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October 27, 2017 7:16 pm

Friday Free for All – Jan. 20th -2017

Friday, January 20, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Once again, it’s that time of the week, when you can offer up your thoughts on the  events of the past week.

It’s time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic, but please, obey the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.

You are also reminded to keep your comments brief  as  long winded  run on  comments  are often ignored by others.





    Did you say something?



Welp, we are in the early morning of day of Donald Trump’s inauguration as the President of the United States of America, and this is what the rest of the world thinks of him:


Pick your favourite folks, mine are Scotland, Ireland, and Cuba’s.

    One more, this one is from a Dutch newspaper, I believe… ouch!

    ht tps://pbs.twimg.com/media/C0Bll8iXEAA3UB6.jpg


There is a new tiny handed sheriff in town south of the border so be prepared to guard your nether regions and lady bits.

    Ironically interesting, front page story in today’s Citizen about a young man facing jail time for groping women, on the same day as another man who boasted about & has numerous allegations against him for the same crime, is being sworn in as President. Wealth does indeed have it’s priviledge.

      Not only that, his competition for the job was a woman who aided and abetted her husband’s sexual assaults.

      Did Hillary have the victims locked in the basement of a DC pizza restaurant….?

    BAM! Sparrow’s comment nails it! Here is a real life example:

    A local “Republican” politician in the posh town of Greenwich, CT was arrested recently for grabbing a woman by the genitals, an assault he and his lawyer characterized as “a playful gesture.” The incident occurred last month when von Keyserling encountered a 57 year-old woman in a hallway. A brief political argument ensued in which von Keyserling reportedly said “I love this new world, I no longer have to be POLITICALLY CORRECT.” When the woman tried to walk away, von Keyserling allegedly reached between her legs and pinched her groin, saying to the woman that “it would be your word against mine and no one will believe you.”

    Obviously Donald Trump is an enabler, and a sexual assault pervert, it really is a messed up world when someone like this gets to be inaugurated as President of the United States of America!!

    ht tp://occupydemocrats.com/2017/01/15/republican-politician-just-grabbed-woman-pssy-gave-terrible-excuse/

      That would make every news agency in North America enablers.

      This is not his first rodeo with sexual harassment so to say it was Trumps fault is a stretch at best

      ht tp://www.greenwichtime.com/local/article/Calls-for-Greenwich-RTM-member-s-ouster-10863912.php

      Your turn

      Why are you calling Trump a sexual assault pervert? Has he ever been charged? Convicted? Don’t you think there may be something else at play here, as in dirty politics?
      You don’t know any men who have said “grab them by the xxxxxxxx?”
      People don’t understand what they say on here, what they say on Facebook and other forms of communication can get them sued.

      The following is a current count of women who have come forward to make “accusations” about Donald Trump, you be the judge.
      1. Kissing a Former Miss USA Contestant Twice Without Consent
      2. Groping a Woman Sitting Next to Him on a Plane
      3. Kissing a Receptionist at Trump Tower Against Her Will
      4. Saying He’d Date a 10-Year-Old Girl in Ten Years
      5. Telling Another Group of 14-Year-Olds He’d Date Them in a ‘Couple of Years’
      6. Sexually Assaulting a People Magazine Writer
      7. Groping a Woman at Mar-a-Lago
      8. Groping Miss Washington USA 2013
      9. Walking in on Teen Pageant Contestants While They Were Changing
      10. Groping Makeup Artist Jill Harth in 1997
      11. Raping Ex-Wife Ivana, But Not in the “Criminal Sense” ****
      12. Slut-Shaming Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado
      13. Sexually Harassing a Woman During the 1993 White House Correspondents’ Dinner
      14. Bragging About Grabbing Women by Their Pussies
      15. Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl at Jeffrey Epstein’s Apartment ****
      16. Groping a Woman at a Manhattan Nightclub
      17. Groping and Kissing a Former Apprentice Contestant
      18. Groping a Woman Outside the 1998 U.S. Open Tennis Championship
      19. Groping Miss Finland in 2006, Before Appearing With Her on the Late Show With David Letterman
      20. Unwanted Kissing of a Mar-a-Lago Guest at a Mother’s Day Brunch

      ht tp://nymag.com/thecut/2016/10/all-the-women-accusing-trump-of-rape-sexual-assault.html

      So being human does not support the rule of law, and through his ignorance of innocent until proven guilty foundations of our legal system he attacks the democratic process.

      Using base innuendo and unproven allegations to make the central pilar of his hate campaign against anyone that isn’t a bolshivik wannabe. A real winner he thinks this makes him….. Should get the Darwin Award for politics.

    Was there a sale on cigars after Clinton’s escapade and scary Hillary’s vile defence of him.

      So you are trying to compare something that happened between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, two “consenting adults”, with Donald Trump’s long list of “criminal” sexual assault and rape allegations?

      I guess some on the right will buy your swill; political leaders smoking crack cocaine, DUIs, accused of sexual assaults and rapes, no problem, but catch them being unfaithful in their marriage… tsk, tsk, tsk!

      Bh settle down before you pop a vein. Clinton mafia lost. Where is the proof? I guess you are okay with scary Hillary with her vile defence of her impeached perverted husband. I say again you okay with that? You seem to be okay with Clinton’s proven list of sexual miss conduct. You also seem okay with infidelity, wow.

      Lewinsky was willing, as many others certainly were also, but no, we refer to his victims, the ones he assaulted and raped.

Trumps big day… I think even the birds will be out for him today.

I wish him all the best in his big battles ahead against the globalists and multinational elites. I suspect he will disappoint mostly on his foreign policy, but his presidency will be good for America and in the long run that is good for Canada.

    Yeah, NOT!!! I think the whole dang world will be holding their breath for 4 years. And impeachment will be looming at best.

      Impeachment for……what exactly?

      Multiple conflicts of interest to start. If the investigation into his ties to Russia gain any traction. If any of the multiple allegations of sexual assault are proven. Trump has led a life of wealth & priviledge where he (& some of the ilk he surrounds himself with, including his children) believes in all sincerity that he is above everyone & the law. That will be his undoing.

      Didn’t stop Clinton…

      Or Obama.

      You do realize Clinton got impeached and if mafia Hillary impeacement would have been a family tradition.

      Detoe you have been watching too much cbc and Clinton news network. No proof has ever been found, fake news try to keep up.

      Ever hear of the Clinton foundation, pay to play. Dear leader playing the same game.

      Clinton was acquitted. I wonder how that investigation into the Trump foundation buying off a Florida politician because she was going to sue him over the Trump University scam.

