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October 27, 2017 6:57 pm

Clean Up Underway

Friday, February 10, 2017 @ 10:18 AM

Prince George, B.C.- Crews with the City of Prince George are out in full force following last night’s snow event. The snowfall exceeded the City’s 75 mm threshold  which activates full snow and ice control operations.

Crews will be working through the weekend, 24 hours a day, starting with priority one and priority two routes, which must be completed within 48 hours following the end of a snow event as per the City’s snow and ice control bylaw.

Following that, crews will begin clearing priority three routes including streets in residential areas.  Crews have 72 hours to complete all priority three routes following the completion of priority one and priority two routes.

Motorists are asked to please be patient and to drive cautiously around road crews.


I agree, people expect the snow to be cleared ASAP! There are going to be one truckload of whiners coming forth, gotta be patient!

Then there’s the whiners whining about the whiners. 😂

    ….and then there’s the whiners whining about the whiners whining about the whiners!

    …and then, haha!

Good to see crews actually cleaning some real snow accumulation, as opposed to watchimg them drive around scraping an inch of ice off the concrete.

Hope they’re doing outside the bowl first, lot more out there usually.

Under the bylaw, what’s the penalty if they don’t get the snow removed in the allotted time frame?

    50 lashes with a wet noodle.

    a 50% pay raise

I have had close to 1 foot of snow since last night. Shoveled the driveway this morning and another 4 inches has settled since. The City will do what needs done and deal with the rest later. At best, they are trying to keep the major roads passable. I have nothing planned for the day and am very comfortable with just staying home! Keep up the good work city crews, I for one think you guys/gals do a fantastic job with our roads!

Don’t BS the people. The city of Prince George the snow removal equipment just hit the streets in the last half an hour !

    Huh, you just wake up?

      Got to call BS on that comment. Ospika was done hours ago along with many bus routes.

      I think the city will do a good job moving this dump of snow. It will be nowhere near the disaster of years gone by,.

They started at 15th and Tabor as I was getting back from Superstore at 7:30 this morning

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