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October 27, 2017 6:43 pm

Voter Registration Notices Arriving in the Mail

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

Notices have started arriving in the mail – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. -The first  real  campaign of the 2017  Provincial Election is underway  as voter registration notices have started arriving in the mail in Prince George.There are a  couple of ways to make sure your name is on the voters list for the May 9th ballot.

Elections B.C.  Manager of Communications Andrew Watson says   approximately 1.9 million  notices have been mailed out across the Province “We are sending voter registration notices  to every  address in B.C  and that’s approximately 1.9 million as I mentioned,  then  as of  March 8th, we are going to   be conducting targeted voter outreach activities in   each electoral  district in the Province,  so these include  events like setting up registration drives  in high traffic locations such as malls and community centres and those sorts of places, and  also  conducting targeted door to door enumeration  efforts in places  we know that there’s a lot of   people moving, or it’s a  new  residential development and the voters list might not be as accurate  in those areas.”

You can call Elections B.C. ( toll Free)  at  1-800-661-8683  to either  register,  or update  your information. Or,  you can visit  Elections BC’s website ( click here) to fill out  your registration  online.  If  you choose the online option,  be sure to have  your drivers license  or social insurance number handy.  The online form will take about 10 minutes to complete.

Elections B.C. is  using social media to try and get voters to register  says Watson “We are reaching out to voters in every way that we can   we want to  be as accessible  as we can in terms of how we communicate  information to voters.  For us  this time, social media is an important part of that.   We have an ‘I Register’ campaign running on social media right now  that is encouraging  people to register to vote so that they can express their voice when it comes time for the election.”

It is  estimated  there are  approximately 3.4 million eligible voters in B.C.

As with any  general election, there is an opportunity for  employment.  Watson says   between elections, Elections B.C. has about 55  full time  staff,  but during  on election day that  grows to more than  25 thousand  across the Province “So job opportunities are available ,  we are posting  for election workers on our website right now, and people can check it out  at elections.bc.ca/jobs for more information.

Registering on the voters list will close at midnight on the day  the election is  scheduled to be called,  ( April 11th)  but  if you fail  to register by that time, you will still be allowed to vote says Watson “You can still register to vote or update  your information at  any voting  opportunity  in B.C.  it might just   take a little longer to vote because you will have to fill out the registration  information as well.”





Yep, rec’d mine yesterday and will be voting for Christy yet again! There, this will get this post rocking and rolling!

    isn’t a democracy wonderful, you can vote for whomever you like

    You won’t be voting for Christy unless you live in her riding.

      Christy doesn’t even live in hert riding…lol.

      Oooh, ouch… PVal, bang on!!!

Can one deregister?

    it is called don’t go to the polls.

    in all seriousness here is your answer

    Send a request in writing to Elections BC, either by letter or email, and be sure to include your name, date of birth and home address.

      Thank you. I am also partly serious.

      As we are finding out, the more people’s info is on electronic databases, the more risk there is of someone hacking into those databases and stealing personal data for illegal uses. The government databases are just as vulnerable as anyone else.

      GOPG that train left the station a long long time ago.

The Christy voters should pool their money, buy a Royal Robe, a jeweled Crown, kneel in front of her and declare her Queen Christy of BC. There is no need for a democracy if on intends to vote for the same people for the rest of their life.

Thomas Jefferson (I believe) stated that Governments yield to pressure and it is the responsibility of the electorate to apply that pressure. You are not applying any pressure if you blindly and mindlessly vote for the same party over and over again,.

So have fun with Queen Christy and her court, especially the court jesters that jump around in the legislature.

    Palopu, I’m not so sure that John Horgan appreciates you referring to him as a court jester! ;-)

    Palopu has been banging this drum for years. He wants people to vote for independents which simply won’t happen.
    Are the Liberals perfect? No. But I’ll take them any day of the week over the NDP.

    “There is no need for a democracy if on intends to vote for the same people for the rest of their life.”

    Now there is a fallacy if I ever saw one.

    “Thomas Jefferson (I believe) stated that Governments yield to pressure and it is the responsibility of the electorate to apply that pressure. You are not applying any pressure if you blindly and mindlessly vote for the same party over and over again,”

    You do realize, of course, that one can apply pressure to anyone who runs for seat.

    If the majority of those who vote support one individual or party, they are at the same time applying pressure on the other individuals and parties running.

    There are no free tickets to those seats. One needs to present good reasons to vote for them. Those reasons need to be better than the others running. Otherwioe bye ,bye … try again next time or move on to something else.

      gopg2015. You obviously are set in your ways and have difficulty looking at anything other than the status quo.