      Seamutt, read some real news instead of Brietbart or wattsup, multiple agencies have tied the Trump campaign to Russian influence & are currently investigating. Trump’s multiple conflicts where the very real possibility of a foriegn power or dignitary could try to curry favour with Trump or a member of his family. The very real allegations of sexual assaults that will dog him throughout his Presidency, however long that lasts. Try to keep up with real events, not the made up crap that some media are presenting as news. Isn’t the Trump foundation under State & Federal investigation for fraud?

      Hey Detoe try and catchup. It has been shown no influense and no proof of election fixing. Seems your criticisms are selective, Clinton foundation pay to play. Bengasi lies, lying about getting shoot at. Iappropiate use of emails, lying about emails, deleting emails. So many irregularities from Clinton hard to rememder them all.

      Just trying to help your slective memory.

      Trolls are trolling tonight, folks, don’t feed them and they will go away.

      Seamutt, why are you so fixated with Clinton? I did not mention her or Bill at all & just to refresh your selective memory, in a similar exchange you & I had a few months ago I explicitly stated that I would never vote for Clinton if I were American. As for your statement that “it has been shown that no influense (sic)”. Shown by who? The CIA is currently investigating this as is the NSA & the FBI. As is the Trump Foundation under investigation by the NY State DA’s & FBI for fraud.

      Detoe but you seem to ignore Clinton for some reason. If it was anyone except Clinton they would be in jail. What is your thoughts on the Clinton foundation, pay to play from criminal nations and others peddling influence.

      Seamutt, no I don’t ignore what Clinton is purported to have done, but so far she & Bill have been cleared of any wrong doing. If & when any investigation turns up any crimes she should be guilty of, prosecute her to the full extent of the law. The Clinton Foundation is not under investigation, the stories of pay for play may or may not be true, but for now they are just that, stories. The more important thing to remember, as Team Trump continually reminds everyone, she lost, she is not the sitting President, Trump is & that is what makes the difference. He is a sitting President that already has a lot to answer for. I could turn your questions on you, what do you think of Trump’s multiple conflicts of interest? What do you think of the Trump Foundation & the fact that almost all media including the main stream have mostly ignored what he & his foundation have been accused of?

    I am hoping the birds have a good aim.

    Uh….hasn’t Donny Douchebag surrounded himself with multinational elites ? And somehow they have convinced people like yourself that they are in it for the good of the common person.

    “Time will tell”

      Time will tell. Anything could happen with Trump. I am only hoping his deeds match his rhetoric. I am not married to him though so if it doesn’t I will be the first to call him on it.

      I’m sure Trump will be waiting on pins and needles for you to call him out on his failure to deliver on his insane promises.

    For the most part I would only have little more than a passing interest in who the yankees choose to lead their country. Trump however is a completely different kettle of fish.

    In today’s complex world the so called leader of the free world should be someone who has an attention span longer than a goldfish, someone who can process a vast amount of information on the crisis of the day and come up with the best solution. Trump has stated that he wants his briefings boiled down to a few simple bullet points, something almost impossible to do in today’s crazy world. A recipe for disaster.

    The way he has cozied up to Putin makes me think that the ruskies do have the goods on him. He said he would never be caught by a hidden camera but look the language he used on the bus when he knew full well that he was wearing a mic. Like he said he just can’t help himself, and Putin said that Russia has the best prostitutes in the world.

    The way he has poked China about Taiwan, Europe in regards to NATO and the whole world in the way he talks about nukes is simply frightening.

    On a positive note the UK bookmakers have the odds of him making it through a 4 year term without being impeached at 4:1 and 8:1 in him being gone within six months. That would result in Mike Pense taking the helm which would suck if you are a woman,gay,or hold no or different religious views. At least one would not have to consider if it is time to stock up on potassium iodide pills to combat the effects of nuclear fallout.

      You under estimate Trump sparrow.

      Trump is an idiot, a simpleton when it comes to world affairs. Read the interview with the NY Times he gave last year, for the most part you could get a more concise and reasonable response to the reporters questions by dumping a can of Alphagetti into a bowl and see what turns up.


      Then there are the multiple investigations into the Trump-Russia election connections. Wiretaps involving Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Carter Page and Russian agents are part and parcel of these. Russian money being funnelled into the Trump campaign is also being looked into. Depending where they lead could easily force him from office within a few months.

      Court cases will be filed next week as him hosting foreign delegations at his Washington hotel as accepting money from foreign governments is a direct violation of the constitution. The Post Office hotel is only the first of many that he will face.

      Personally I doubt he lasts a year before being impeached for one of the above reasons and it looks like the bookies agree as I see the odds have been lowered to about 50:50 of him completing a full term and 4:1 that he will be gone by summer.

      Sarah Palin consistently garnered 80 – 90% approval ratings as Governor of Alaska because she governed as a conservative. But after being VP nominee to John McCain, the left went full nuclear on her. Lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit. She won them all but in time gave up and they hounded her out of office.

      I think you’ll find that Trump is made of sterner stuff, he has a lot of experience with lawsuits, both against him and by him.

      Palin did not even complete a full term in office. She saw dollar signs and quit to join the ranks of reality tv. That gig lasted about as long as her political career.

      As for Trump’s court record most of them were from people like small contractors suing to be paid for work they did but did not get paid for. As Trump has a team of lawyers on his payroll he would just drag out the cases until the small guys could no longer afford to continue. The lawsuit he could soon face will be against far bigger entities I think Trump will find they don’t go away quite so easily.

      Oh sparrow Trump runs a huge multinational company spread all over the world and worth billions. He is used to dealing with corporate heads and world leaders all over the world on a daily basis. Experianced, very experienced I would say. Cozing up to Putin, smart play because they both have an issue with China.

      Hey isil started under odumber.

      Having said all that trumps toughest battle will be with the Washington bureaucracy, the true government.

      Going to be an interesting 4 years.

      Riiight Sparrow, those multiple lawsuits had nothing to do with her quitting.. And let’s not forget that those lawsuits stopped when she did.

      Trump isn’t afraid of big lawsuits, he’s fought lots of them off, as well as launched them. He won’t fold so easily.

We have our own election coming up soon and I think its time we start making demands of our government for our needs to this region. If we wait until after the nomination process then its too late because agenda’s and policy ideas are all ready set with nomination endorsements.

I think it would be wise for the city to have a nomination advocacy committee. Not to try to interfere in party politics, but rather to inform incoming candidates what the needs for our city and region are so as to preempt their policy objectives for the election.

Often all we get is platitudes rather than action and what we need in this region is more action on issues that enable the local economy.

The government has a big role to play in fostering economic growth. No city, region, or country can have economic growth without government direction, leadership, and investment in critical infrastructure.

The last few decades we have seen huge investments that drive economic growth in the Lower Mainland and other areas of the province, while ours has been largely left behind as seen by our stagnation in comparison to the other regions of the province.

