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October 27, 2017 6:34 pm

5-10 cm of Snow Expected Saturday – Environment Canada

Friday, March 10, 2017 @ 3:11 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Don’t pack up those shovels and snow blowers quite yet, another burst of winter is headed our way.

“You’ve got to hang on a little bit longer,” confirms Alyssa Charbonneau, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. “We still have some snow in the forecast coming up with maybe 5-10 centimetres tomorrow.”

Along with the snow, temperatures have been below normal for this month too.

“Regional normals for this time of year would be a high near plus six and a low of minus five and as we look back to the beginning part of this month you’ve been below normal almost every single day except for March 2 when you hit a maximum of 5.9 degrees.”

But she says that will all soon change.

“Yes, we have a change in the weather pattern that’s going to start to kick in the very end of this weekend and into next week,” says Charbonneau. “We’re going to move into a flow that’s bringing sort of southwesterly mild air off the Pacific and we’ll be bringing that through to the Interior of B.C. So, temperatures are forecast to start rising and we even have a plus 10 in the forecast for Wednesday.”



Good exercise, Bring it!

    You would be there a month of Sundays shovelling my driveway.Thats why God made machinery!!

Stay away Mrs. Fickleness! It is great exercise, but my driveway is bigger than most! Maybe when the clocks go ahead the weather will warm up and rain!

    You have requested it, and so it shall be, LOL

    It will rain after this weekend :-)

stop the stratospheric aerosolization program aka chemtrails and lets get the earth cooking h ttp://www.straight.com/news/650216/bill-vander-zalm-suspects-canadian-government-geo-engineering-climate

    ‘No agenda’. Yeah right. Now all we need is a ‘filtered’ post about chemtrails.


    Thank you, NoAgendaPodcast for your post. The evidence that climate engineering is going on right over our heads is abundant. Climate engineering and the UN are perfect places to start looking.

    Look up. The flat white or silvery skies are NOT normal. Notice what happens on clear blue sky days – a thin film of white soon covers the sun. Last Sunday, two planes flew in a north to south direction and left a long particulate trail that spread out and created a white haze in the sky. Why is it hazy?
    They say that climate engineering programs are only a theory and a program to use as a last resort, but US senate documents prove the climate engineering has been going on for decades. Look it up. All of my posts are backed up by documents – look it up.

    RustyShackleford – use the scientific terms as I have always used in all of my posts – climate engineering and solar radiation management

    Besides, I thought bullying was not allowed in this forum. If that’s all you have Rusty, don’t hide behind a pseudonym, use your real name

By the way, I’m done with winter. It can leave at any time. Can we get a plane to fly over and take care of that?

    opposite in this case, no planes

    Donald Trump is looking into that!

      He figures he can solve the climate change “hoax” with nuclear winter.

5cm of snow ? Really. A warning ? in old school that would be about 2 inches. Hell I used to walk to school in blizzards of over 2 feet. Prince George city ppl are starting to sound like they are all from Vancouver or California.
Seiosly you PG ppl are afraid of 2 ” of snow. ? ROTFL

    It is an Environment Canada weather forecast, not a warning. Did you see “warning” printed somewhere? Did you see the people of PG crying about a bit of snow?

    And pump your own water and churn your own butter. All at -40 with no shirt or shoes on.


still, the people of quesnel are all good looking and the children are above normal

    Bwahahahaha! Sarcasm at its finest. The Quesnel kids are above normal! LOL! Now if they can construct a by-pass?

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