      If we are to accept your premise that one needs to present good reasons to vote, then perhaps you could give us an indication of what the good reason would be to vote for the Liberals this time around,. Moving money around by reducing some service charges, and allowing other charges like Hydro and ICBC to increase is nothing more than a shell game, and certainly does not get my vote.

      The North Central Interior from Cache Creek, to Dawson Creek, to Prince Rupert, and all points in between is a basket case. Industry in this area has for all intents and purposes collapsed, and thousand of jobs have disappeared.

      I don’t see any good reasons coming from the Liberals as to how we can turn this devastation around.

      Sometime you have to throw a Government out for no other reason than it is getting long in the tooth, and has passed its best before date. That’s the case with the Liberals. They have ran out of idea’s a long time ago and are now resting on their laurels. A four year vacation from running this Province would do them a world of good.

      Palopu – there’s a counter argument to your point. Once politicians get elected, they have to pay off those who helped them get elected, whether it’s business or unions with favours. If a government has been established for awhile, it may be better to leave them in power, as they have already paid most if not all of their political debts, whereas a new government, will have to kowtow to those who helped it achieve success, and at the end of the day, it’s us who pay those costs, so in a sense, better to leave the government of the day in power unless a clear and better choice comes along.

      Why would we want to re-elect the BC Liberals? What, so they can double our provincial debt to $132 Billion?

      In another16 years maybe, or we can elect the NDP who can double it in 10… yay!

    Of course, one can try to get a whole bunch of others to run to split the vote. ;-)

What we really need is some mechanism whereby a politician must declare which promises they will keep, and in what time frame they will keep them. And then, a mechanism that punishes them for failure to keep a promise, which could include anything from a fine to having to resign their seat and run in a by-election.

Right now, it doesn’t matter what they say, once in power, they do what they want – see Justin Trudeau’s election promise for a recent example, and then Jean Chretien’s, the GST is dead for a historic example, so even the noble and pure left is capable of making false promises.

So how do you choose? NDP could make some excellent promises such that I’d even vote for them, and then get in, just do their same old same old.

At least with the Liberals, because they have governed for awhile, we pretty much know their promises are B.S. but we have an idea of how they will govern. With NDP, we have no such assurance.

    Keeping promises, well Trump is keeping his promises and look at the uproar that is causing by all entitled snowflakes. Imagine a politician keeping his election promises, how absurd is that.

      CANADA needs less snowflakes

      Yeah, he keeps the promises that don’t get tossed out by the court for being unconstitutional. And how is that 30 day defeat of ISIS coming? I guess they are all gone now?

We also have political parties that bring in legislation after they have been elected even though there was no discussion prior to the election. Campbell and the HST comes to mind.

We now have Justin Trudeau talking about selling off Canada’s airports, and sea ports to private interests even though this was not part of his election platform.

So, sit back and watch all your hard earned money that went into building airports and sea ports go to private foreign business, who will then put it to you for using these facilities.

    right on the money

    HST was a good idea, we would be at 10 percent now and a few billion less in debt that we had to repay. The Socreds loused that one up, if Gordo was still at the helm although he had a conviction to climate change he also had a conviction to pay off debt and we would all be better off for it.

      You got that right slinky. The HST would have been great for BC but we stupidly voted it out. The mistake they made was starting the HST out too high. They realized their mistake and dropped it down to 10%, but it was too late. People were frothing at the mouth about it and nothing would change their minds. Now we’re stuck paying 12%.
      Maybe they’ll bring it back again after the election. One can only hope.

      Didn’t he also have a conviction in Hawaii ?

      HST was a regressive anti free enterprise tax that would kill small business and new entrants to business. It’s small business that is the biggest employer and without jobs everything else in the fiscal policy of government falls apart.

      HST was a 10% tax on revenue, and not profits. There are some really good enterprises that employ a lot of people with vary little profits, much less a 10% margin to spare, and HST puts them all out of business and on government welfare programs instead.

      What are you talking about? Business got their HST back it was revenue neutral, business doesn’t get the PST back on items it buys now only the GST. Was an excellent tax for small business, I know ours got back a lot more than with the PST/GST system. Plus the public got more back in the terms of annual HST rebate checks.

