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October 27, 2017 7:18 pm

Province Unveils New Licence Plates to Support BC Parks

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 @ 9:46 AM


Prince George, B.C. – There are now three new designs for  licence plates in British Columbia,  and  they are designed to support  BC Parks.

The special plates,  which feature an image of  a Kermode bear,  Porteau Cove  or the Purcell Mountains,  are  available for  $50 , and an annual  renewal fee of $40 to keep the plate.

All net proceeds from the sale and ongoing renewals of BC Parks licence plates will be re-invested back into provincial parks through the Park Enhancement Fund.

The special plates will be available January 29th .


I understand the extra fee to purchase a special plate.
The extra fee from year to year to keep it is a pure money grab as it costs nothing more for the special plate or a regular one after it is purchased.

Are the Olympic plates pay every year as well?

    No, I have them and if I remember correctly it was a total of 4 years you paid the annual fee.

I was all for getting a new pretty plate, until I read the annual fee part.

The annual fee doesn’t go to general revenue.

“All net proceeds from the sale and ongoing renewals of BC Parks licence plates will be re-invested back into provincial parks through the Park Enhancement Fund.”

If you want to support parks, get a plate. If you don’t, don’t get a plate. Simple.

    it is like ICBC money , it goes right into general revenue contrary to what they want to tell us. In this case enough will go to parks so no fraud charges can be laid.

What kind of proof can you give us that all money will be used for BC Parks?

Oldman1 read the article.

Got my free 150 parks pass coming and I like the look of the grizzly plate. Might just see the bent up old plates switched for some sporting new lookers on the bumpers

BC Parks is the cornerstone stone for BC’s tourism industry, yet BC Parks has not seen an increase to it’s budget $31 million dollar since 2001, the year this cheapskate government took power!

BC Parks, not a big priority for this Lib-Con Government, but they expect us to reach into our pockets for additional funds through this license plate initiative.

    Parks are paid for mostly by user fees, I sure hope my 75 bucks for 3 nights went somewhere other than a good binger by the staff

I wonder what the cost for one of these plates is for an imaginary Chevy Spark EV?

BREAKING NEWS: There is one other plate to be issued soon. IT is a picture of Christy Clark & Gordon Campbell holding hands, cost…


    Or the plate of Horgan behind you picking you wallet out of your back pocket while wearing your watch

Of all the potential fodder to disparage the BC Liberals, that’s the best you got Ice?

    seems like the boys have done a remarkable job on this, so there is no sense in being redundant now is there DOW. JUST gives us all a heartache.

There is a really good interveiw with Dan Levin from the NYT article on british columbias incredible depth of corruption . It’s at metronews.ca . Or #bcpoli

    Thanks for the link Ataloss, its good to get an objective outside perspective, and Dan Levin seems to be a straight shooter! His views on Christy Clark’s $50,000 per year stipend are interesting:

    “No elected official in the U.S. is allowed to get a stipend; that would be bribery.
    I lived in China for seven-and-a-half years; in China or Russia this would just be called ‘corruption’ or ‘nepotism.’ But here, it’s just ‘legal.’ The idea that a Conflict of Interest Commissioner who’s never found anybody in violation of conflict of interest (rules) in all his many years, whose son works in the government he’s meant to rule on — it seems like a Kafkaesque dystopian nightmare of shady politics and conflict of interest.”

    Yes, this Christy Clark government stinks like a soiled diaper, and we all know what needs to happen with soiled diapers… time to change it!

      Ataloss, how can you even raise the topic of corruption and BeingHuman, how can you even raise the topic of violation of conflict of interest and bribery without both of you also raising the topic of Justin becoming the first Prime Minister EVER, to be investigated by the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner?

      From the National Post:

      “Parliament’s conflict-of-interest watchdog opens first-ever investigation into a PM’s activities”

      Come on boys, get your heads out of your butts and get with the program!

      ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/trudeaus-trip-focus-of-ethics-probe

      Hey ! Where is the ” if you don’t like the corruption in BC , why don’t you leave ? ” I’ve only been told that once today on another topic from a genius of your ilk . Btw the Trudeau conflict is under investigation . Clarks corruption is worn on her lapel . It says buy me , I’m cheap at the cost . And they are yelling ” lock her up ” in Alberta in regards to an honest woman . But here ? People are saying nothing but for a few . Amazing .

      Opinions are everywhere, everyone has one. Why dwell on a subject that has been ruled on by the commissioner almost a year ago?

      ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/christy-clarks-exclusive-fundraisers-annual-stipend-from-party-not-conflict-of-interest-commissioner-rules

That’s factually incorrect. Harper was investigated by the conflict of interest commissioner while he was PM.

    @ blink, from the National Post article:

    “Ottawa – The federal Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner has launched an investigation into the circumstances of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s New Year’s holiday in the Bahamas, the National Post has learned, the first time a sitting prime minister has come under scrutiny by the independent parliamentary watchdog.”

    The first time a sitting prime minister has come under scrutiny by the independent parliamentary watchdog!

    I’ll leave it up to you to prove otherwise and if so, perhaps you should also let the National Post know!

    and they are appointed by the government… still wonder why he beat all the allegations? as will Clark

    Harper was never investigated by the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, where do you get your info blink – from Elizabeth May?

Only in BC.

    Not really R2 . Brad wall in Saskatchewan is as dirty as Cristy . He’s got oil and pockets full of oil money aka donations .

      Ataloss, where is your proof that Brad Wall is dirty and that Christy is dirty?

      When you say dirty, I suspect that you are alluding to something illegal and if so, where is your proof?

      If you have proof of illegal activities, you should contact the RCMP and file a formal complaint! Or would you rather just keep blowing smoke out of your butt?

      Ataloss, no proof yet?

      All talk and no action, eh?

      If you can’t figure out how to look things up , papa will give you another spoonful . Put in your little search engine ” brad Wall stipend ” then watch as your answer comes into veiw . And remember , read all the way to the bottom . If you can’t get to the bottom . Ask your mommy to read it to you . No need to look at other provinces or federally or other counties in the world as it would be illegal and get you real prison time or death penalty in places like China .

      Ataloss the new conflict of interest commissioner, Dirty Hairy?

      ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/christy-clarks-exclusive-fundraisers-annual-stipend-from-party-not-conflict-of-interest-commissioner-rules

Man you guys sure know how to make a story about supporting BC Parks with a license plate into a full blown “My political party is better than your party” argument

ALL parties have been not been increasing park budgets or even asking for it in a debate, including municipal, provincial and federal – even Trudeau’s new budget has nothing new for Parks Canada. Oh wait, they are going to spend 3 million a year to teach people how to camp across Canada for Canada 150… I am actually surprised that there isn’t a guy sitting at Duchess Park with a coffee can collecting from users for the city.

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