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October 27, 2017 6:53 pm

Legebokoff’s Court Options End

Thursday, February 16, 2017 @ 4:49 PM

Prince George,  B.C.- The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed the application  by Cody Alan Legebokoff  to have his case heard.

The application  claimed  there was a appearance of unfairness during his  trial  on four  first degree murder charges in Prince George,  that  he didn’t have the  right to  counsel of his choice,  and asked if  a trial judge  was ” under a duty to immediately disclose an opinion critical of defence counsel’s conduct to the accused person.”

Legebokoff was charged and convicted  of  the murders of Loren Dawn Leslie, Natasha Lyn Montgomery,  Cynthia Maas  and  Jill Stacey Stuchenko.

His defence counsel applied to change the venue of trial, but the presiding Justice, dismissed the application. Justice Glen Parrett  did not release his reasons for dismissing the change of venue application until after  Legebokoff was convicted. In his reasons dismissing the application, Justice Parrett criticized the manner in which defence counsel conducted the application.

Legebokoff appealed the convictions and argued that an appearance of trial unfairness arose because Justice Parrett  failed to express his opinion of defence counsel before trial.

The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed the application  for leave to appeal,  but  did not  indicate its reasons  for  the dismissal.

The dismissal means  there are no more legal avenues for  Legebokoff to  pursue.


Well Done! And thankyou Justice Parrett, you were one of the few Justices I have a lot of respect for.

Shouldn’t be wasting taxpayers money on this murderer. Capital punishment is the only way to rid society of such a deranged creature.


He is a young man with many years to think about what he has done. If you have ever walked the halls of a maximum security prison you will see bodies but they have no expressions on their faces. They have no freedom and no hope . I think justice has been served. May he live a live a long life ! Time to forget his name and remember only the victims !

    You forgot the stench of fear.

    I can spot the Liberal a mile away. He is an adult, and a piece of garbage that should be put down. Stop it with the Shawshank Redemption play by play.

    Justice has been served? Say that to one of the victims parents, I want to film that encounter. Ah the bleeding hearts in this world, sickening.

    You murder someone, you should be killed. Eye for an eye. Let me guess, you also think Kid Touchers just need hugs and therapy? They should get the same treatment as a killer

I’m pretty sure he will walk our streets once again and with a different name as well.

    Hes a serial killer so I doubt it.

this is Canada. He’ll walk the streets again

It’s about time a judge in the Canadian Judicial system got it right. The only one losing here is the defense team looking for more work. I hope Legebokoff rots in there for a long time.

    I don’t. I hope it ends very quickly. He is using up my money and breathing the same air.

      True that but sometimes dying is too good

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