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October 27, 2017 6:53 pm

Friday Free For All – Feb. 17, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Once  again, it is time to voice your  thoughts on events from the past week.

It’s time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic,  but please,  keep  your comments brief,  and obey our  three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


“The most significant job growth in B.C. happened in the range of people making between 50 and 100 per cent of the average wage – so that’s workers making $12.49 to $24.98 per hour.

The next-strongest growth came in the cohort of workers making less than 50 per cent of that wage – less than $12.49 per hour.”


    Of course there would be more jobs created the $12.49 to $24.98 per hour range compared to “less than $12.49 per hour.” range. The first range is a full $12. 49 difference in pay range, while the minimum wage in BC is $10.85 per hour up to the $12.49 per hour, a difference of only $2.64 in pay range.

    They might want to compare similar per hour pay ranges like the number of jobs created in the $10.85 to $17.85 per hour pay range compared to the $17.85 to $24.98 per hour range. It would be fairer and more balanced would it not?

When I drove home up the Hart a little while ago, there was a bicyclist at the edge of the lane wearing dark clothing. His bicycle had a small red reflector, but I couldn’t see it until I was very close. It didn’t flash and was probably muddy. He was barely visible even from close up. He could very easily have been killed. I sure wish cyclists would wear something easily visible and put a nice bright red flasher on the rear of the bike.

    Give Jillian a call! I hear that the City has lots of money. Perhaps they can supply all of our resident cyclists with free lights! It’s a safety thing, you know!

    The province needs to put in street lighting along the Hart Highway. It’s rediculous that it wasn’t done fourth years ago.

      Add sidewalks to the lighting required for the Hart Highway. Ridiculous and dangerous. I have tried riding the Hart Highway on my bike and it’s downright scary.

    I agree with you, and even with a front strobe and a rear flasher, and normal clothes on, I’ve had cars drive with one wheel on the bike lane line and come within a couple of feet, I’ve had cars turn left in front of me, so while these are good ideas, somehow getting driver’s to pay attention would really help.

    Of course, what’s the plan when a deer or moose decides to run down the side of the road. Can you spot them, or do you need flashers and bright clothing for them as well.

    If people would drive on the road, it should be impossible to hit a cyclist whose riding on the shoulder.

      I would hope a cyclist has a few more brain cells than a moose and would want to protect themselves with everything available to them.

Earlier this week, Alt Right Conservative leadership candidates; Pierre Lemieux, Kellie Leitch, Chris Alexander, and Brad Trost, joined an event hosted by convicted hate speech monger Ezera Lavant and his far right wing website “The Rebel”. Everyone there was up in arms and attacking a motion (M-103) where MP Iqra Khalid asks the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage to study how the government could “develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia, in Canada.”

Well the Alt Right Conservatives would have none of motion M-103, arguing that; it restricted free speech, and would label anyone who disagreed with the religion, or their followers, as “Islamophobes”. Of course they ignore the fact that this is only a motion to “study” racism and religious discrimination, including Islamophobia, and recommend approaches to reduce it. We already have the highest law in the land, OUR CONSTITUTION and The Carter of Rights and Freedoms, that “protects” free speech, and freedom of religion, but that doesn’t stop these Alternative Right Conservatives from going into full panic, and fight, mode over this harmless motion. I personally believe M-103, and its initiative to reduce racism and religious discrimination, is very much needed in our county.

In April of last year Global reported that hate crimes against Muslim people, which were reported to police, more than doubled between 2012 and 2014, from 45 crimes to 99.

Following the shooting in a Quebec Mosque last month hate incidents in that province rose dramatically. In Montreal, police received 29 calls regarding hate incidents in the three days after the shooting, the Globe and Mail reported in early February. So you see, we need to reduce or eliminate these kinds of hate crimes and incidents, and if motion M-103 helps lead to that, then I am all for it!

ht tps://ipolitics.ca/2017/02/15/cpc-leadership-contenders-rile-crowd-at-rebel-event-opposing-m-103/

    You should move to Iraq or Sweden for a year and see how that helps your perspective. I hear in Sweden of the 160,000 Muslims that entered the country last year only less than 500 have jobs. Long live the welfare state under those conditions.

      Careful Eagleone, this is the type of comment BH and the Liberals are trying to censor. BH would have you labelled a racist for what he and the Liberals would consider “hateful comments”, facts are irrelevant.

      That is obviously not the case in Canada. But nice deflection away from a discussion on M-100’s initiative to reduce and eliminate racism and religious intolerance, including Islamophobia, in CANADA.

      ht tp://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/small-business/startups/newly-settled-syrian-refugees-turn-to-entrepreneurship/article30677240/

      I woke up this morning to sunshine and blue skies! I logged on to see the latest news and what positive views people who live in the best country in the world are contributing.

      Well, sadly enough it does not look too promising. Really, if I was as upset about everything here as some individuals apear to be I would emigrate to a country where conditions are vastly superior to Canada! Oppressed people have emigrated from other continents for many centuries.

      I know of quite a few people who have applied to immigrate to Canada after having spent some time here as visitors. Eventually they will call Canada their home!

      This is what you’re advocating, BH:

      Sharia’s Fiefdoms Conquering Britain.

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3501pCQT20g

      By the way, 2 weeks ago I challenged you to post or link to a comment from Ezra that is unambiguously hateful. You haven’t done so yet, but you still sling that false ad hominem. Put up or shut up.

      Dirtman, don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer from BeingHuman!

      BH constantly refers to anyone with a differing opinion as an Alt-Right. I have REPEATEDLY asked him for his definition of Alt-Right and Alt-Left, all to no avail. Obviously BH has difficulty answering such tough questions!

      Are you an immigrant Eagleone? It would be positively delightful, if your racist, anti semitic, ass could be deported somewhere.

      Hart Guy – BH thinks that name calling, smearing, false accusations and the like tend to strengthen the weakness of his position. This is typical of lefties, ad hominems are all they have.

    I hope you enjoy your dhimmitude.

    Islamophobia motion will target moderate Muslims – from Tarek Fatah, a Muslim:

    That said, popular TV host Asif Javaid argues that it “echoes the agenda of Islamists and Islamic extremists in North America who are shamelessly taking advantage of the Quebec City tragedy to advance the international Muslim Brotherhood agenda to silence any critique of Islamism.”

    In a post on his Facebook page Javaid wrote:

    “(E)xtremist Muslims who came here as refugees are making preparations to turn Canada into a … nightmare.”

    As for the motion to be debated in Parliament I wrote to Khalid asking her to define “Islamophobia”, since her motion does not.

    Would Muslims who denounce sharia law as barbaric fall into that definition, I asked?

    I asked if she believed “declaring the Islamic doctrine of armed jihad as an out-dated concept that needs to be renounced” was Islamophobic?

    She has not responded to my questions as of this writing.

    More at link – ht tp://www.torontosun.com/2017/02/14/islamophobia-motion-will-target-moderate-muslims

    Canada’s so-called anti-Islamophobia motion is nothing but trouble

    Then — and here’s where the trouble really takes root — the petition says “we … call upon the House of Commons to join us in recognizing that extremist individuals do not represent the religion of Islam, and in condemning all forms of Islamophobia.”

    Hang on a second … first they’re talking about terrorists but then they end with “extremist individuals.” Not the same thing. Not at all. You can be an extremist, a radical, a supremacist, without being a terrorist.

