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October 27, 2017 7:06 pm

School Board Approves Variance for Military Mess

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 @ 5:55 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The Rocky Mountain Rangers are one step closer to serving alcohol at their Prince George location.

Last night in a 4-2 vote, trustees approved a policy variance to allow the sale of alcohol at their mess at 687 Dornbierer Crescent.

The location was formerly the site of Meadow Elementary School and is now leased by the board of education to the Department of Defence.

Several members of the Rocky Mountain Rangers turned out for last night”s Prince George School Board meeting – photo 250News

The Rocky Mountain Rangers now need approval from the City of Prince George and the B.C. Liquor Board to proceed.

“I understand this vote is just the first step and there will be checks and balances from there,” said trustee Tony Cable in voicing his support.

“I believe we’re dealing with a responsible group,” added trustee Bob Harris.

Howevery trustee Sharel Warrington had some concerns.

“I’m concerned about the sale of alcohol in that location (a neighbourhood). I believe there should be consultation and I haven’t been assured of that,” she said.

“We’ve also had to deny requests in schools before though I have complete confidence that you do good work and have good intentions. ”

“What is our legal obligation,” added trustee Trish Bella,  who was also opposed. “It’s our property still.”

Rocky Mountain Rangers spokesperson Eric Depeneau gave assurances they plan to act responsibly though.

“We’re not looking to create a commercial enterprise and increase traffic or anything like that. That would cause complaints from our neighbours. Thus is just for our own members in a secure place.”


Nothing wrong with enjoying a cold one after a hard days training!

Booze and guys with guns in a residential neighborhood. What could possibly go wrong? (My tongue is firmly planted in my cheek)

    To PGguy, these guys have done nothing but good for our community. This comment is childish and being from a family that has multiple people in the military throughout Canada I find it quite disrespectful. Our soldiers are held to one of the highest standards in the world so if that isn’t good enough for you then there is some personal reflection needed.

      Well said David!

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