I think it is no surprise that our stagnation resulted from things like the sale of the BC Rail, or the removal of auprentacy policies in the forest industry. The idea that we can privatize public assets to fund NGO’s like NDIT to facilitate all economic growth is an outsourcing of the governments responsibility to guide an economy to growth. The privatization of public assets has produced no economic growth and led to a loss of public leverage on future economic opportunities. We have become oligarchic rather than a free enterprise oriented economy.

I would suggest some of the biggest infrastructure investments PG should be looking for from the next government include the following:

– An overpass interchange at the intersection of highway 97&16 and in the process the removal of the hill to the Northeast of the intersection to fill in the hole at the Northwest of the intersection facilitating an interchange and opening up fantastic views of the city core from the busiest intersection in northern BC. This infrastructure is required to free up the flow of traffic and remove the need for heavy highway traffic to be using residential neighborhoods as a solution that sees highway traffic rumbling by school playgrounds and pounding out city streets (eg Ferry Avenue).

– Funding commitments to a new Ospika overpass at highway 16 connecting just North of WalMart to facilitate the growing traffic in that area of the city. This is a project that has been stalled for 40-years now and is indicative of the stalled economy in the region.

– A future South Fraser Crossing to remove dangerous goods from the most congested areas of the city and facilitate future airport and Danson Industrial Site growth as well as start the beginnings of a ring road for highway traffic.

– More passing lanes both west and north of the city.

– $10 a day day care and the facilities to make it happen.

– A plan for the expansion of the BC rail infrastructure to facilitate the growing oil and gas by rail that threatens our environment in derailments.

Short on time, but lots of other things we should be pushing the nomination process to address for our city so we get the kinds of candidates that will facilitate the kinds of infrastructure our city needs to move forward in the years ahead.

Time Will Tell

    Good one. As for me, I would like to see Angiograms done here, and an Air Ambulance, you know, like that there big city beyond Hope, has.
    Hope everyone has a safe weekend.

      Yes things like that that we need in the north and are being under serviced. I think this is the time for people to speak up and sell their ideas because once the no,I nations are picked the policy they run on is usually in place.

      I also like the idea of an air ambulance for the north too. It’s long over due. Maybe the new RCMP helicopter could be duel purpose does in a pinch?

    After the first paragraph–I give up reading your novel!!!
    The upcoming election is provincial, isn’t it? Your asking for local improvements–that would interest the candidates in our next municipal election!!!

      I thought you said you never read past the first paragraph, most of eagles ideas refer to provincial a few municipality. Maybe read the whole novel.

      Highways are provincial and federal.

      Sorry Eagle Ospika is neither Provincial or Federal.

      Ospika is not, but an overpass crossing of the highway is. The rest is already done just needs curbs and pavement.

    I like your ideas unfortunately we’ll probably never see them happen.

    An overpass interchange at the intersection of highway 97&16? Why? It’s not like we get Vancouver volume of traffic here. That isn’t a high speed freeway.

    Ospika overpass at highway 16 has been stalled for 40-years? Horsefeathers! It may have been conceived of 40 years ago but that was decades before any development was even planned for that area. And again, traffic moves fairly well there, it isn’t needed.

    And so on. Where’s all the money supposed to come from?

      The money comes from gas taxes and resource royalties. The same place all the Rest of BC funds provincial infrastructure with. If we are to have a balanced province economically then rural regions need infrastructure spending too.

      As for the 97&16 intersection we do get traffic backed up from Ferry intersection into the 97 intersection. We also get highway traffic turning west from 97 north backed up for 3-4 lights when it’s busy. Adding a turning lane there would be half the cost of a overpass. An overpass can accommodate the backed up traffic from Ferry. Having the hill removed would be huge for the look of the city opening up a view of the city centre coming down the main entrance to the city. It would also enable the development of the busiest corner North of Kelowna. It’s a huge bottle neck in the transportation infrastructure.

      As for the Ospika connection. The water and sewer lines and rough in from Tyner to highway 16 has been done for fourty years, waiting for the overpass at the highway.

      The money comes from borrowing. Even though we have a balanced operating budget, we don’t have enough revenues to pay for capital projects so the debt keeps going up. Those intersections are only backed up for a short time at rush hour, and it doesn’t last very long, not nearly enough to justify that kind of expenditure from a government that is strapped for cash.

      Having the hill removed would be hugely expensive and include the cost of relocating the communication tower and the water tower (that supplies my house, I live in the area). For a view??? Get your priorities straight. Development of a busy corner so it can be busier? And with an overpass that would make it difficult to access.

      Planning ahead forty years does not equate being stalled for 40 years.

      I’ve moved as much material as that hill n a week. It wouldn’t take much at all with the right equipment. It’s not like it would be moved a hundred kilometres. It’s just back and forth across the street.

      Your water reservoir is at the end of its life. Any project to move it would not leave you without water and it’s no like these things don’t take place on a regular basis elsewhere. The money comes from existing budgets for infrastructure. We just move it up the priority list of unfounded projects. Projects like this take place every year elsewhere in the province… Look at Kamloops for example, their highway system puts ours to shame and they hardly have more traffic than we have at 16&97.

      That intersection and stretch of highway is currently at its maximum capacity. Any further growth and it will need to be addressed. Why not have it as a priority for this region? Do you only support good highways in the Sushwap region instead, or like Dick Harris who lived in the Okanogan while recommending the region he represented falls on its word to combat the budget spending while the rest of the country gets our share of the funding for their projects.

      It’s called defeatism. Otherwise the time to advocate for our priorities is now.

      No, it’s called facing reality. Kamloops has waaaay heavier traffic flow than we do, I’ve experience that enough. Moving dirt for a view? Sorry, that isn’t even close to a priority, and the hill makes an excellent location for the com tower and water rez. Both are doing fine and will be there for a long time to come.

Excellent post Eagleone.
It’s a pleasant change to read something with some thought behind it.
Also nice to read a post without the name calling that some feel necessary to include in their comments.

    Yes, it is really well thought out to propose taking down a hill with a water reservoir and cell phone and communication towers on it, so we can have a better view of the city as we are trudging off to work.

      Those are complications, but the water tower is do for replacement and could be served via Canaught hill or Cranbrook hill just as easy. The cell tower could go on its own stand alone tower ( that hill isn’t that high), or maybe a six story hotel like is planned on the casino corner could have it on its roof and be at the same height but with better reception for the whole city with the hill gone from blocking signals, daylight, radio.

      That hill could be moved west across 16 in less than two weeks. Creating 20 new acres of prime real estate in the city with the potential for $100 million in new property taxes for the city over ten years depending on how it’s developed. The cost for the province would likely be $40 million for the overpass interchange and hill removal to make it happen. A small cost compared to the ‘Cariboo Connector’ that might not ever get done, most of which would hardly provide more utility for future economic growth then the elimination of its biggest bottle neck.