    The ummah isn’t a binary world of a few terrorists on one side and then over a billion moderate liberals on the other. There’s a massive grey area that holds severely orthodox values completely at odds with the West. And we should all feel free to call them out for it.

    But you can see how denouncing a radical imam for his Shariah advocacy could end up being considered, in the eyes of this motion, an Islamophobic act that’s a part of this alleged uptick in public fear. This is an attempt to silence rational critics of political Islam.

    ht tp://www.torontosun.com/2017/01/28/canadas-so-called-anti-islamophobia-motion-is-nothing-but-trouble

    The real threat behind M-103 is ‘mission creep’

    But what truly has me worried is the way such seemingly innocuous, goody-goody government actions quickly morph into something larger and more ominous. They can expand again and again, rapidly, until they provoke witch hunts with the force of law behind them.

    Think I’m over reacting? Consider the case of Antonio Padula.


    But what Padula got for his lack of delicacy in the alleged tweets was a small fleet of police cars roaring to a halt in front of his west end Montreal home late on a Wednesday evening, less than 24 hour after the tweets were posted on social media.

    ht tp://www.torontosun.com/2017/02/14/the-real-threat-behind-m-103-is-mission-creep

To the three joggers who run on ospika in the early morning… please don’t run on the road..you are very hard to see and seem to think you own the road running 2 and 3 wide.. for people who run for their health why would you risk dying for it ? Please find a safer place to run.

    makes you wonder don’t it. dark clothing and on the road. Then in the daylight 80% of the dog walkers are way off the road but wearing a high vis vest. I always have a couple of high vis vests from work in my truck, won’t to stop and offer them one. But probably call the rcmp on me saying I was trying to pick them up.

      Yeah but reflective vest don’t look cool over a $500.00 jogging suit.

    they have to run on the roads, the city has filled in the bike lanes with snow and the bikers have taken over the nicely plowed and sanded sidewalks.

Go figure uh… We had Spring, then winter last week and now we are back to Spring,… Hope summer isn’t like that

I have to disagree with you “BeingHuman”. Motion M-103 is a slippery slope to robbing freedom of speech that our forefathers put their life on the line for; thousands of Canadian soldiers shed their blood, laying down their lives so that we can have freedom of speech. Motions like M-103 will not prevent some crazy person from taking a weapon and killing people for whatever reason. We have laws already that govern such atrocities. We have our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Motions like M-103 are just chisels to chip away at things which we Canadians hold so near and dear.

    I agree. M-103 is just jihad in another form. Sharia law is not compatible with secular democracy and our Charter of Rights. Anyone that claims otherwise does not truly believe in the values expressed in our constitution and Charter of Rights.

    One only has to look at the atrocities by islamists in the Middle East and now in Europe to understand why people are going to want to alert those that can’t think for themselves of the dangers these people pose to our way of life.

    As for the crazies… Maybe we need better mental health resources for those that need it. We shouldn’t have lone nuts determining the restrictions on our freedoms and rights in Canada. We are a stronger civilization than that.

      Anyone else pick up on the Alternative Right trigger words in Eagleone’s comment? “Sharia Law”, “Atrocities by Islamists”, “Danger these people pose”. Fear, hate, and division words, that mentally unbalanced individuals would read and become paranoid of Muslims and Islam.

      Eagleone is an Alternative Rightist, not even sure if he is Conservative, as his ilk only use politics to advance their own agenda. It seems the Alt Right movement in the USA has some followers up here, so let us be guarded against them, and the fear, hate, and division they stand for!

      BH, Nice try to deflect from what Eagleone was saying.

      M-103 is just jihad in another form.

      alert those that can’t think for themselves of the dangers these people pose to our way of life.

      We shouldn’t have lone nuts determining the restrictions on our freedoms and rights in Canada.

      Your thinking is exactly why Europe is having the difficulties it is now with all the ‘refugees’.

      BH – quote: We already have the highest law in the land, OUR CONSTITUTION and The Carter of Rights and Freedoms, that “protects” free speech… unquote.

      They didn’t protect our free speech from Sec. 13.

      I don’t even know what Alt Right is BH. If you are going to label someone at least explain what it is and how a comment can be construed that way.

      You are not seeing the big picture. You just parrot the official left wing George Soros inspired words and have no clue who’s agenda you are really working for.

      When I read your posts I think of the age old warning by Cicero who said,

      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”


      Think about that BH. You are arguing a legal pathway to sharia law. A sharia law that gives no rights to an individual, much less a women, and justifies in code the violation of human rights of anyone that doesn’t accept totalitarian rule.

      You BH are arguing for open borders to anyone that can walk across the border. The Somali guy that came across the Manitoba boarder last weekend with two dozen others when interviewed said the following.

      He left Somalia because Islamism destroyed their country. He crossed over a dozen boarders illegally through Africa, South and Central America and settled in the US. Once processed by American immigration he was rejected and fled. He worked the previous two years driving commercial transports in Ohio before the immigration caught up with him. So how did he get a commercial transport license if he was wanted by immigration… he either drove without one ignoring the law once again endangering families that shared the road with him, or he used a stolen identification (which most illegals do) and they only caught up with him once the person who’s identity he stole noticed and reported this. Otherwise he has no social security number and no way of paying payroll deductions. So then once on the run again he illegally entered Canada and is welcomed with a welfare check and a warm place to stay.

      Is this the immigration BH speaks of? If so has he or does he know of the word ‘actuary’? If not please continue and be educated on the flaw in your logic.

      A nation is a binding of peoples based on an agreed way of living under a constitution that both protects rights and insures the rule of law is followed that in turn enables such things as a sustainable social compact with its citizens. Social benefits like welfare, EI, CPP, old age security pensions… health care and education.

      All of these things are based on actuaries of inputs and outputs and risks to the system, and designed to benefit those that contribute as members of the nations society. These actuaries are based on decades and not years.

      Take a country like Sweden with open boarders to illegal immigration from the Middle East and Africa. They took in 160,000 Muslims last year alone. This is the Canadian equivalent of a half million per year. Of the 160,000 less than 500 have jobs to sustain themselves… the rest have to be funded with the limited funds available for all the government programs, but with very little contribution or self sustainability in return. In fact far greater costs in other areas like policing.

      If one floods a system with people that won’t and can’t pay and yet they all have needs and ‘national rights’ given to them on arrival… giving them full access to all the benefit programs of citizens… eventually the system is bankrupted for all. The poverty rate for kids goes through the roof as programs have no money left to fund them and every one is for themselves at that point with social break down of the welfare state.

      Is that what BH wants. To bankrupt the welfare state? Is that what the likes of his mentor George Soros wants? Of course it is. If he can break the system that enables an upwardly mobile society of free thinking middle class participants in the political system… then he can see his vision through of a ruling class governing the world and treated like the fellow Jews he outed for the nazi’s when he was accumulating their ill-gotten assets as well.

      Trump wants to protect the rule of law that protects a nation and its people. The number one rule of law is citizenship and what it takes to become a contributing member of society. If anyone can come to a nation with no checks; and actuaries for benefit programs don’t exist; than that nation will soon either have no benefit programs that are viable or they will be so inconsequential that they no longer help anyone.