      So you paid it on restaurant meals – a extra 5% is not a big deal and easily absorbed, shoot we give 15-20 percent tip all the time

      Vanderzalm just hyped it up so much people had no idea what they were voting against – so you paid it on a single donut and not a dozen – really not a big deal. Was bad for private car sales but that loophole was closed now anyway with 12 percent PST

Anyone remember the BC Liberal’s campaign slogan from the last 2013 election? It was; “Debt-Free BC” and they actually drew us a road map on how they would get there:

Roadmap for a Debt-Free B.C.
» Debt Paydown Plan for government debt, BC Ferries and BC Hydro *Not happening
» Dedicating $1 Trillion LNG revenues to B.C. Prosperity Fund *Not happening
» Controlling spending while growing the economy *Not happening

Guess they couldn’t even follow their own road map!!!

Yup, these BC Liberals were so committed to their campaign slogan, they painted their fantasy of a “Debt-Free BC” on their 2013 campaign bus! So, if they want to use the same bus for this campaign, they might want to give it a paint job, wouldn’t want to remind the BC voters of promises they made and then broke! Oh, and here is a snap-shot of that bus… this time round, just picture it with new paint and a new “slogan”… hmmm… I wonder what the BC Liberal’s slogan will be this time around. “Change we CAN’T believe in”?

ht tps://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ci8N_zrUgAA3ouu.jpg

    There’s no doubt you are correct. But what about the NDP. What is their plan? Have they announced it? Since you appear to be on the inside can you give us any details on how they plan to succeed where the Liberals have failed?

    They seem to be running the same campaign the Democrats ran in the states. Vote Hillary because she’s not Trump. That sure worked.

    How about instead of telling us how crappy the Liberals are – something even those of us who lean that way know, and tell us what the NDP will do. And tell us how we can be sure the NDP will actually do it, unlike the Liberals and pretty much every political party in history who campaigns on one thing and then does something else.

    See the problem? They all lie now, so we have no reason to change a government if it’s anywhere near competent because no matter what the next guy says, we know he doesn’t really mean it.

      The first law of holes, or the law of holes, is an adage which states that “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”. Meaning that if in an untenable position, it is best to stop carrying on and exacerbating the situation.

      In other words stop voting BC Liberals, stop digging the hole deeper!!!

      There’s another law too. The devil you know is often better than the devil you have yet to meet. Why don’t you try and respond to the questions for a change. What is the NDP’s plan and how can we trust them?

      The better question is; what are the BC Liberal’s plan? Another fairy tale dream about a Trillion dollar prosperity fund? 40,000 LNG jobs?

      Vote for a government that at least operates in “reality” not fantasy. Everything that an NDP government does after that will at least be reality based!

      Stop chasing dreams, come back to reality.

      Peeps knows that the NDP has no plan, which is why he/she refuses to answer any questions.
      NDP – No Development Party or No Dam* Plan. You pick.

all of KRUSTYS plans certainly didn’t pan out did they!! Change is blowin in the wind…and it cant come soon enough.

The NDP dont just need a plan. They need a plan that the people of this Province can buy into. No easy task.

At the present moment (contrary to some opinions) we are in serious trouble in this Province. Can the NDP put forward a comprehensive plan. Who knows, somehow I doubt it. In any event I understand that they are putting something together so we can just wait and see.

In any event the Liberals seem to think that they created a bunch of jobs in this Province and the economy is booming. Most of the jobs are part time, low paid, and in the Greater Vancouver area, which does nothing for this area. We are now faced with a reduced annual allowable cut, possible softwood lumber duties on lumber for four or five years, and perhaps some more mill and mine closures.

So, lets see whats put on the table.

I thought, well, why should BH tell me the NDP plan. I know how to use the Internet. So, just visited the BC NDP page – nothing there. Only criticism of the Liberals. Not one statement on what they plan to do, and there’s only 3 months until voting time. Seriously, they want to form a government and all they can do is say “Christy’s stupid.”

You want to run a multi billion dollar economy, tell us how!

    We all knew the NDP had nothing ski51, we just wanted to see if BH would admit it.

Like Palopu states; The NDP is in the process of coming up with a plan and I will wait for it. What we desperately need is an ethical government, one that the New York Times and McLean’s Magazine both describe as running government like the “Wild Wild West” of politics.

They describe this Christy Clark government as one of the most unethical in North America. The NDP will bring back respectable, honest, and accountable government.
This we know without having to wait for their plan.

    Really? Been almost 4 years since the last election and they haven’t come up with a plan yet. What have they been doing all this time besides yapping about how much the Liberals suck.

    So they’re going to come up with a plan to run a complex economy in the next 3 months. Kind of sounds like a shoot from the hip plan.

