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October 27, 2017 6:34 pm

STOP Program Gets Cash Infusion

Friday, March 10, 2017 @ 2:51 PM

President of John Howard Society of Northern B.C, and B.C. Darlene Kavka,  Minister  Morris, Facilitators Lisa Loewen and Wayne Hughes – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – The John Howard Society  in Prince George has received $60 thousand dollars from the Province  for its STOP (Stop Taking it Out on your Partner) program  that aims to be proactive  in  reducing domestic violence.

“What I liked about this particular program is  you don’t have to be in jail, you don’t have to be convicted, or incarcerated,  this is open to anybody who wants to change their life   and their lifestyle and come to grips  with how  they  treat other  people  their partners, or spouses” says  Solicitor General Mike Morris.

Morris says he would like to see the program  carried out in the province, “In a much bigger fashion  than what we see today, and  hopefully it will.”

Program facilitator  Wayne Hughes  says the  program  offers tools  for those who want to  learn how to deal with and manage their anger issues. The dollars will  be used to train facilitators in Prince George,  Kamloops, Vancouver and Campbell River . Hughes says  the program  which has been operational for  two decades,  is open to anyone  who  wants help   “Over the past couple of years we’ve revamped the program to make it updated.”  The updating  includes  increased use of video and reductions in text  in  an effort to address literacy issues  among those  seeking  help.

The core  of the program   focuses  on four  issues  says Hughes ” The core principles  deal with emotional control,   communication, they deal with self  esteem and overlying  all of that,  they deal with accountability.  The individuals  who are involved in domestic violence are always held accountable  for their actions and  choosing  violence is always a choice. ”

“We can no longer look at things in isolation,  within the silos” says Morris “It’s a multi ministerial  responsibility to  address  domestic violence, to address mental health and addictions  and these other social ills that bring  our society down.. I think we are going to see some pretty interesting things coming out of government  in the next while to  address those kinds of things.”





OMG, just like I predicted, every single Friday and Saturday we are going to be getting funding announcements and photo ops from this desperate BC Liberal Government and local MLAs.

Imagine this playing out all over the province every Friday… two more months of this, hope I can hang on! Not to diminish the John Howard Society or domestic violence, but please… this BC Liberal Government needs to STOP using every single funding announcement for it’s own political gain. It’s just… sleazy, IMO.

Wish we had a magic wand for every relationship with the ability to remove controlling attitudes in relationships. Sure, it’s usually men, there are some women as well that have no idea what a partnership is all about.
Seen it so often where the breadwinner lords it over his partner, my way or the highway and take the kids with yah. That alone keeps a lot of relationships sick, and a lot of spouses going to emerg.
I’ve seen some pretty sick stuff, lots of bruises, cigarette burns, cuts, all because some idiot wants control.
Thankyou, John Howard Society and government, doing good!

    total agreement. Takes a big man to knock around his loved ones…seek help.

NO WONDER Kava hates men. She sees whats happening then tears the men apart in court then bills legal aid. Seen her in action in court a few times. Does not deal or want to see the problems and tears families apart

The government needs to raise the min wage to a living wage. They also need to raise welfare rates. Many of these issues are caused when living in poverty.

    Agree oldman1, poverty and struggling to make ends meet can be very stressful on relationships.

Does this program teach that many of the reasons there are so many people with anger issues is because there are so many stupid people walking among us?

Another acronym that nobody knows what it means.

LOOK , a squirrel!!!!

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