      Under Obama America only allowed in less than 100 Yazidi and Christian refugees from the Middle East. Tens of thousands of Sunni Muslims, but less than 100 Yazidi.. a people that were facing genocide by the local Sunni islamists… but Obama wouldn’t allow them in to America because he is not racists and only supported the religion that perpetrated all the crimes.

      Yet when Trump says his priority will be for refugees that flee religious persecution and genocide, as in Yazidis and Christians from the Middle East… he is called a racist.

      The double speak and double standards of the left never ceases to amaze me. Its all politics for them and the reality of policy or people be damned.

      As for legislation limiting free speech as it relates to islamazation… its just an attempt by the left to commit suicide to everything they claim to stand for. There would be no reciprocity from the islamic community for this, but rather it would be seen as a weakness to be prayed upon.

      In the community my wife was from they arrived at first in small numbers, then more and more they created their own ghetto as more and more began to arrive with the logistics of Malaysia and Indonesia, and the funding of the Gulf states. Eventually they started killing the politicians and intimidated the police that should have protected society. My wives family lived on a farm and minded their own business, had nothing to do with politics… their only crime was they refused to convert under force of threat. Eventually neighbors disappeared or left the area, and finally they came one evening and said anyone still there in the morning would be killed… by morning they had left fleeing in the night with what they could carry. This was twenty years ago and gave rise to Deterte in the Philippines… Europe today is in the early stages, and places like Syria have just experienced it. If one studies history its a constant theme across most of North Africa, through to India, South East Asia, and even at times in Europe.

      To be ignorant of the threat of islamization is to condemn the future generations of Canadians… trading their birthright to a free and stable secular democracy for the globalist politically correct suicide of our welfare state and future political cohesion.

      Sorry Eagleone, if you cannot make your point in a reasonably lengthen comment, why should I bother reading your “book”? I stopped reading it after the first paragraph, because I scrolled down and found our just how massively long your comment driveled on.

      If you want to know why I see you as a member of the Alternative Right, and you want to pretend you don’t know what it means, try using Google!

    Here here!!

Quote of the week.
“The leaks are real, it’s the news that is fake’- Donald tRump.

I listened to Trump’s speech and I have to admit, the guy is one scary dude. I lived through Reagan and I thought he’d be the one to press the button but Trump has him out-nutsoed a thousandfold.

    The media and deep state just politically assassinated his top intelligence official and intend to do the same to him. I think he has to call the riot act on the likes of CNN and the New York Times.

      Have you watched and listened to his press conference? The media didn’t make that up.

      No, Michael Flynn politically assassinated himself. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t get investigated for treason. Communicating with a foreign power (especially Russia) about sensitive government material, lying repeatedly about the content of his conversations even when presented a way out, misleading both the President & Vice-President, making the latter look like a fool. Yeah, in true Trumpian fashion Eagleone, blame everyone else. What exactly do you mean “call the riot act”? Muzzling First Amendment rights when someone says or writes something you don’t like or agree with?

      Isn’t it fascinating to see Eagleone talk out of both sides of his mouth at once. Out of the right he claims that Bill M-103 in Canada is just a jihad then closely allies it with muslims, then out of the other right hand side of his mouth he wants to attack CNN and the NYT for their use of free speech. Go figure.

      Actually ammoria if you really have been paying attention to what is happening in the states you should be worried, very worried. The liberal left press which is actually the opposition as the dems are in disarray, have been attcking a democratically elected president without giving him a chance. Are you okay with that. The press gave scary Hillary a free ride, actually she should be in prison. Obama another another free ride, he has almost singlely destroyed the US well with help from Hillary. Hey tell me why ODUMBER and scary invaded Libya, Kadaffi was no threat. Oh wait he was working on uniting Africa and staring their own currency and the establishment could not let that happen.

      Actually seamutt all I did was draw attention to the fact that Eagleone expressed two opposing views. I was drawing attention to that not to the political situation in the USA.

      I support free speech except when it steps over the line into outright hate speech which advocates, suggests or otherwise intimates that some kind of action should be taken to forcibly deal with a problem. Some of the comments on thos site do approach that, but only once in the last 15 years has anyone stepped over that line (a comment by a right wing hatemonger that socialists do not deserve to live – made to me, as it happens). Nothing currently being said by the main stream press in the USA steps over that line, so I am comfortable with how politics is playing out in the USA.

      I agree that Trump should be allowed a period of grace to see what he is about, although his performance so far is not conducive to praise by many people. Simiklarly, I expect that a leader of the NDP would be given the same grace if elected as premier in a few months. However, I bet those of your ilk will attack him from the get go.

      As to your comment, “Hey tell me why ODUMBER and scary invaded Libya”. It is ignorantly snide and offensive. Calling people with a different political opinion insulting names is simply puerile, junior, school bully boy garbage and the questions posed are not asked to elicit a response but merely to allow the sewage to be spouted.

      Ammonra so you are going to decide what is hate speech and what isn’t?

      Glad you made a comment about my Odumber comment. I wanted to see what kind of a reaction I would get. So I guess the pink pussy hate violent riot and along with Berkley, you will also pick what is free speech or not.

      “Reporters aren’t stupid.

      It takes a very refined intelligence to evaluate sources for ‘public interest’ without being distracted by ‘importance’ or ‘relevance’ or ‘truth’.”

      Ammonra be critical of what you read and watch.

      Seamutt, everyone who comments or argues about what constitutes hate speech is deciding what hate speech is, including you. Just by rejecting my definition of hate speech you are saying it is something else and are thus deciding what it is yourself. So look in a mirror when you criticise other people.

      On the other hand, I think that the death threat against me by a rightist, although incipient rather than overt, would meet most peoples’ definition of hate. Perhaps you do not agree, so tell me, do incipient death threats constitute hate speech in your estimation?

      Ammonra, death threats say what? Where is your progressive imagination leading you now?

      Dirtman posted this excellent link, you should have a listen

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guXBTgAxhIw

      Back to death threats again, wow what an imagination. I guess that’s the fall back when you have nothing else. The progressive riots in the states prove my point.

      I said threat, in the singular, not plural. I also said it was incipient, not overt. In fact, I complained to Elaine and she removed the post which contained it. I cannot remember if the person was also banned. It was a long time ago. It is interesting, though, that your response is to deny that it happened. Obviously, you prefer to believe that I am a liar rather than believe that one of your political persuasion could be so malicious. That really does say a lot about you. What I do not understand is how do riots in the US prove anything about what happened in PG a long time ago? That is a really strange tack to take.

      Ammonra, I would expect more from you. I have seen you make a well principled argument before.

      Using innuendo about an alleged poster that ‘threatened you’ in the past is really low. Distortion of the debate into that realm does nothing for the issue other than push the debate into the gutter.

      You claim that I am against the free speech of the NY Times or CNN. No I am against monopoly media using its power to push opinions as news when they are clearly partisan and pushing fake news rather than reporting facts.

      I just think the likes of CNN should be forced to be accountable in a market economy, rather than floated by an oligarchy with an agenda. Let CNN stand alone and then talk all they want. Right now they are a danger to democracy with their not accepting the will of the American voter.I canceled them from my cable bill a couple of months ago.

In other words Trump has a problem in his intelligence community of Obama hold overs of political appointments that are out to kill his presidency and cause chaos through manipulated propaganda. Time for Trump to clean house of the subversives in the ranks and break up the media monopolies which are all controlled by the deep state. Start with CNN and require their spin off on their own before the Time Warner AT&T merger can go ahead… Let them live on their own record in the markets.