    Thank you for your consideration. ;-)

      Neat ideas Eagleone.
      I would think that that hill has a lot of solid rock not too far below the surface. Otherwise, it would have eroded along with the rest of the banks of the ancient river course.
      And you’re right, it is about time that the South end of Ospika was finished,and connected to, or over, Hwy. 16W.

I found it very revealing that our PM refused to speak any English in his recent “listening Tour” in Quebec. He stated I am in Quebec so will speak French. Extrapolating that logic, will he only speak English outside of Quebec and New Brunswick? Of course not. Will Cornflakes only have English on the box in BC? This was a poorly thought out action by an intellectual lightweight, but it shows his true colors. If this is his view of official bilingualism, I support it, but it drips of hypocrisy.


    So true! Very petty of him.

Dow7501, I don’t see anything wrong with Justin speaking French in Quebec. In case you forgot, that’s what most people speak there. If he came out here and spoke French and English I’m sure people would be saying something, like why would he speak French to an English speaking crowd? He spoke to his audience in the language that they felt comfortable speaking in……. that’s all. I think the message is more important than what Language he used.

    I actually think he goofed in this case. He was in the Eastern Townships, which despite still being French dominated, is home to a fairly large English only speaking population (roughly 10% of the people who live there).

    The question came from a person who spoke English and he responded in French. He did a similar thing at at earlier town hall in Ontario when a man asked a question in French and he responded in English. It just doesn’t make sense to me. If you are going to host these meetings to engage with people, then when they ask you a question, respond to them in a way that they can understand. It’s just common courtesy IMHO.

    I honestly don’t think anyone in the room would have cared if he had responded to the question in English. I don’t know what percentage of the population in Quebec can speak both English and French, but I’d hazard a guess that it’s somewhere around 50%. It’s not abnormal or unusual to converse with people in English, despite what many people may think. If people know you are unilingual, I’ve found them to be very willing to speak English to you if they can, or at the very least, try and do they best to help you out.

    It’s almost as though Trudeau was trying to score some easy political points, but ultimately, I think it blew up in his face. Heck, even much of the press from Quebec was saying it was weird. I believe the leader of the Parti Quebecois even called his response strange. If you’ve got the leader of a separatist party calling you strange for speaking French in Quebec, it’s probably a good sign than you may have messed up, LOL.

Clearly you missed my point MWK. He and other Pm’s speak French outside of Quebec all the time with no repercussions. The question was asked in English by a unilingual citizen. Not all people in attendance were comfortable in French. Either we have official bilingualism or we don’t. His actions were petty. But if that is the way, be consistent.

Trump, Trump, Trump, my only look see that this Friday free for all! My TV stays off today! Sounds like that crap over the border is Canada’s big news now. That and Teudeau speaking French, is this what it has come to! Canadians watching Trump getting sworn in?? Let’s all watch big brother, as it almost makes me wonder if Canada has nothing else to do! Sad state of affairs we are in. NFL playoffs Sunday, way more important!!!

    Yer right. That’s why there’s Netflix, You Tube car fails on ice etc..
    Nice to see everyone driving careful this morning, them was slick streets.

Where exactly is all the infrastructure jobs and money? I thought we were supposed to be building bridges and megaprojects by now?

    Drive about 5 minutes North of town and you’ll see some of it.

      And west..And south..(but I doubt any fed money was kicked in,,)

Are we back to the scoring system again?😲

I drive by the RCMP office on 4th Avenue every morning on my way to work. I’m really tired of having to stop in the dark and sometimes fog and ice so RCMP officers and staff can jaywalk across 4th from the parking lot on the other side of the street. I don’t see why they can’t use a marked crosswalk like the rest of us.

I’m also tired of seeing out of towners (I assume) driving the wrong way up that stretch of 4th/5th where it’s one-way only. It doesn’t happen often, but someone is going to get hurt eventually. I think the City needs to install better signage.

    You should take a few videos of them jaywalking and send it to a local paper or news source, maybe one of them will have the balls to call the cops out on it as setting a bad example.

Axman. That was planned before Trudeau was elected. Don’t give him credit

British Columbia’s technology sector has broken an employment record with more than 101,000 people now working in its ranks.

Data Wednesday from the province show the tech sector — which employs about 20,000 in Greater Victoria — employs more people around B.C. than the mining, oil and gas, and forestry sectors combined.

According to B.C. Stats’ Profile of the British Columbia Technology Sector: 2016 Edition, technology employs 101,700 who earn a weekly average salary of $1,590 — 75 per cent higher than the average wage in B.C. and higher than the Canadian technology sector average of $1,480 per week.

“For the fifth year in a row, B.C. has seen significant growth in its diverse technology industry. We have more technology companies than ever, with more technology workers earning higher wages than the Canadian average,” said Amrik Virk, minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services.

“Our strategy is further creating the conditions that are helping the sector continue to grow and thrive.”

B.C.’s tech sector, which has more than 9,900 companies, also leads the country in terms of job growth. Employment in the sector rose 2.9 per cent over the previous year, surpassing B.C.’s overall employment growth of 2.5 per cent and national tech-sector employment growth of 1.1 per cent.

Technology now employs about 4.9 per cent of B.C.’s workforce and is the third-largest tech workforce in Canada.

The gross domestic product of the province’s tech sector grew by 2.4 per cent in 2015, contributing $14.1 billion to B.C.’s overall economic output. At the same time tech revenue increased five per cent to a record $26.3 billion.

“I think it is wonderful news and a long time in the making,” said Victoria tech veteran Eric Jordan, CEO of Codename Entertainment. “This didn’t happen overnight, but is the result of decades of effort from many people and organizations in our community.”

Jordan said Victoria’s tech community has a lot going for it. “Victoria continues to be a great place to build technology companies, including video-game companies. We are large enough to have a variety of critical supports, such as educational institutions like UVic and Camosun, as well as easy access to key hubs such as Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto and San Francisco,” he said.

© Copyright Times Colonist – See more at: http://www.timescolonist.com/business/b-c-s-tech-job-force-bigger-than-mining-oil-and-gas-forestry-1.7897755#undefined.uxfs

    see it’s not hopeless . Some day . Maybe in the future . The far , far future PG will get the infrastructure to get a tiny piece of the real action . Or perhaps a bigger better faller/buncher machine and pipeline .

      If you were a techie and could live anywhere you wanted, would you choose PG? It’s a nice enough place, but other places are nicer. I came up here from the Shuswap for the forest industry jobs. Those aren’t transferable. Tech work is. I would much rather have stayed in the warmer, fertile south.

    “’I think it is wonderful news and a long time in the making,’ said Victoria tech veteran Eric Jordan, CEO of Codename Entertainment.”

    In one nanosecond the conditions which promoted much of that hightech, especially in the entertainment field, can and likely will be undone by a president who believes that protectionist policies will save US jobs.

