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October 27, 2017 7:00 pm

Mother Nature Messing with Downtown Event

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C.  – Who would have thought  Vancouver  would be  struggling to deal with  a major dump of snow  and that Prince George would be  trying to  find some for this Sunday’s  Winter Celebration event in the  downtown of the City?

The likelihood  of such  an event seems as  odd  as  the New England Patriots being able to  overcome a  significant  point deficit to win the Superbowl,  but  it  happened.  Downtown Prince George is trying to “source snow” so  this Sunday’s event will  be a true celebration of  winter in Prince George.

“We are trying to source snow that can be trucked to the site” says Downtown Prince  George GM Colleen Van Mook.  While they are focusing on  possible sources within City limits  such as parks,  there just isn’t enough accumulation.  She says they are also  in talks with the Tabor ski hill  to see if they have some to spare  “We need clean snow.”

The Sunday event in downtown P.G.  has been  organized to include a snow slide,   as well as snow and ice sculpturing.   While the  sculptor  will be arriving on Wednesday, just exactly  what he  will  make a sculpture with  remains to be seen.  Van Mook says he is talented sculpting in whatever medium  he is given to work with, “Our sculpturing will be at least ice sculpturing” says  Van Mook .

Temperature is another issue.  The current deep freeze is predicted to  break  on Saturday,  with  a high of plus 2  predicted for Sunday.  “The event is really based on being outdoors”  although there are two indoor events,  with the Farmer’s Market  being open and  a market  at the Legion .

But at this point,  “Mother Nature’s in charge” says  Van Mook   “We will be offering as much of the event as possible outdoors,  and we hope it will be an enjoyable winter environment.”.


Common sense should prevail in a situation such as this. Trucking in snow is costly to the taxpayer. How about moving the date? Perhaps this will give Colleen enough time to go to plan B.

heaven forbid that anyone or anything interferes with the downtown core, I guess Mayor Hall and all his little minions will have to kick their heels and moan and groan and pass a law forbidding this

“We are trying to source snow that can be trucked to the site” says Downtown Prince George GM Colleen Van Mook.
Such an EXCELLENT idea as we have TONS of TAXPAYER MONEY to cover this totally WORTHWHILE activity.
Bring on the 2017 property tax notice with the nice pie chart that accompanies it, it’s so pretty; kinda like a rainbow……

Heck, if money is no object I am sure Chilliwack will ship PG some snow!

Why not take the ice sculpturing to Tabor or Purden, deal with the rest in town? What did the town do in the 40’s or 50’s? Probably changed it to a day when it snowed.
I think Colleen should think a little more on this, ain’t a big deal.

    Exactly my thoughts.
    Instead of bringing the snow to the people, bring the people to the snow. It must be less expensive to lay on a couple of buses than to load and truck and organize/shape delivered snow.

    These people have got to stop with the ‘cost is no object’ thinking.

This isn’t the olympics. Trucking in snow is not cheep.

Maybe it’s the cities way of saying ‘thanks for coming out’ to the contractors that got very little if any work this winter seeing as it’s over at the end of this week.

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