    Gee…could also be staff that has been there since the Bush years, no no no, got to be Clinton people. Ya, that’s it !!

      Does it matter. If they undermine the national security they should be removed from their position no matter who appointed them.

    See the pattern here? If anything goes wrong it’s not Trump’s fault, now it’s the intelligence community’s fault, they are against him, the main stream media is against him.

    Donald Trump’s administration is in crisis, but it’s not his fault, it’s everyone else’s fault, Trump is the victim here… right Eagleone?

    ht tp://www.fox23.com/news/a-crush-of-crises-all-but-buries-the-young-trump-white-house/494578251

    Mean while nearly every member of the White House Asian-American advisory council (10 out of 14 members) just resigned in protest of Trump! Why? Because Trump run on fear, hate, and division, so who should be surprised everything around him is falling apart. A good leader unites people, and that kind of leader, Trump is NOT!

    ht tp://usuncut.com/news/white-house-asian-american/

      Do you even follow the news BH or just make it up as you go along.

      The intelligence community has directly attacked the elected president four times now in only a week. Once resulted in the death of an American hero in service to his nation.

      #1 They tapped and released the contents of his phone call to the Mexican president.

      #2 They tapped and released the contents of his phone call to the Australian president.

      #3 They tapped and released the contents of General Flynn’s phone call with the Russian Ambassador.

      Usually if the intelligence community is acting lawfully they get a warrant from a judge to do these kinds of things. They have awesome powers and can’t just use them for a political vendetta or its banana republic time.

      #4 They built an operation ready for go and passed it on to Trump in his first days in office. When Trump gave the go, they passed the details of the operation on to AQ Yeman so they could ambush the Navy Seals Six team Trump sent in and make Trump look bad. A national hero and key member of the Seals Six team was killed as a result of the ambush and the target was allowed to escape.

      If the undermining by the intelligence community continues, than it will be more than a single Navy Seal killed, but could result in war between nations. So yes Trump needs to clean house and get the subversives behind bars where they belong. Give them the same treatment they called for Snowden and Manning for the same crimes.

      “Control” the media, and “control” all arms of the government! Trump is at odds with the judicial arm of the government therefore he must “control” it. Trump is at odds with an quasi-independent intelligence community, therefore he must “control” it.

      Just have Trump declare martial law so he can “control” everything in the entire country, right Eagleone? What a great Nazi goose-stepping idea!

    “his intelligence community”

    It is the country’s intelligence agency. It is a notion that Trump does not comprehend. He is not even the sole person running the country. A president has limited powers. Another notion he does not understand.

    The reason the intelligence community will not share anything but the most “need to know” details with him is because there are CIA, FBI and other operatives whose lives literally depend on secrecy of operations.

    When people and their operations are exposed, they may be simply shut down, but in some cases that includes mysterious disappearances, never to be heard of again.

      Like the leaked details of the recent Yemen operation that got a Seals Six team member killed because of an intelligence community leak. Trump is the president his conversations should not be shared with CNN when it involves national security.

BH I have a Friday Free For All proposition for you. If the NDP win the provincial election I will no longer post on this site. If the Liberals win you will no longer post and also you will not “pop” back up as one of your several alias’s. You seem so sure of the mighty NDP, lets go!!!

    Ryder is clearly someone else who doesn’t like free speech.

      BH, and the liberal left mob do not like free speech, Berkley was a good example.

      Trump loves the notion of free speech.

      He thinks that as POTUS he can go on international media and say that his ratings would go up if he were to blow the Russian spy vessel sitting 30 miles off the Northeastern shores of the US out of the water. Just listen to those last words.

      Very presidential and the reason why some in the world are bracing themselves for what may come.

      Terrorists cannot utter a greater threat than that. He is increasing the threat of the most horrific terror one can imagine around the globe and we can only hope that the heads of Russia, China and Iran have more control of their words as well as their military capacity than that.

      we can only hope that the heads of Russia, China and Iran have more control of their words as well as their military capacity than that.



      I also hope that the sane wing of the republican party is working with their like minded colleagues to find a way to force this crazed man out of office. He’s completely out of touch with reality and the concept of governance.

      Gus you missed the context of what Trump was saying.

      He was speaking about the witch hunt by the intelligence community to try and find a Russia link to disqualify Trump from making common ground with Russia.

      He talked about a nuclear war being the end of civilization and if people could see the briefings he has seen on the effects of nuclear war they would want to prevent that at all costs. He said he supported Flynn talking with the Russian Ambassador because that is the first step to finding common ground with Russia and preventing things spiraling out of control.

      He was saying its not easy to make peace with Russia when he is undermined by political hold overs in the intelligence community. It would be much easier if he was to just… and then the said comment on sinking the Russian spy boat, which would make all those subversives happy… but he’s not going to do that because that would start a war no one wins.

      Trump reiterated that his policy as president is to see if they can work with Russia to put an end to islamic terror (more likely to confront China economically)… that this will be American policy, until and unless it turns out Putin isn’t a partner where common ground can be found.

      In no way was he saying he wanted to shoot the Russian boat out of the water. That is just a CNN cut and paste of part of the story without proper context.

Ya ryder no one will miss your sad and useless comments. Like pete north.

    That was an insightful and thought provoking post Flintlock, thank you for you Friday contribution!

On another topic — I am surprised that none of you have voiced any concern over the recent medical spending announcements, and how Prince George surgeons are furious about it. I haven’t seen any letters to the editor to support them in the Citizen either. We complain about the surgery wait times, and most of us don’t understand how our hospital even functions. Do we have a shortage of operating room staff, why are some of our surgeons only getting one day a week, what can we do to improve the situation, and better yet, do we even care???!!?? I would like some answers, wouldn’t you??

    What can be done bout the wait list in Triage in Emerg???? Emerg seems so understaffed and patients are kept longer in the beds. How long does it take a doctor to make a diagnosis..

    Yesss Jillian started the bike routes.. tell her to fund raise for reflective vest for the people. She can find paint, I’m sure she can find vests. I’m sure when she leaves, she;ll think she left a legacy

      Some diagnoses depend on lab tests which may take some time. For example, several years ago I went to the ER with what turned out to be critically low potassium. A doctor cannot diagnose that by examining you. They had to draw blood and wait for the analysis to come back to know what was wrong with me.

      If you don’t want to wait, here’s what you have to do.

      1. Call the RCMP.
      2. Hit the RCMP officer when they come.
      3. RCMP will hit you back
      4. You’ll get in straight away because you are in police custody.

    We might have a shortage of operating staff, but the main problem is we only have 2 operating rooms! We need more, more, more, then the doctors can have more operating time monthly….and the waiting list will move quicker.

      We have more than 2 operating rooms at the University Hospital.

      I tried finding the info from their web site, but it is a circular maze. No serious information there other than to help visitors to the hospital.

      I thought it was 6. Maybe someone has the actual figure.

      I believe the problem is as stated, the lack of operating team staff.

Please take a bit of time this weekend to remember the logging truck drivers that go above and beyond to get wood to the mills. To remember the men and women that really do keep our north central economy moving. They are on night shift now so please help them out by not cutting in front of or making them stop on a dime. Thank you. … We lost a good man last week and it’s a sad day for our community. He will be remembered.

    Indeed, remember though, that it was another logging truck that rear ended stopped traffic that was the cause of this incident.