    We have seen it before when the C$ was on par with US$.

    Trump is for promoting a lower US$ value. Makes lots of sense. Same philosphy as Canada has to protect its export sector.

High Tech, Low Tech, what difference does it make. We have taken everyday progress in improving on old ideas and are now calling it technology and attaching statistics to it.

As an example we used to use morris code to transmit messages, then we went to the telephone, then to television, and then to satellite etc; etc;. What we tend to forget is that at the time morris code was high tech.

The same applies to everything we do to-day. Pencil, to pen, to typewriter, to computer, to email, voicemail, etc; etc;.

So to try a separate the natural progression of learning and inventing, by calling it high tech, is a mugs game.

A rose is but a rose by any other name,.

    “High Tech, Low Tech, what difference does it make.”

    Bang on!!!

    stone on stone …… Quill …. printing press ….. keyed typewriter …… IBM Selectric hooked to data tapes …… keyed computer … voice recognition computer ……

    Look at the changes that single progression of tools has made in written communication …..

    High tech is a description for the level of tools we use to do a job. It is the latest technology ….

    We still need the people with ideas leading to inventions …. if anything, I would call that high tech …. generating ideas and implementing them and changing how work is done as a result.

    Some such changes increase jobs, others decrease jobs in manufacturing, communication, entertainment, transportation, etc..

    That would be MORSE code.

    What a total load of rubbish. Let me guess, your favorite movie is “Cranky Old Men”

Mining, oil, gas, forestry all high tech.

What a great last few days we have had.. was a nice break from the cold weather ( yes we now call -28 cold…lol)

Nice to see the streets mostly bare as well..

Hope you all have a great weekend…be safe and well

“High Tech, Low Tech, what difference does it make.” The difference is in the amount of money that one makes . The difference is ,that , with little high tech infrastructure that is avalible in the north . All the kids that train in our schools for highly skilled jobs must migrate to the south to work and live . That’s what Andrew Weaver was talking about when in PG . That’s one of the reasons why PGs population is falling . Hard to believe that you folks want less rather than more . Being a high tech hub as Weaver has imagined for PG is a bad thing ? It wouldn’t take away what you have . It would add to what you have and keep some of the kids close . I could name a dozen kids from my neighbourhood that have had to leave including two of my kids and three of my grand kids .

    I would love to see more high tech here as well, but the population base and the votes are in Vancouver/Victoria and all the snowflakes that graduate from UBC and UVic do not want to live where snow falls on the ground. There was a study done by the UBC School of Education, I believe it was in the early 2000’s, asking their graduates where they would work. 85% responded that they would neverlook for a job outside Greater Vancouver

      “85% responded that they would neverlook for a job outside Greater Vancouver” .. good, then let them pay the high mortages and rents. Keeps ours reasonable.

    For your information the North American Industry Classification System for Canada for 2017 is as follows.

    11Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting
    21Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction
    41Wholesale trade
    44-45Retail trade
    48-49Transportation and warehousing
    51Information and cultural industries
    52Finance and insurance
    53Real estate and rental and leasing
    54Professional, scientific and technical services
    55Management of companies and enterprises
    56Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services
    61Educational services
    62Health care and social assistance
    71Arts, entertainment and recreation
    72Accommodation and food services
    81Other services (except public administration)
    91Public administration

    EVERY single sector has new processes which include CURRENT processes which rely on modern technology.

    All some of us are saying is that “High Tech” is not an industry. There have always been “experts” or specialists in industries throughout human history, especially industrial history.

    Forestry is high tech these days, as is medicine, and a myriad of other professions and technologies. Welding is “high tech”. They all require knowledge, skills as well as attitude. In addition, in the fast changing world we find ourselves these days it requires constant upgrading in all three aspects. That normally involves a continuous learning and training environment.

    As far as compensation for work goes, ideally money should not be the driving force. The driving force should be the interests of people, the degree of satisfaction one gets from doing the work they do. For our society to function properly we need all levels of vocations and a living wage for those whose KSA is seen as readily available and thus not deserving reasonable compensation.

    There are countries who have come to that realization and are doing quite well in the global marketplace when compared to the USA and Canada.

    PG population isn’t falling. Much. It’s pretty much static, yet the number of residences is growing. How does that happen? It’s because people aren’t having many kids anymore. How many schools in PG and area have closed in the past 30 years? Half of them? It’s called demographic collapse.

    “Being a high tech hub as Weaver has imagined for PG is a bad thing.”

    How has Weaver imagined it? Tell us some details.

    You started off on the wrong foot by quoting the population of the City of Victoria and equating it to the population of Prince George. It is nowhere near that. The comparison is apples and oranges.

      He adds a Green government would make Prince George the tech capital of B.C.

      “Prince George has an enormous potential in terms of being a tech hub for North America frankly because one of the highest costs in data storage is cooling,” says Weaver.

      “And you have a cooler climate which is a huge strategic advantage but the problem with Prince George of course is that the only two broadband lines going in are owned by Telus.

      “So, you’re never going to get a big multinational like Google or Amazon come and dump their data distribution centres in Prince George because there’s no way they’ll be beholden to the one company that owns the two broadband lines going in.”

      But he has an idea to address that hurdle – namely investing millions to open broadband in the North – starting with $6 million to bridge Chetwynd and Prince George.

      If you were to look up population of Victoria bc you would see you are on the wrong foot . It is 80 K . Of coarse if the greens got their way . Not all the high tech workers would live in pg proper but they would not have to sit in traffic jams like in 604 and extreme housing costs . What’s wrong with more jobs and families coming to PG . And what the hell is wrong with the sitting reps. One wants more guns . The other con is on about PTSD . Then there are soaklibs . Real forward thinkers those two .

      Maybe a better name for them would be Glibs .

      But Victoria is also surrounded nearby by lost of other towns and communities. The city has a population of about 80,017, while the metropolitan area of Greater Victoria, has a population of 344,615, making it the 15th most populous Canadian urban region.

      Posted by Ataloss:

      But he has an idea to address that hurdle – namely investing millions to open broadband in the North – starting with $6 million to bridge Chetwynd and Prince George.
      Riiight. Typical of lefties, they think they know how to spur the economy, and it always involves spending bucket loads of taxpayer cash. The private sector knows better, they go where the infrastructure already exists.

      “The private sector knows better, they go where the infrastructure already exists . ” bingo !!! You do get it . It’s so simple. Why did the truck drive over the bridge ? Because we the people got together and built it . That’s how it works .

      Oh I get it. But you don’t. There’s a lot more involved.

      So the government spends millions and invites the private companies to come. The companies look at everything including the availability of a workforce and realize it isn’t here, so they locate elsewhere. More tax dollars wasted. Remember all the city money wasted on a call center? How long did that last? And it was peanuts compared to what Weaver wants to waste.

