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October 27, 2017 7:03 pm

Local SPCA Gets Cash Boost from Province

Friday, February 3, 2017 @ 11:20 AM

MLA  Shirley Bond and Mayor Lyn Hall, join BCSPCA  folks  at announcement – photo250News

Prince George, B.C.-  Puppies galore  at the BCSPCA facility on Landsdowne Road in Prince George this morning, as  MLA Shirley Bond announced   the Province is giving  a cash injection to the  local SPCA’s  new facility fund.

The Province  is  providing  $1.5 million  for the new facility which will be located at Foothills and 18th Avenue.

The new facility will not only serve small animals,  but will  also be able to handle  large animals, such as horses  as well as  provide space for enhanced  youth education  programs,  obedience  and  pet first aid training.

(at right,  MLA Bond gets  a kiss from  one of the pups at the SPCA.-photos 250News)

The funding is part of the $5 million dollars  the Province announced earlier this week  as part of the  BCSPCA’s  phase 2  of its 8 year  Facilities Development  and Service Plan  which has  a number of  shelter facilities being either replaced or  renovated across the Province.

“We need to be  clear, there is still work to be done” says MLA Bond .  “This is going to be a state of the art  facility , but the Province is stepping up  and doing its part today  to say ‘we are proud  to be a part of contributing to the Prince George location.”

Supporting the BCSPCA   is something near and dear to MLA Bond,  who not only takes part in the annual  Paws for a Cause  fundraising walk,  but  who  contributes to the local  fundraising campaign, such as “cup cake day”.

Stealing the show this morning were ten healthy  husky-shepherd cross pups.  All but three of that litter  have been spoken  for.  “The three remaining pups  are available for adoption  as of noon today”| said Bond “.  Most of them have homes already because of this incredible community, but  there are three of these  beauties who need homes, and they go up for adoption at noon and I know Prince George will respond in the great way it always does.”



What about the humane society? The one founded by disgruntled ex-SPCA people? No money for them?

    What was the reason for being disgruntled?

      Beats me. They probably didn’t get their way so they left in a huff.

      There were allegeations of harrassment

      Just shows how useless the system is.

      A president elect in the USA boasted about sexual molesting women and he still got to be president.

      This sort of think, including the abortion issue, were in part why the women were marching all over the world just a week ago …. How quickly we forget.

      It is an issue which is just coming to the forefront, especially these days when the internet allows such comments of hatred.

      In Obama’s recent farewell he addressed the issue by saying: “If you’re tired of arguing with strangers on the Internet, try talking with one of them in real life”.

Puppies! You could have written anything you wanted in this article. All I saw was puppies.

    Photo op

Just amazing how the Libs are all of a sudden so concerned about everything and freely spending our tax dollars before an election. I see nothing wrong with funding the SPCA but with the liberals record you may never see the money.

    “I see nothing wrong with funding the SPCA but since it is the Liberals and not my precious NDP I have to find a reason to bi*ch about it anyway”

    fixed it for you in case anyone was unclear of your message :P

    It is not all of the sudden. The full commitment to help fund some of the shelters was made several years ago and was published. PG shelter was not one of the first. There were others in worse conditions.

    Remember, the shelter used to be where the Aquatic centre is now. It was built with funds that people donated to the BCSPCA. It was built on leased land with 5 year renewal periods. The BCSPCA was kicked off without compensation other than allowing them to move to the City shelter and getting a contract to take care of the stray animals picked up.

    The other thing to know that the BCSPCA is enforcing the cruelty to animals legislation and is getting around $75,000/year from the province for a program that costs about $2 million a year.

    The province has been living off the backs of “old ladies” and their generosity after death when they leave money to the BCSPCA instead of their family.

    oldman1, it’s the same prior to every election and should be as illegal as financial donations to political parties should be.

sounds great. right on.

There are non so blind as those who will not see.

And yet the BC Liberal government’s wolf cull program continues unabated. Instead of restricting industrial development, and calling a halt to the stripping of resources in caribou habitat, the province takes the easy way out and blames the wolves for the decrease in caribou population, why? Because it is politically less damaging shooting wolves from a helicopter than setting aside sufficient caribou habitat and protecting that habitat from industry.

