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October 27, 2017 7:18 pm

Green Party Recruiting PG Candidates

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 @ 5:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – “We’re in this to win.”

The words of B.C. Green Party Leader Dr. Andrew Weaver when asked about his party’s goals when voters head to the polls May 9.

Never mind that promise seems to be a tall order for the Greens considering Weaver is their lone MLA.

“The problem of course is that there are 87 ridings and we have to find 86 candidates whereas the BC Liberals and BC NDP of course have fewer candidates to find,” he says. “So, we’re working our way though most regions.”andrew-150x150

He said that includes Prince George where they only ran a candidate in Prince George-Mackenzie (picking up just six per cent of the vote) and not in Prince George-Valemount (Shirley Bond’s riding) the last provincial election.

“There has been some interest and I have spoken to a couple of people (he wouldn’t name names citing privacy concerns) and you know honestly people recognize that Shirley Bond is a tough person to beat,” says Weaver.

“There’s been some trepidation almost – she leaves this wake of fear about running against her. But you never know in politics.”

He says recent examples of that include the recent election of a Liberal government in the Yukon when there was but one Liberal MLA going into the campaign, Alberta where the NDP won when they had only had four at the outset and the federal Liberals when they entered the campaign as the third party.

He sees Prince George as fertile ground for the party though some voters still see them as being radically left-wing – something he says they aren’t.

“It’s not the case – we’re very progressive, very centrist, and we’re there first and foremost to represent people and small business.”

Weaver says he’s also up on northern issues, noting he was one of the early supporters of the proposed ski resort in Valemount.

“It’s a classic example of how you get resource projects to fruition – you have First Nations and you have the community on board first and foremost so that they become your strongest advocates. And I pressured the government to give them the approval so now the process is going forward.”

He adds a Green government would make Prince George the tech capital of B.C.

“Prince George has an enormous potential in terms of being a tech hub for North America frankly because one of the highest costs in data storage is cooling,” says Weaver.

“And you have a cooler climate which is a huge strategic advantage but the problem with Prince George of course is that the only two broadband lines going in are owned by Telus.

“So, you’re never going to get a big multinational like Google or Amazon come and dump their data distribution centres in Prince George because there’s no way they’ll be beholden to the one company that owns the two broadband lines going in.”

But he has an idea to address that hurdle – namely investing millions to open broadband in the North – starting with $6 million to bridge Chetwynd and Prince George.

“The public demands that governments build roads so they get from A to B. But the public should also demand governments ensure that there’s broadband access because that is the way information gets from A to B in the twenty-first century economy.”



PG a tech hub ? The home of monopoly and only one way of doing anything . No transit on holidays and weekends . Real progressive . PGs never been on the leading edge of anything . Except maybe unemployment and falling population .

    There are highways leaving PG in all 4 directions..Choose one and feel free to leave..Don’t forget to tear the mirrors off so you cant look back..

      Only trees can not move, but people can move! So why be stuck here in a city which one so utterly despises?

      BTW, transit buses stop right in front of my home even on weekends and on holidays! Where do you live?

    Maybe if he’d also suggested the additional broadband be powered by solar panels, or windmills….

“But the public should also demand governments ensure that there’s broadband access because that is the way information gets from A to B in the twenty-first century economy.”

Twenty first century? Sounds funny coming from a greenie considering they want to throw everyone back into the stone age by doing away with all things oil.

    Strange analogy . Man did not leave the Stone Age because we ran out of stones . We left the Stone Age because we found a superior tool , metal . We will not leave the fossil fuel age because we run out of fossils . We will leave the fossil fuel age because we have found a less expensive and extremely more abundant source of fuel .

      One of the best comments I have had the pleasure to read on here in a while! The world is moving towards alternative energy at an increasingly rapid pace, unfortunately there are a minority few of us who are having a difficult time comprehending the inevitable. Evolving out of the Stone Age, or in this case the Fossil Fuel Age, might take a little longer for that minority few.

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze3hthGRbRoor

      Nothing but our patience is required, because they are just not there yet.

With the type of ‘green’ vote splitting that’s likely to happen in Weaver’s own Oak Bay riding between him and the NDP’s candidate, Bryce Casavant, the rogue Conservation Officer who refused to shoot a couple of bear cubs, Weaver better do most of his campaigning close to home.

Oak Bay, a Victoria suburb, has been overrun with a burgeoning deer population problem for years. But all the nature loving ditzbrains down there go bananas whenever anyone suggests the best solution, dispatching the surplus Bambis to deer heaven.

Ataloss, here’s your opportunity to use your big brain to save the world from it’s ignorant self. Throw your hat in the ring.

    I’ll keep my hat , throw some money into the ring , save my little piece of the world and hope for the best . Even for you . I like to grow trees , veg and money . So far so good .

Hahahaha… Love to see the jobs plan. We all going to work in the fields? I have room for horses and some oxen…

    ht tp://www.nationalobserver.com/2016/03/28/news/solar-industry-says-70000-jobs-knocking-albertas-door

    So why not have some of those 70,000 solar energy jobs right here in BC?

I nominate Being Human. He’ll fix all the problems and besides, he must be a really fun guy to hang around with.

    Sure, it’s not like he has a job or anything like that!

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