Did the world end yet?

    As long as the North Koreans did not have a successful ICBM launch today, we are still here.

      I don’t think tRump gets the nuke codes until Monday.

      Got a funny feeling President Trump is fed up with them and he’s gonna do a pre-emptive on those sites.

      Naw, he won’t. But the Norks know that if they start anything he will not hesitate to finish it.

      Digitus, did you not notice the man with the briefcase moving over to trump after the swearing in and following him thereafter. Your usual I think doesn’t cut it.

      No I didn’t seamutt. I had more important things to do today than watch the inauguration of Donald J. Douchebag and then read conspiracy theory alt-right web-sites. I bet that is a good description of your day.

      Diditus, Actually I did watch, that is how I was able to correct you. Hey how come the left are so violent? Snowflake temper tantrums is guess, used to getting their own way?

      Sorry semenutt….I can’t answer for these people. The USA was founded on riots and rebellion. Maybe its in their DNA ?

Hmmm, strange but my posts disappear when I post them. My replies show up but not my originals. I tried posting again but was notified it was a duplicate posting. But the original wasn’t there so how could it be duplicate. I tried changing a few words so it was a different post but it still never showed up. What’s going on?

Will this one show up? Let’s find out. Posting……

    Yup, there it is. So what’s happening with the others?

    High Tech …..

    Perhaps 250news has installed a BS filter?

      Nope. Your posts still show up. And thay are Crapitsford quality compost:D

      Only some of them.

      Only some of them show up, that is.

      (Just had to use an ad hominem, didn’t you. It’s like you’re addicted to them.)

    Dyslexic server. Or it’s Astygmatized….

    Hee hee! Ha ha! Great comment!

    Hey Dirt, I think you started something. Do another one, Please? LMAO!

OK…so who is going to the Cougars game tonight?

    I am. Early. Big 50/50 draw on.

Trump’s latest tweets:

“We will bring back our jobs. We will bring back our borders. We will bring back our wealth – and we will bring back our dreams!

“We will follow two simple rules: BUY AMERICAN & HIRE AMERICAN!”

I remember the early seventies, up to 1981 in PG……

So, the new slogan for PG’s City Council…

“We will bring back our jobs. We will bring back our borders. We will bring back our wealth – and we will bring back our dreams!



    I think Trump is gonna get told to get rid of his tweeter!
    All it’s doing is making him look small…….

One last point on Trump, a linguist from Carnegie Mellon University analysed his campaign speeches when he was not on teleprompter and found that in terms of grammer and speech he was at a level somewhere between grade 5 and grade 6.

At least he can take some consolation in the fact that he is 2 or 3 grade levels above a chip truck driver ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    So….sparrow drives chip trucks?

      No I have a real job and beside even if I wanted to it would be a no-go as I do not have the requisite dickdo:P

      Did they analyze Obama’s speaking ability when not using a teleprompter? Broken, disjointed, he even used a teleprompter to speak to a 6th grade class! He would be on a par with grade 3 level.


      If you are going to post garbage, make sure you only post it to your right wing buddies who have no clue on how to use a computer or Google.

      Do you want a link> Even Jon Stewart ridiculed him for that on his show.

    [quote]At least he can take some consolation in the fact that he is 2 or 3 grade levels above a chip truck driver [unquote]

    Which still puts them a grade above your kindergarten level education.

    Funny how people like you always “have a real job” unlike everybody else. As in:

    “I don’t work for the government. I have a real job”.
    “I don’t drive a chip truck. I have a real job”.
    “I don’t work for the Post Office. I have a real job”.
    “I don’t work for (fill in the blank). I have a real job”.

    You self-important sods that think your “real job” is actually important should grow up. Your job is s*** like any other person’s job. You are not the irreplaceable snowflake that you think you are. There is always someone better or who will work cheaper.

    Someone higher than you is always looking to divest themselves of your “real job”, even if you have self-deluded yourself into believing that your s****y job is the most important thing in the world.

      Sounds like someone is stuck in a deadend job and is not to happy about it:D

      Jobs are all dead end. Mine has some good and some bad, just like all jobs.

So the riots are on in the USA. Time to call out the National Guard and swap the rubber bullets for hollow points.

    When a successful presidential candidate runs a campaign based on hate, fear, and division, who can be surprised there are riots and demonstrations in multiple cities across the US?

    Donald Trump is not a man who can unify a country, but he sure knows how to divide it!

      True, Clinton ran a campaign based on hate, fear and division, aided by the mainstream media, but she lost.

      It’s a fact, the left can’t seem to demonstrate without rioting, destroying other people’s property and leaving a mess behind. In contrast, when the right protests there’s no violence (unless some leftists attack them) no property damage and no mess.

      So you condone this behaviour? I don’t believe it is the Trump supporters rioting in the streets. I don’t particularly like Trudeau but I have never thrown a garbage can through a Starbucks window.

      Child’s play! Oklahoma City bombers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were right wing extremists, McVeigh was a U.S. militia movement sympathizer who was a Gulf War veteran, and both he and Terry Nichols were motivated by their hatred of the U.S. federal government and angered by its handling of the 1993 Waco siege and the Ruby Ridge incident in 1992. McVeigh timed his attack to coincide with the second anniversary of the deadly fire that ended the siege at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.

      Got to hand it to the righties when they protest they do it in a big way, 168 people killed, injuring more than 680 others. The blast destroyed or damaged 324 other buildings within a 16-block radius, shattered glass in 258 nearby buildings, and destroyed or burned 86 cars, causing an estimated $652 million worth of damage!

      When the lefties protest a couple of windows get broken… cry us a river!!!

      McVeigh was an extremist but not right wing. He was a white supremacist and anti-government, a Nazi sympathiser.

      Nazi – National Socialist Party – left wing.

      White supremacist – the Democrats are the party of the Klan, .

      Dirtman, if you are going to try debating with me, you need to know your facts, the American Nazi Party and the KKK both publicly support Donald Trump!

      ht tp://www.esquire.com/news-politics/news/a47407/american-nazi-party-supports-trump/

      ht tps://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/11/01/the-kkks-official-newspaper-has-endorsed-donald-trump-for-president/

      Even when presented with the evidence, right wing ideologues like yourself will ignore those facts and fall into cognitive dissonance!


      “The right never riots or destroys property during a protest.”

      Generally, that is because they are the ones in power and have their goons armoured up to incite violence from protesters, so smug-ass rightists like you can make ridiculous claims about how peaceful the Right is.

      I guess that whole “Kristallnacht” thing, as one example of the “peacefulness” of the RIGHT WING, was just a figment of the imagination.

      “Nazi – National Socialist Party – left wing.”

      You have got to be f’ing kidding. You actually think because the Nazis used the word “Socialist” that it made them a Left Wing party? God, I’m LMAO at how ridiculous you are making yourself look.