You want cute? Here is a picture of some wolf pups, and because they are wolf pups, they get a bullet in the head, courtesy of our provincial government! Optics, it’s a funny thing isn’t?

ht tp://media.gettyimages.com/photos/portrait-of-young-cute-wolf-pups-on-log-minnesota-spring-captive-picture-id586886939

    Now before everyone jumps all over me for posting something that is important to me, I am in no way taking away from, or being negative about, the $1.5 Million in funding this government is giving the SPCA, I only want to raise an issue everyone should be more aware of; the provinces controversial wolf cull program!

    Wolf culls are nothing new and they will happen again and wolves rebound fairly easily and it will happen again and when it does the bleeding hearts, environmentalists and Eco-terrorists will chime in and whine all over again.

    Social credits, NDP and Liberals all have ordered wolf culls and it will happen again

    The Province just announced 27 million dollars for a caribou recovery program. Just in case you missed that.

      Excellent news! Better that approach than playing God and choosing one species over another. Did you know the province also changed the limits for hunting wolves? Before, a hunter could only kill 3 wolves per year, now in some places, like the Peace Region, hunting wolves is year round and no limits. Conservation estimates 1,000 wolves are being killed every year because of the changes in hunting restriction on wolves, 200 wolves per year are killed via the Province’s wolf cull program!

      There are better ways of managing wildlife!

    Good on the BC SPCA!!!

    “The BC SPCA is opposed to the culling of wolves when there is a lack of credible scientific evidence to support it, and/or it cannot be achieved humanely. “Killing from helicopters, even by the most skilled marksman, causes excessive stress during chase and there is no way to confirm death was quick and painless,” says Dr. Sara Dubois, the BC SPCA’s chief scientific officer. Dubois states culling can fracture pack social structures and create an ecological imbalance for other species in the area. “There is little evidence that removing all wolves in the area will allow the caribou population to recover and stabilize,” says Dubois.

    ht tp://www.spca.bc.ca/animal-issues/wildlife/issues/wolf-management.html

I remember when the SPCA used to be where the aquatic centre is now and the furor that was raised over relocating to the dog pound at Lawnsdowne road it wasn’t a popular idea at the time and lots was said about it then and I for one am glad that there will be a proper building build finally as the PGSPCA is still consistently the busiest SCPA shelter in the province handling more animals per month and year than any other shelter under the spca umbrella

Bond & Hall; they never met a camera they did not love.
SPCA; good cause.

Meanwhile a local family is having a fund raiser to help their father have heart surgery.

    Want to fix the healthcare system? Then do your best to reduce your personal need for the services they provide!

    Eat healthier! Smoke less, or quit altogether! Get some exercise! Lose some weight! Consume less alcohol and/or illegal drugs! Wear your seatbelt and drive more carefully!

    Our current health care budget is MASSIVE! The only way to fix our health care system is to do our best to demand less of it, so that funding is there for those that truly need it

    As an example, lots of people run to their doctor when they have a cold or the flu and they do this in spite of the fact that for most healthy people this is nothing more than a waste of your time, your doctor’s time and our collective health care dollars!

    Look at our diabetes epidemic, growing larger every year, consuming more and more health care dollars! Yet people look at you like your crazy if you suggest that they lose some weight, eat healthier and get some exercise!

    Don’t get mad at Shirley Bond! Get mad at your friends and family that take no ownership of their own health! Take a look in the mirror as you may want to get mad at yourself as well!

    Just saying….!

    HG’s comment is classically Conservative, and Alberta Conservative to boot! For those of you not familiar with the blame the citizens and voters approach to incompetent right wing government, I give you this news link to ex-Alberta Conservative Leader; Jim Prentice’s words (RIP):

    ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/prentice-tells-alberta-to-look-in-the-mirror-for-the-reason-bloody-drastic-cuts-are-needed-in-the-province

      So in your world, there is no such thing as person responsibility? It’s always someone else fault when things don’t go your way?

    Would more information on why a fund raiser? Is this person having the surgery out of town then money needed for family to travel? Also when sent out of town for surgery the return home is on your nickle.

$5,000,000.00 in funding province wide and Shirley Bond manages to secure $1,500,000.00 of that for Prince George! 30%! Way to go Shirley Bond! Glad to have you working hard for your constituents!

I just love how some will bitch, moan and complain about the BC Liberals giving out tax money to British Columbians! These same people, while bitching and moaning about our tax money being spent in BC, will applaud Justin and his merry band of clowns in Ottawa for giving our tax dollars away TO EVERYONE BUT CANADIANS! What’s his total so far in the past year? Something like $5 BILLION to other countries?

At least the BC Liberals are spending our tax dollars here!

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