sculpture.   In all, the Gateway businesses have  contributed  $2.2 million dollars to beautifying the area including  trees, flower baskets, lamp standards,  artwork and  infrastructure to  water those flowers.

This year  the Society would like to make a few more changes.

On its  wish list for 2017  are $329,750 dollars worth of upgrades:

  • Lighting for trees along 20th Avenue ($103 thousand)
  • New street banners ($24 thousand)
  • New Gateway signs ($92 thousand
  • enhanced lighting and art work ($100 thousand
  • Repair and maintenance ($10,750)

And then there’s a request that the City of Prince George  provide $372 thousand in it capital expenditure plan for 2017 for  new lamp standards throughout the  Gateway area.

Council has  referred the request to administration  to  see  how the request can best be handled.


Lighting for trees along 20th Avenue…since when do trees need lighting?
I see they are double dipping on costs too…
aren’t banners and art work the same?
maybe the enhanced lighting and the light so the trees can read at night are the same?
Are the signs part of the art work and banners?
The lights they want the city to install are they not the same ones as for the enhanced lighting and the trees?

It is quite easy to see how costs can be fudged. Not saying they are but they sure could be.

I’ll give the Gateway credit though they definitely look better and take more pride in their areas than the downtown core does..

Good morning, realizing that it was a busy reporting night at City Hall, I would like to correct the header “wish list”.
The owners of the 17 commercial properties in the Gateway BIA are paying for these items. A wish list is something children write to Santa Clause.
The Gateway BIA is asking the City to schedule the light post replacement to coincide with the uplighting to save money in the installation of these items.
thank you,
John Enemark
Chair, Gateway BIA

I for one think this is great news.
Keep up the good work all whom are involved!!

    I feel exactly the same way. The Gateway BIA do a remarkable job with their association. The new sign will look amazing!!

Great job John and Gateway BIA members.

It is nice to see a group of business people who don’t sit all day in front of their computers and complain about how hard they work, how little others work and how much money others make and how much they have to pay in taxes.

You and your group are a breath of fresh air!
Thank You.

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