      Dirtman, you can’t win a debate with BH and bwahahaha using truth and logic. Silly.

      Speaking cognitive dissonance we have the perfect example, who just posted a comment from that blissful state we call “denial”.


      You’re incapable of telling s*** from shinola and you haven’t a clue on what the word logic means, so that makes you uniquely unqualified to give me any instructions on truth or logic.

      Cognitive dissonance, Bh learned a new concept. Run with it. It sure makes you sound smart. Bwahahaha, whatever leftard.

      @ Dow7501

      Really snappy comeback there. I guess that’s a demonstration of your brand of logic and truth.

      Coffman be careful BH and hahaha are close to being lefty violent.

      Dirtman not Coffman, love spell check.

      You know bwahaha, your right. I will stop my neo-nazi ways and bust up a starbucks in the name of….well…just because. Help, help I’m being repressed.

      Any large gathering of people has the potential to devolve into a riot. Criminal elements take advantage of large groups and start s*** just to cover their real aim which is looting and vandalism. Political stripe has no bearing on the frequency of riots or criminal acts during a protest. Even something as simple as hockey, football, or soccer rivalries can set off a rampage of destruction and looting.

      Police acting like goons often set the stage for a protest to devolve into a riot. In fact, the police more often than not engage in tactics to invoke violence, so they can go “weapons free” on people. It’s in the blood of all authoritarian structures.

      Hahaha, amateurish deflection. How come you lefties are so violent.

      You are correct Hahaha; the Vancouver riots (two of them) had nothing to do with politics.

      As for lefties being violent, no where close to the scale committed by Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols in the US, and Anders Behring Breivik in Norway. When extreme righties get upset large numbers of innocent people around them end up dying!

      @ Being Human

      You may have a point there. Look at George Dubya Bush: a right wing president. A member of a family that was friends with his family, along with a bunch of Saudi Arabians, funded by the Sauds (supposedly allies of the USA)killed a couple of thousand Americans and destroyed two towers. What was Rightie President Dubya’s response? Go over and kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis that had nothing to do with the attack. So, you are right. When the right wing goes on a rampage, they make sure to go big before they go home and kill as many innocent people as they can.

      I don’t know Seamutt. I’m not a violent Leftie. Why are Righties of your type so obsessive, repetitive and intellectually bankrupt?

      BeingHuman, I know they endorsed Trump. Because his detractors labeled him a racist. That’s what lefties label all of their opponents, not that there’s any evidence to back it up. They just fell for the BS, just like you did. Remember that Obama was endorsed by Nation of Islam leader Farakan. Does that make Obama a radical muslim?

      Hahaha, the right staged plenty of protests when the left was in power over the past 8 years. They were all peaceful.

      Gee, you gotta go all the way back to WWII to find an example of right wing rioting (Krystalnacht) and what do you come up with? Socialists rioting. Yeah, they used socialist because that’s what they were. I’ll bet you claim the islamic state isn’t islamic too.

You libs just love distraction . Highway 37 North got a bchydro line from terrace lighting up mining and run of the river . The bill was North of 400 million dollars . Prince George could have a high tech bridge built for 6 million dollars to Chetwynd . I would also call the cons out on this one as well . They don’t seem to keep their eyes on the money . Shirley you can do better . At least talk to Andrew . I’m sure he would share his hypothesis.

There is a video comment by environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg (who is a believer in the global warming scam!) pointing out the futility and massive cost of the Paris Agreement that our Prime Minister loves.

According to UN methodology, the reductions would cost 1 – 2 trillion (USD) per year, a minimum expenditure of 100 trillion (USD) that would reduce temps by 0.3 C, by 2100, delaying the warming by 4 years. In other words, it’s a total waste of money and effort. Of course, that also assumes that after the Paris Agreement has run its course in 2030 there will be a massive increase in efforts to cut emissions, 98% of the total cuts would not happen until after that year. Like that’s going to happen.

Bjorn is NOT a man-made global warming denier, he’s a believer, but he does recognize something the deniers have been saying all along – nothing that the alarmists have proposed will do anything to stop the warming, even if the threat is real.

It would seem that he hasn’t realized yet that it’s not about warming, it’s about politics, wealth transfer from the successful capitalist economies and UN rule.

    Aha! It posted this time, because I left out the fractured link. It would seem that they’re no longer allowed. It would be nice if that was up at the beginning along with the rules.

    For those who want to hear the whole thing (which contains much more info) go to YouTube and search The Paris Climate Agreement Won’t Change the Climate

      A fractured Climate Agreement that won’t speak English. Well, it was Trudeau’s idea……

The World Economy Forum is happening in Davos, Switzerland. Over 70 nations are attending. Hardly anybody here is reporting on it, although the European media is giving it 24/7 coverage. Kind of strange,IMHO.

    Davos got trumped:)

    It’s refreshing to listen to some of the interviews . A real break from the jingoistic political banter of late .

      That is for sure! China is there with a huge delegation. They cancelled constructionof 89 new coal burning power plants. Cough, cough…can’t see the houses across the street!

    Davos is all about the elite picking your pocket. Yes they got trumped.

I see CBC has a story on potholes in Vancouver.
Should we keep it a secret or tell them cold patch don’t work? LOL

I think I”ll watch Letter Kenny,one of the best shows paid for with some of our tax dollars

Dear leader is taking almost 3 billion from the poor in Canada and handing it out to the rich in so called developing countries.

This money could pay for water upgrades to every remote native village in Canada being one example.

According to Ataloss, Weaver said: “Prince George has an enormous potential in terms of being a tech hub for North America frankly because one of the highest costs in data storage is cooling,” says Weaver.”

Okay, now we know Weaver is stupid.

There was a proposal to move data storage to the University Campus proposed Reasearch Industry “Park” probably some two decades ago.

Reason? Because it was not in the earthquake zone of the lower mainland/island of BC.

Never happened.

Cooling? Bury the building under SFU … use the heat to power part of the campus.

The guy knows zilch about buildings.

    Who’d a thought it ? You with your depth of knowlage out foxed a mere mathematics noble lauriet. Who wants more ? Not you !

      The name is Nobel.

      Math? That’s theory. Obviously no application sense to practical matters such as engineering. Too specialized.

      Why is he a politician?

      Sorry Alfred . Math is not just theory . Because he cares .

That was proposed by Harcourt in September of 1994 at a cost of some $7 million.

In 1994 Lois Boone said things still looked “pretty good”.

BC Systems Corporation was to provide a low cost data linkage …. but Glen Clark disbanded the crown corporation …..

Check the front page of the Citizen, May 24, 1996

    Yes, mike was a man ahead of history in thinking . Thank you for your service Mike Harcourt . No more sky diving without a parachute.

