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October 27, 2017 7:18 pm

Weedless Wednesday Highlights Non-Smoking Week

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 @ 5:45 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Today’s the day many British Columbians are attempting to give up smoking.

Weedless Wednesday marks the mid-point of National Non-Smoking Week and was created to help kick-start the process of giving up the habit.

Another idea B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake floated this week was raising age limits to 21, like in Hawaii and California, when it comes to buying and selling tobacco.logo_ccs (1)

Megan Klitch, health promotion coordinator at the Canadian Cancer Society’s Prince George office, is hopeful Prince George City Council’s new smoking and vaping bylaw passed last month will also help (the bylaw goes into effect May 1, 2017).

The bylaw duplicates provincial rules which ban smoking and vaping from transit shelters, within six metres of doorways, hospital or health board property, places of assembly and vehicles for hire.

The new bylaw also prevents people from smoking and vaping within six metres of a transit sign post, on patios, and in playgrounds, public parks, sports fields, recreational areas and city trails.

“There’s three main benefits. One is that for people who smoke and want to quit smoking these places will really help them to not have that trigger to start smoking again,” she says.

“Two, it will protect people from second-hand smoke exposure which is a known carcinogen, and three, smoke and vape-free places de-normalize those things and when you have environments where it’s not seen as normal – they’re less likely to start.”

As for those trying to quit now she recommends the quitnow.ca program for information, tips and coaching.

There’s also the BC Cessation Program, offering B.C. residents free nicotine replacement therapy products when they register at any pharmacy.

“I think people need to give themselves a break and know it’ll take quite a few times to quit and to try again.”


I’d like to know the difference between the revenue from tobacco taxation (for the province) and the health care costs associated with smoking.

No Joints either! Gotta be fair……
Is Marijuana classed as a tobacco?
I wonder what dried Hudson’s Bay tea is like smoked.

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