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October 27, 2017 7:22 pm

Hudson’s Hope and BC Hydro Reach a Deal

Thursday, January 12, 2017 @ 1:23 PM

Hudson’s Hope, B.C. –  The  battle between the District  of Hudson’s Hope and B.C. Hydro   over  the construction of the Site C dam,  appears to be over.

BC Hydro and the District of Hudson’s Hope  have reached a Partnering Relationship Agreement which will see BC Hydro  provide a cash and  construction  commitment.

Under the agreement,   a new Community Engagement committee will be established  to ensure there is a  transparent flow of information and  means to resolve any  issues that may arise.

BC Hydro also agrees to:

  • Work with the District and fund the revitalisation of a residential sub-division that will provide additional serviced lots, supporting long term housing options for the community and BC Hydro’s local employee attraction and retention efforts.
  • Build and maintain a demonstration home in the revitalized neighbourhood, and make it available to a local doctor or other essential community services professionals.
  • Build and operate a permanent boat launch, including a seasonal dock and day use area, at the base of DA Thomas Road.
  • Provide approximately $1-million in funding to the District, including:
    • A one-time donation of $268,000 to the District to establish a Community Trust Fund to support community facilities and infrastructure.
    • A one-time payment of $442,000 in recognition of District lands affected by the Site C project.
  • $150,000 for enhancement of Alwin Holland Park or other community shoreline recreation areas.
  • A contribution of $80,000 to support the District in making updates to its community plans to reflect the construction and operation of the Site C project.
  • Provide a one-time contribution of $20,000 to support District emergency rescue services.

Hudson’s Hope  had been battling the project  for  more than two years as BC Hydro’s purchase of  properties  that  are along the Peace River  meant a  significant drop in the tax base for  the District .   While  waterfront  properties are desirable,  such properties  won’t be  available when the reservoir for SiteC is complete  as  permanent structures  would  not be allowed  due to new statutory rights- of- way.


From above: “as permanent structures would not be allowed due to new statutory rights- of- way”
Obviously, Hydro wants to reserve the ‘right’ to increase the size of the reservoir at some point in the future, otherwise, it would make perfect sense to offer waterfront lands for sale (more residents, more recreational endeavours, more tax dollars)
But it looks like Hudson’s Hope fared well in their negotiations with BC Hydro, good for the town.

    They would have to increase the size by going sideways as the res is already right up to Hudson’s Hope. There isn’t any waterfront available nearby anyway. It’s all steep high riverbank through there.

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