      So just four years ago Christy and her Lib-Con Government promises the fantasy of a “debt free government”, and everyone immediately swallows it hook line and sinker, no really plan, just a fantasy vision of a Trillion Dollar LNG Pipe Dream, but that’s no problem for everyone to buy into.

      Now the same people who bought into that fantasy dream, wants a concrete plan from the NDP going forward. A concrete plan based on many, many, unknowns because anytime the NDP wants information from this BC Liberal Government, it gets triple deleted!!!

      So here we are again, trust in a BC Liberal Government that promised you the moon, and did not deliver, or trust in an NDP Government that is at least grounded in reality.

      “an NDP Government that is at least grounded in reality”

      Give us an indication of why they are grounded in reality..

    “The NDP is in the process of coming up with a plan”

    How can you say that with a straight face? … oh …. I can’t see your face, so it might actually have a huge smirk on it….. LOL

    They have had since the last election to get their act straightened out and come up with a plan.

    This is not a surprise election like they used to be.

    I did not realize Palopu was the NDP Policy adviser. ;-)

    Horgan asked his membership 6 months ago what they would like to see in the platform – before that there was no platform – and after that to this day there is still no platform other than a promise for 15 dollar an hour minimum wage and 10 dollar a day daycare which will only cost 1.5 billion a year extra he thinks… maybe… yes 1.5 billion more or less… Oh and the carbon tax will go up higher and faster than with the liberals and more people will qualify for the rebate checks yay!

    Horgan says he will be the Bernie Sanders of the BC election, oh and we as a people are less concerned with a balanced budget and more willing to embrace an activist government (?) seeing as how we voted in Trudeau last election

For those of you who like to think that you are highly intelligent political guru’s ponder this.

What we know for sure is that the Federal Liberals and BC Provincial Liberal are famous for stealing the NDP platform. They have been doing it for years.

As an example they know that the NDP had plans to reduce the MSP Premiums and they jumped on that. In fact the Liberals are being accused of going so far to the left that they may as well be NDP.

So to-day they increased the minimum wage. Hmmmm Seems to me that was on the NDP agenda also.

So the question is, what is the Liberal Platform?? Seems like its stealing the NDP platform. What else has the Liberals said they would do.??? Where are all the jobs, LNG money, etc; etc; promised from the last election. What are their plans for the interior.??

My guess is that the NDP is holding its platform close to its chest until they get closer to the election, because if they put it out to soon, the Liberals will steal it.

    The Libs had a plan to reduce MSP payments and started changing the system 4 years ago, they have been increasing minimum wage every year – NDP plan is 15 bucks we know that, the Libs also have a plan to eventually eliminate the dipping into ICBC, BC Hydro, and other crown corps that the NDP started during their term – that a NDP platform plan too?

“an NDP Government that is at least grounded in reality”??? In what dimension might that be?

Party politics in BC is like Stockholm syndrome meets ground hog day. Our politics is in such a sad state that wehave got to be the laughing stock of the western world.

I wish we had a free enterprise economic nationalist party like Trumps movement or the Socred party of WAC that we could vote for. Even better one that advocates an indipendent province of Northern BC, so we could start getting back a responsible government that is accountable throughout the province and not just the major urban centres in one corner of the province which has since been sold to overseas ‘investors’.

I don’t think northern BC really has a say in the politics of BC anymore. It’s out of our hands and is deminished more and more every passing year with the failed democratic system of a party controlled legislature that only goes for a majority through population with no accounting for regional discrepancy in populations.

The only way, short of some kind of regional senate system, would be if we did away with party politics and made it so all MLA’s are independents like it use to be before party politics came to the BC legislature. That’s why I like the transferable ballot idea for voting… More elected independents and all MLA’s would need a majority consensus to represent a riding, which requires bipartisanship skills rather than just nasty partisan garbage memes and talking points of the day.

    People voted against it in the election referendum years ago

      No wrong there Slinky. We have never had a vote on a pure transferable ballot.

      In the 1950’s we had one election with it because the liberals and conservatives worried they would lose the election to the ccf socialists (ndp)… But it backfired because their respective second choices were not for each other but for a whole new party to the scene led by the best premier BC ever had that then ruled for two decades (WAC Socred party). Once elected they went back to the old system though that favours the established parties in power. The biggest mistake WAC ever did make.

      Then about a decade ago we voted on a mixed proportional and preference based BCSTV system, but it was not rejected as it had the support of 59% of voters and had a majority in all but two ridings…. but Gordon Campbell rejected the results because he said it did not meet the 60% threshold he himself established… Being that this system would take a lot of power away from the parties and give it back where it belongs with the people.

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