Hey ataloss all those data centers would need is solar power, free power right? Oh wait Google gave up on that.

Still waiting.

Interesting how the nevertrumpers damaging and burning property in DC considering DC voted democrat. Why are the left always so vicious? No riots when Obama started.

    You do know that bc is in election mode , right?


      Still waiting.

      Ataloss when the roads are covered with electric vehicles, who pays the road tax? Wait I know a high tech device will monitor the vehicles movements. Wonder if it could be hacked just like the DNC and Clinton’s illegal server.

    There were no riots when George Bush took over. There were no riots when George Dubya Bush took over. There were no riots when Eisenhower took over. There were no riots when Gerald Ford took over.

    Your argument, Seamutt, is falacious as usual.

      We said the left riots often, at the drop of a hat. Not that they riot all the time.

    You are forgetting about the viciousness of the bikers and others during the primaries.

    How about the KKK?

It’s election time folks . If you don’t ask , you don’t get . So far , what have Shirley and mike got on the table ? Weaver just put a high tech bridge to Chetwynd on the table if BCGP is elected . Price ? Six million . Cheap at twice the price .it would go right through Shirley’s riding . Pocket change for a province with a GDP like BCs . Show us the money !!!

    What? a high tech bridge to Chetwynd. Well I’m in ataloss. I can’t believe I got sidetracked into the myriad of other insignificant issues of the day.
    You are doing your province a disservice by not running in the election. We need A bright light like you.

      Yes ! That’s what Weaver promised if elected as government . Six million dollars . its cheap at the cost . I bet Shirley’s and mikes pockets are deeper . I can hardly wait to see what they have to offer . What have they got so far ? And , has anybody seen anything orange ?

    It is easy to promise things when there is no chance of forming government.

    Look at poor Trump and all the things that he has promised, few of which he can deliver, especially since unemployment is down in the 4% range once again.

    He was not counting on winning.

      There are 95,000,000 not in the workforce or looking for work. Thats 1/3 of the population(almost). The unemployment numbers puked out are garbage. If it wasn’t for virtual zero interest rates the stock market would reflect reality. Watch and learn Gus. Obama’s world was BS. Trump will wear it, but it needs to happen. Cash and gold are king.

Not looking forward to 4 months of Christy Clark wearing clean shiny hardhats, with a bunch of people standing behind her wearing hardhats as her photo op. backdrop. Her government’s job creation (jobs plan) was a complete failure, any jobs created were low wage, or part-time, jobs.

27% of all workers in BC make $15 dollars per hour, or less… that many people working for poverty wages is unacceptable!!!

    True , but how are you going to improve the economics of PGs four ridings . It’s election time . Weaver has already thrown some meat on the table . What have the others got . Maybe the MPs can help . There’s two of them . Come on boys , get in the deep end .

      How come Weaver lives in Oak Bay? Is he not afraid of it flooding?

      Still waiting on your high tech solar system.

    The part that the dippers don’t like is that many of those standing behind the premier are private sector and building trade union leaders.

    Thanks to the continuing good governance by CC & Co. 73% of workers in this province make more than $15/hr.

    Ataloss do you really believe that Weaver has any chance at all in May? The best he can hope for is to pick up an additional seat on the island if he can get the hipster and hemp-head demographic out to the polls….man.

      No , I don’t think so . He’ll use the election to point out inequity . Like pg being in a tech shadow for want of a pittance . I think it’s brilliant . Change by stealth. The Greens are so lucky to have him ,so are British Columbians and so is canada .

      Thanks to Christy Clark & Co. income growth for workers in BC has been the worst in Canada!!!


What Trump does to Canada in trade we will have to wait and see. One thing for sure trump cares more for his country and people especially the common people unlike elitists such as our dear leader.

Trump will ditch the money sucking climate change bs unlike our dear leader who is determined to bring in a regressive tax, carbon tax, or co2 tax, he is easily confused. He does not give a poop about us only to put himself on some wordly imagitive pedestal.

    You seriously make me laugh. You actually believe that hogwash he was spewing about caring for common people? Yeah, he cares so much for common people that he loaded his advisory staff with Goldman Sach leeches . The rest of his staff is loaded with one regressive P.O.S after another.

    His first act of “caring” for the “common people” will be to strip millions of them of health care coverage.

Here is an interesting read on the regressive tax, Socredible you may find this interesting.

http s://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/01/20/the-economic-cost-of-the-social-cost-of-carbon/

Andrew Weaver shares the title of Nobel Laureate with over a thousand scientists in over 100 countries, 5 are from UVic.

from the Net:

“By awarding the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former US Vice President Al Gore Jr., the Norwegian Nobel Committee called special attention to their efforts to obtain and disseminate greater knowledge concerning man-made climate changes and the steps that need to be taken to counteract those changes.

“The IPCC was established in 1988 by the UN General Assembly. The first four main reports submitted by the Climate Panel between 1990 and 2007 were based on a coordinated program of research by SEVERAL THOUSAND EXPERTS in over a HUNDRED COUNTRIES. The reports stated that climate change is accelerating, that the changes are to a significant extent man-made, and that the need to adopt counter-measures is urgent if we are to prevent a global climate crisis from arising in the near future and threatening the basis of human life.

“According to the IPCC, there is a real danger that the climate changes may also increase the danger of war and conflict, because they will place already scarce natural resources, not least drinking water, under greater pressure and put large population groups to flight from drought, flooding, and other extreme weather conditions.

“Here are UVic’s researchers who, as members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), share in the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore.

• Drs. Ken Denman, Greg Flato, and John Fyfe, all adjunct professors in UVic’s School of Earth and Ocean Sciences and research scientists with the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis (CCCma), an Environment Canada research centre based at UVic

• Dr. Terry Prowse, UVic geography professor and project chief of the Water and Climate Impacts Research Centre (W-CIRC), jointly sponsored by Environment Canada and UVic

• Dr. Andrew Weaver, a professor in UVic’s School of Earth and Ocean Sciences and the Canada Research Chair in Climate Modelling and Analysis

• Dr. Fred Wrona, a professor in UVic’s Department of Geography and branch director of W-CIRC

Dr. Francis Zwiers, an adjunct professor in UVic’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics and a research scientist with CCCma.

So his mathematics are applied to Earth and Ocean Sciences especially climate modelling.

That is a far cry from engineering a building for electronic data storage and specifically how to keep the building cool in the most economic way.

    Just trying to give some context to the title of Nobel Laureate as applied to Dr. Andrew Weaver and the actual work in which his expertise lies.

Economic Disaster Looms: The £300 Billion Cost of Britain’s Wind Power Debacle

ht tps://climatism.wordpress.com/2017/01/18/economic-disaster-looms-the-300-billion-cost-of-britains-wind-power-debacle/

Now I can post links. Wonder why I couldn’t before.

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