      Shame on you DF. There is most definitely a time to keep your comments to yourself. This was one of those times. The driver of the truck who rear ended the stopped truck was most likely a friend of the driver who succumbed to his injuries. Of all the factors that were in play that day, shame on you DF. You have so aptly named yourself.

      Of all the years I have worked around big rigs, very rarely (if ever) have I met an operator who does not have safety as their first priority. These drivers want to go home to their families at the end of their shift, and certainly do not want to be part of any accident that injures anyone else. The condition of the truck/trailer they are driving and their driving records are their bread and butter! OUR collective bread and butter as l.o.w. pointed out!

      I know I will not cut in front of a big rig at an intersection or coming down a hill. I will not speed up to the LH side of a big rig when both lanes are passing a merge entrance, or any intersection where a vehicle in the RH lane may need to move to the LH lane. I will respect the stopping distance these trucks require. I am more than happy to share the road safely with these hard working people.

      DF was correct, it was a loaded logging truck that caused the accident, and from what I saw it had to be travelling at near highway speed, so it would seem to be driver error on his part. He most certainly must feel awful about that, but why do you call shame?

      Let me guess, Dirtman is DF. (You work around Fort St. James and were there that day?) I call shame because, as l.o.w. stated, “We lost a good man last week and it’s a sad day for our community.” Only an absolute mule would make the effort to point out that it was a logging truck that caused this accident. WE ALL KNOW THAT ALREADY! AND THEY WERE ON A HIGHWAY!

      The cause of that accident was a car driver stopped on a dangerous slippery road waiting to make a left turn.

      No, icallstinkyghome, I was nowhere near the Fort, I saw it on TV, I read about it in the Citizen and on this site. Are you suggesting I was wrong? That those news reports were in error?

      Yeah, it’s well known that it was a loaded logging truck rear-ending another loaded logging truck. We know it was on a highway with slippery conditions at the time. That alone doesn’t necessarily denote highway speed but the force of the crash does. Neither does the fact that it was on a highway mean that he had to have been going highway speed, people slow down or stop to make left turns and either he wasn’t paying attention to what was in front of him or he was going too fast for conditions.

      And seamutt, no it wasn’t the car, the car did everything legally as did the truck that stopped behind it. The cause was the second loaded truck.

      Oh, and icallstinkyghome, I’m still waiting to hear why you called shame.

      Shame on me icallstinkyghome? Livingonwater’s comment was directed at 4 wheelers in particular, some of those that care about no one but themselves. All I did was point out that it wasn’t a 4 wheeler that caused this incident in the Fort. Not all class 1 drivers are professionals, many should have their privileges removed. The things I have seen and recorded over the years that I too have been out there as a class one driver is incredible. I have driven the Fort hwy many times over the years and have had many life threatening incidents on it and only one involved a 4 wheeler. Would you like me to send you dashcam footage of them? As for my 250 handle, maybe you should read the definition of Dumfounded because you definitely leave me dumfounded.

      So, shame on you.

      “Posted on Friday, February 17, 2017 @ 2:25 PM by seamutt with a score of 0
      The cause of that accident was a car driver stopped on a dangerous slippery road waiting to make a left turn.”

      Are you kidding me? I thought I heard it all until you posted that.

      If I must repeat myself, I call shame on those commenting on a kind reminder to be safe around logging trucks. A kind thought for us all, am I right? As l.o.w. said, a good man has been lost in their community. At this point, I don’t believe this knit picking of the incident is doing anything beneficial for anyone. Why you would comment, ensuring everyone remembers what vehicles were involved, is beyond comprehension. That is why I call shame. I am sure this extended review of the incident is not helping anyone for any reason. So, in the spirit of where l.o.w. began, stay safe out there everyone! We live in a part of the world where we rely on trucks to make goods move, and those trucks drive right through our city and neighbouring towns. They are a fact of road life here in the Northern Interior, so let’s all just get along and be courteous on the road.

      OK….but sorry, that still doesn’t explain your shame comment.

      I was ten minutes away when it happened. The blowing snow was complete white out. I couldn’t see the vehicle in front of me other than the snow tornado… couldn’t see if it was a car or truck… turned out it was a chip truck later, but I couldn’t see it until like 20-feet away.

      A car stopped and the first logging truck was able to stop… the second probably had no idea anyone stopped until they were 20-feet in front of him. I think the weather played the biggest role, but those damn left turn stoppers on the highway must be suicidal to do that on a day like that in those conditions.

      Go the next right turn and wait until traffic is clear before going back to make another right turn. Save a life, it could be yours.

On the subject of medical facilities spending I would suggest that Dr. Simpson and
the rest of the doctors complaining about facilities being built in other cities should first take it up with Northern Health as it is the local health authority that sets the spending priorities for the health region.
In other words there will be no new surgical suites built at UHNBC if Northern Health does not request that they be placed at the top of the priority list.
Obviously Northern Health has other issues that they believe need to be addressed before new surgical suites in Prince George.

    On the other hand, the local health authority can only priorise within the financial capacities provided through the government. As we all know, he who pays the piper calls the tune. Give more money for surgery and operating rooms will magically appear didn’t some get converted into offices years ago).

    What makes you think that Dr. Simpson did not take it up with Northern Health? … I am sure he has for years!

    Now there is a legitimate free speech issue if I ever heard one.

    Remember, Northern Health is the one that takes the position that moving injured people from an accident site is a matter for BC Ambulance and is not Northern Health’s responsibility.

    So, if the system is not integrated enough for inter-agency management of a simple situation than that and working relationships have broken down to finger pointing, then we are in deed in dire straits.


KIMBERLEY, B.C. – A former lead and zinc mine in southeastern British Columbia has generated a small profit in its first full year of operation as a solar farm.

A report by city staff in Kimberley shows the community-owned SunMine project returned just over $12,600 in net profit on total annual revenues of just under $180,000 in 2016.

The $5.3-million project began commercial operation in mid-2015.

The city says SunMine is the first to gather and sell solar power to the BC Hydro grid.

Mayor Don McCormick says Kimberley is looking for a purchaser who will expand what the city says is B.C.’s largest solar project and Canada’s largest solar tracking facility.

He says smoky conditions and other problems cut into electricity production late last summer but that has not dampened interest from potential buyers who have offered unique ideas about the expansion of SunMine.

“This past year really wasn’t a great sunshine year,” he said. “We had smoke in August. There have been a whole number of issues with the amount of sunshine that we have been getting, and despite that we came in at just under 95 per cent of what our projections are going to be.” (CHBZ)

    And yet Kimberley’s population grew by 11 % . Isn’t it amazing to see a community making money and not just spending it . Smart people running Kimberley .

      Kimberly is an old mining town that has transformed itself over the last 2 to 3 decades into an alpine resort town. It has grown at that level for at least two census studies.

      The SunMine project is very recent and coincidental.

      Without free land and 2 million straight from Tech how much would the profit from this IPP be? Or without the 1 million from the government? Kimberly only borrowed 2 million for this project. It made 12 and a half thousand back to the city after only making payments on 2/5ths of the cost of the project? Do you not see how solar is a total waste of people’s money other than a “feel good” project? If it had to pay back that entire 5.3 million dollars it would be sinking in 200k additional debt a year, and that is with sun trackers that increase output by 30%

    How much of that income came from subsidies from higher rates from BC Hydro and various governments?

    So what is Hydro paying for that inefficient unreliable power and how much of that is reflected in our bill. How much in taxpayer subsidies where paid and would the project even come to be without those subsidies? Hey and they even admit of its failings but then express people still have interest, ya interest in the subsidies.

    Hey when the sun don’t shine and smoke in the air where does the power come from. Oh ya backup power so instead of paying for one source of power two sources are needed, double the cost.

    Ataloss you really have to read up on energy density.

    How can anyone ever take seriously anything you post with out details of your unicorn system.

    South Australia is so proud of their renewables, just like you. This is what we can expect if we get to the same level of wind an solar:

    “Widespread power blackouts were imposed across Adelaide and parts of South Australia with heatwave conditions forcing authorities to impose load shedding.

    About 40,000 properties were without electricity supplies for about 30 minutes because of what SA Power Networks said was a direction by the Australian Energy Market Regulator.”

    ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/02/rolling-blackouts-in-sa-in-40c-heat/

    It’s not just that renewables muck up the electricity supply (with frequency and instability issues), they also drive a pike through the energy market. These are two separate disruptors. We’ve seen inexplicable spikes in power prices in SA in seasons when it shouldn’t happen, but this might be a new form of volatility. Wind power produced 900MW earlier in the day, but that fell to below 100MW within 6 hours (which is not that usual, see the post yesterday for the graph). The problem, apparently, was that no one thought it was worth turning on their generators?

    SA has enough generation (if only it was running), but when the crunch came, the market failed:

    It asked for more power generators to be switched on but did not receive “sufficient bids” and said it did not have enough time to turn on the second unit at Pelican Point.

    AEC chief executive officer Matthew Warren said there was no shortage of electrons and available power, but it was not dispatched when required.

    ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/02/south-australian-electricity-is-coming-your-way/

    Green energy shortages caused by extreme winter cold have turned the EU energy market into a gigantic Prisoner’s Dilemma, with national governments tempted to take care of their own people, before allowing electricity exports to their European partners.


    The root cause of this desperation is Europe’s lunatic drive for green energy at any cost.

    Why is the EU so stubborn about embracing renewables, despite the obvious problems? Unlike the USA, the true leaders of the EU are not chosen by the people. They never have to answer for their mistakes, to the people whose lives they blight.

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/02/13/bloomberg-green-energy-prisoners-dilemma/

It is very sad that 95% of all mass killings in the world involve Extreme Radical Islamic state Muslims. It has tainted the Muslim faith with a huge brush and is forcing all Islamic followers to go into damage control mode. But when governments get involved in damage control, its political suicide. In parliament this is fastly becoming a political football. When these things happen in other faiths like the Catholics, the Pope steps up to the plate and deals with major issues. Where are the Muslim leaders? They should be buying airtime on TV to educate Canadians on their faith to ease the mistrust. Could it be that the Muslim faith may not fit our Canadian charter of rights and freedoms for all? I don’t know but I’d sure like to know!!!

    The fact is that the greatest mass killing in the history of the world was carried out by Christians. That was the holocaust.

      You should read your history before you post such a ridiculous statement.

      Thus his relationship in public to Christianity—indeed his relationship to religion in general—was opportunistic. There is no evidence that Hitler himself, in his personal life, ever expressed any individual belief in the basic tenets of the Christian church”.

      What? Where do you come up with this stuff?

      Nevertheless, he and his countrymen were at least nominally Christian. His country is a major component of Christendom, a name coined to describe that part of the world dominated by a Christian population. To deny that he and those he controlled were Christian is to deny the facts, even if he was not religious. He was as Christian as Islamic terrorists are Muslim.

      Bull excrement! Hitler despised Christianity. You’re just trying to excuse the Muslim jihad.

      Must Watch: 1400 yrs of Islam history in a few minutes…

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guXBTgAxhIw

      How soon will telling the truth about Islam be banned in Canada? Watch and learn now while you still can.

      ammonra what about the 90,000 Christians killed last year, or the over 100,000 the year before. Yours thoughts, notice these are recent killings not historic.

      This factual comment may get removed from this site as some cannot handle the facts.

      Ammonra”The fact is that the greatest mass killing in the history of the world was carried out by Christians. That was the holocaust.”

      A comment that is made from complete ignorance of the facts. I have relatives who were DRAFTED into service by the Nazis (National Socialist German Workers Party)! They were Christians but were given a draft notice which required them to report to the draft office on a certain date or else.

      You should apologize for your ignorant statement because millions of them never returned to their families! In fact I consider it to be extremely hurtful, shameless and despicable!

      Dirtman, I have no idea whether Hitler despised Christianity or not, although he signed an agreement with the vatican, for sure. What I do know is that the countries he ruled (not just Germany) were Christian countries steeped in Christian attitudes. For centuries, many Christians in those countries had been practicing anti-semetism. That is a historical fact which culminated in the holocaust. Live with it. Let me also make it clear,

      I do not excuse Muslim Jihads any more than I excuse Christian Crusades. Religious hate mongering and actions are among the most virulently disgusting forms of human behaviour, followed closely by those who try to excuse any of them. Please do not lie about me like that again.

      Seamutt, I am aware that there have been many attacks against Christians in various places by various religiously motivated people, not all of whom were mMuslim. My point, which you appear to have completely missed, was in response to a statement that, “It is very sad that 95% of all mass killings in the world involve Extreme Radical Islamic state Muslims” made by Happy13. This is not correct. Certainly the killings in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge were not Muslim motivated, were they and there are many other examples, just Google it. My point in responding to his statement was to point out that the world’s greatest mass killings were not carried out by Muslims, but by Christians, even if they were only nominal Christians. By no definition could they be called Muslims, who are, after all, semitic themselves in many cases.

      Prince George, I have looked at material about this for over 60 years and am well aware of the events. I simply pointed out a historical fact to counter a statement by Happy13. I did not mention Germany, that was done by Happy13 himself, with his reference to Hitler. Please do not put words in my mouth.

      Even this latest comment by you ammonra is full of glib statements that are in my opinion promoting hatred against an identifiable group of people, namely drafted soldiers who fought bravely for their country, as bravely as any others! Most of them were Christians, not all of them were Nazis. They prayed that Jesus would save them from annihilation and they prayed to the same God that the Christians of other countries prayed to!

      I am thoroughly disgusted.

      Ammonra:”The fact is that the greatest mass killing in the history of the world was carried out by Christians. That was the holocaust.”

      Ammonra:”Please do not put words into my mouth.”

      What are you talking about??? Nobody is putting words i to your mouth!!!

      Hitler was an Austrian, never bothered to take out German citizenship. He never won a majority in an election before he was appointed chancellor by the president and the cabinet. He assumed dictatorial power and banned all other parties without the consent of Germans!

      Nevertheless when you mention the holocaust it is in fact about Germany and its dictator who arose from the support given him by his followers from the National Socialist German Workers Party!

      You msde the statement above. Live up to it!

      The history of the world started before the holocaust of the second world war.

      There have been many “holocausts” (mass killings for class, ethnic, racial reasons) before that as well as after that.

      Remember the Christian Crusade, when the conquerors were the Christian Crusaders against the Islamic peoples of North Africa.

      Prince George, It is a historical fact that the Holocaust was carried out by Christian people. However, it is not just about Germany and Hitler. Many others were involved.

      The words that you put in my mouth were by twisting my comment about the Holocaust into an attack on German soldiers. I never mentioned soldiers of any nation, nor was I thinking of them. That came from your own mind and your twisted interpretation of a simple, basic fact. I did not say all Christians took part, only that those who were responsible for the Holocaust were Christians in a Christian nation.

      I looked up the definition of “holocaust” for the first time,

      1. a sacrifice consumed by fire

      2. a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life especially though fire (nuclear holocaust)

      3. often capitalized : the mass slaughter of European civilians and especially Jews by the Nazis during World War II —usually used with the

      4 a mass slaughter of people; especially : genocide

      Based on that here are the “genocides” of the 20th century:

      Stalin’s Forced Famine: 1932-1933 – 7,000,000 Deaths

      Nazi Holocaust: 1938-1945 – 6,000,000 Deaths

      Pol Pot in Cambodia: 1975-1979 – 2,000,000 Deaths

      Armenians in Turkey: 1915-1918 – 1,500,000 Deaths

      Rwanda: 1994 – 800,000 Deaths

      Rape of Nanking: 1937-1938 – 300,000 Deaths

      Bosnia-Herzegovina: 1992-1995 – 200,000 Deaths

      ammonra – “The fact is that the greatest mass killing in the history of the world was carried out by Christians. That was the holocaust.”

      I forgot to mention, that actually isn’t a fact. Atheists Stalin and Mao each committed much bigger mass killings.


      ammonra – “I have no idea whether Hitler despised Christianity or not, although he signed an agreement with the vatican, for sure.”

      You could look it up, he considered Christians to be sissies. He signed an agreement with the Soviet atheists too, for sure.
      ammonra – “Please do not lie about me like that again.”

      Then don’t post something like that again. That was a “moral equivalency” comment, typical of those who are trying to whitewash the depredations of radical Islam. Your meaning appeared to be blatantly obvious, and if that wasn’t what you meant, I have to wonder why you would post such a comment.


      “Remember the Christian Crusade, when the conquerors were the Christian Crusaders against the Islamic peoples of North Africa.”

      Actually no, the conquerors were the Arab Islamists who conquered the “Holy Land” of ancient Israel (as well as N. Africa). The Crusades were a counter-attack, and they did manage to push the Muslims out of the Holy land for a couple centuries. They weren’t the nicest people, they did a lot of plundering and killing along the way, but that’s what life was like back then. The Islamic invaders that they pushed out were no better.

      gopg2015, you’re somewhat light on those mass killing numbers. Mao racked up about 30 million. Can’t remember what the Soviets was but I think it was somewhere in the neighbourhood of 60M.

      Facts are wrong ammonra.
      The largest mass killing in the world was by Muslims in India (over 200,000 million Hindus), followed by the bolshivik slaughter of 60 million Christians in Russia and Ukraine, followed by Moe’s great leap in China… then the holocaust.

    happy13 states; “Could it be that the Muslim faith may not fit our Canadian charter of rights and freedom for all?”

    The real question needs to be asked; Does the Evangelical Christian faith fit our Canadian charter of rights and freedom for all?

    Attached below is a link to a Los Angeles Times newspaper article that provides a glimpse into the frustration of the Evangelical Christian movement’s limited progress in the United States with respect to what they believe is a growing LGBTQ community threat to their country’s traditional christian values. So… they took that battle abroad and found some counties very receptive to their homophobic hate messaging, countries like Uganda, for example.

    ht tp://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-kaoma-uganda-gays-american-ministers-20140323-story.html

      I have provided this as an example, of Christian faith based values that would definitely NOT fit our Charter of Rights and Freedoms here in Canada!

      So we should not be getting into identifying specific faiths or religions, that may or may not comply with basic individual rights and freedoms, as there is ample evidence of intolerance and hate practiced by most all faiths and religions!

      This is why, in my opinion, there should always be separation of religion from politics.

      So now you’re against M-103?

      BH, I fully agree with you about keeping religion out of politics and politics out of religion.

      To accuse Christians of having committed the greatest mass killings in history is falsely assigning guilt to one particular religion and nation. One can go one step further (while one is at it) and include *Christian* armies of other countries who bombed the hell out of the cities, civilians, churches and cathedrals of another *Christian* countries, but what good would that do?

      The rules of this site are to keep it legal and clean. I am taking time off from this site because of the agendas that are being endlessly pushed here.

      I had my fill!

      BeingHuman with a score of 0
      happy13 states; “Could it be that the Muslim faith may not fit our Canadian charter of rights and freedom for all?”

      See why most peters don’t respect you BH cos BH=BS. Glad you are now against M 103. Islamiaphobia can only be diagnosed by a professional in the mental health field not by an MP in the HOC

    So, you’re saying humans are the problem. Here I always thought it was firearms and other inanimate objects that were to blame.

    I say we ban all religion. It is undoubtedly the worst thing this planet has ever seen. “The brainwashing of the weak minded for profit”

      So True! It’s always been for profit and instilling fear.

      While we’re at it, let’s also ban all atheism. 100 million dead hardly sounds good.

    Could it be that the Muslim faith may not fit our Canadian charter of rights and freedoms for all? I don’t know but I’d sure like to know!!!


    I can say with absolute honesty, that the Muslim people I’ve interacted with since moving to Ottawa, are some of the kindest people you would ever want to meet. Very polite, very gracious, very welcoming and very kind.

    I think people should get out from behind their computers and go have some real life interactions with people here in Canada so that you can form reasoned opinions. It’s not always the easiest thing to do when you live in a smaller place and you aren’t as exposed to different cultures and peoples.

      I’m told there are in the neighbourhood of 400 Muslims in PG. So far as I’m aware, they’re all good people. I’ve met a few of them and I know for certain that they are. The problems arise when a few radicals start agitating.

      “The problems arise when a few radicals start agitating”

      LOL … and those of the Muslim faith are unique in that?

      Perhaps the Bahai are different … or the Budhists …. or the Quakers, to name a few..

      Don’t forget all those terrorist acts by the Southern Baptists….oh, wait….

      No need wait !

      ht tps://thinkprogress.org/yes-the-planned-parenthood-shooter-is-a-christian-terrorist-7dd3ae6b4611#.2urzqjoa0

There is a Job opening in a Health Clinic Downtown it pays $70,000 to $80,000 and you do not even need a Degree in anything. I think it would make more sense to combine this Health Clinic with our local Hospital and the money saved could go to getting us some more operating rooms to help everyone.

    So you are saying only a person with a degree should make good money? What is the job? More information needed for your criticism.

Reporters aren’t stupid.

It takes a very refined intelligence to evaluate sources for ‘public interest’ without being distracted by ‘importance’ or ‘relevance’ or ‘truth’.

    “Reporters aren’t stupid”

    I agree that most reporters not stupid.

    There is a difference between stupidity and incompetence.

    As far as professionals go and quasi professionals most are like normal human beings ranging from super intelligent and competent to those who are on the lower scale of intelligence and quite incompetent. The two are also not mutually exclusive.

    So, reporters fit the normal pattern, except that they are much more in the public eye.

    Do not forget that the public is not necessarily the best judge of competency. Popularity is one thing. Competency and intellect are something quite different which only coincide in some cases by coincidence.

Seamutt; Read Thursdays Citizen page 15. You have to submit a cover letter 500 words double spaced in short on How do you explain the root causes of these differences in Health status? This is a Government Job do you always have to submit a cover letter to get a Government Job?

    Well is that not somewhat the same as a resume? A cover letter can also allow a required skill set to be evaluated.

    I do not read the Citizen because its very biased one sided view on climate by its editor and contributors. You could say it has an editorial restriction.

“In a banner year for U.S. solar, a record 22 states each added more than 100 MW,” notes Cory Honeyman, GTM Research’s associate director of U.S. solar research. “While U.S. solar grew across all segments, what stands out is the double-digit gigawatt boom in utility-scale solar, primarily due to solar’s cost-competitiveness with natural gas alternatives.”

The non-residential market also exceeded expectations, with two major growth drivers in the segment. The first is community solar, adding a record total of more than 200 MW, led by Minnesota and Massachusetts. Second, rate design and net energy metering fueled a rush in project development and installation growth across a number of major state markets, most notably in California.

For the first time since 2011, the report finds, non-residential installation growth surpassed residential solar growth, which posted a still-impressive 2,583 MW. While growth in California’s residential market has begun to level out, strong growth in markets like Maryland, New Jersey and a handful of emerging states where solar has achieved grid parity, helped the residential segment to grow 19% year-over-year.

As a result of a remarkable 2016, the U.S. is now home to more than 1.3 million solar PV installations with a cumulative capacity of over 40 GW

    You seem to have left out some information on that marvelous growth:

    How much of that capacity is actually available at any one time? Anywhere from 1% to 60%. How much base-load back up generating capacity has to be standing by for when the renewables fail to deliver? Pretty much 100%

    And how much did taxpayer fork over in subsidies for all those installations?

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report used to be a big progressive. He even had a show with The Young Turks! But now he’s not a progressive. He has left the left. Why? Dave Rubin shares his story.

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiVQ8vrGA_8

Pay attention BH, you could have your eyes opened and join the alt right.

    expellant link, I will keep that one. Says it all.

Seamutt; You also have to submit resume. Generous benefits and time off package. We could agree to disagree , at least we are talking about something that is going on in Prince George. I am sick of Trump.

    I am sick of Trump also but not so much Trump himself but the constant barrage about Trump from the media. I basically do not watch or listen to media anymore but cruise the net for views that are more substantial and not hyped sensational 30 second sound bits. I cover left right down, just tired of main stream.

      Yeah, me too. I used to like John Oliver and Samantha Bee but they’re all Trump all the time. I get it, he’s a loose cannon. But it’s getting tiresome. Surely something else has happened in the world that can be made fun of. Sheesh, even Bill Clinton didn’t get it this hard. Usually he’d be the brunt of an opening joke then they’d move on.

Speaking of healthcare . The biggest disruption of the healthcare industrial complex is only a quarter away . Two finalists have been chosen for the tricorder.xprize.org . The winner of the ten million dollar prize will be announced second quarter of 2017 and go straight to production . This will make it possible for novices to make accurate diagnosis of conditions and diseases . The 10ml $ prize was provided by Qualcomm .

    I shouldn’t be surprised that you don’t get it . Imagine some one with a diagnosis of dementia when in fact they have lime disease.

So starting with Harper those in the armed forces got their disability pensions messed with along with poor care. Dear leader said he would fix that, well dear leader what happened, selfies more important? Hey now dear leader has upped the game by cancelling the tax free status for those serving in dangerous zones. What a man, sorry about your hangnail dear leader.

Now the RCMP brass have given themselves big bonuses, called at risk performance pay. Yep its a real risk riding that desk, oh wait I guess the risk part is getting up for another coffee. Hey dear leader what ya got to say? Man oh man just cant make this stuff up.

    Poulson must be retiring. He was an incredible investigator, but he’s left the front line in the dirt. Were I to apply, I’d go to Calgary, huge difference in wages. And the Mounties wonder why they can’t get recruits. When you treat your front line staff like crap, what do you expect.
    Then we have Trudeau, the Great Listener………….

only place for coppertop trump is in a locker room where he can banter with two pence and private rvan about his sexcapades.
he sure is a loser.

    Bill Clinton will be in the ladies locker room next door, Hillary running defense.

My comment in no way wants to take away from the log truck tragedy that happened recently in Fsj. This is the fourth fatality this year in forestry and changes NEED to be made.
1.Truck drivers have the right to refuse unsafe work. When conditions are bad the should stay parked. I’ve said this before safety will always be in combat with production. Everything is about money and the companies need to be more accountable. Increasing worksafe rates isn’t working, that just means they need to make more money.
2. Most hard core truckers will take the risk because refusing doesn’t feed thier families and and would make them look weak to the others.
3. Whoever commented we need to look out for them… they need to be aware to. Not be in such a race to get to the mill with the next load or lose thier spot in the line up etc etc….
This happens because they get paid by the load. I would suggest paying them by the hour instead but no company would ever agree to that because deep down they want them to race and hurry to make them more money.
All of it is so sad, and it truly hurts me that people lose thier lives because of it.

    1. Truck drivers can and do refuse to drive when conditions are unsafe. Companies know that accidents cost them big time and they all stress safety.

    2. Most hard core truckers will park their trucks before taking a chance. I’ve known lots of them over the years and they have no hesitation refusing to work in unsafe conditions. Never have I seen the time when a company criticized them for refusing to work or pressured them to work when unsafe.

    3. They have prescribe cycle times and if they get to the mill too fast, the cycle time will be cut which means their pay will be cut. They’re very aware of this and will get after fellow truckers if they see them going to fast.

    The truckers don’t want to be paid by the hour, they would make less money. The companies don’t want them to race, they penalize those who do. Some companies require trucks to be equipped with GPS and will penalize those who go too fast.

    You really should take the trouble to learn the facts before making such misinformed statements.

So dear leader is running away from Canada again where he is losing respect.

Gave a speech to the EU where the room was half empty and the rest dozing off. Seems dear leader has a thing for dictatorships such as the unelected EU parliament, admires the dictatorship of China and seems to have worshiped Castro, yep there is a pattern.

    …and once again, Justin is off signing and trying to take credit for something that came about as a direct result of the hard work of Stephen Harper and his Conservative Government!

    “Why Stephen Harper has reason to celebrate CETA”

    ht tp://www.macleans.ca/economy/economicanalysis/why-stephen-harper-has-reason-to-celebrate-ceta/

Hey Ataloss, here’s an interesting commentary from the Financial Post last week…..

“Terence Corcoran: Canada’s green electricity bailouts make the Bombardier giveaway look like peanuts”

ht tp://business.financialpost.com/fp-comment/terence-corcoran-now-up-to-50-billion-canadas-green-electricity-bailouts-make-the-bombardier-giveaway-look-like-peanuts

    Yeah, saw that article, Quote: “A rough tally of the ballooning costs in four provinces’ green electricity debacles runs over $50 billion” unquote.

      While I believe that mankind will eventually move to a more renewable state with regards to our energy requirements and while I also believe that electricity will play an ever increasing role in that transition, I remain completely unconvinced that fossil fuels will be going the way of the dinosaur any time soon!

      And the answer is not and never will be wind and solar.

If the Democrats do it, that means it’s good?

Read all about the Jimmy Carter transition team’s secret 1976 contacts with the USSR:

ht tp://digitalarchive.wilsoncenter.org/document/112013.pdf?v=b0f0e53928efaee351d2ae0343d9f50b

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