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October 27, 2017 6:30 pm

Work on Tension Crack Underway

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 @ 5:57 AM

400 metre long  tension crack  as it first appeared – image courtesy BC Hydro

Fort. St. John, B.C.- Work  is underway to  stabilize the  north  bank  of the Site C project,  following the development of a tension crack.

A two stage plan has been  developed to  deal with the 400-metre tension crack that appeared during construction of a haul road at the site.

The first phase will see  a toe berm  constructed to  keep the area stable.  That work is expected to be completed  by the end of this month.

The second  phase  will see the safe removal of  soil from the north bank  so that work  on the project  can resume.

Geo technical experts have been conducting  assessments over the past  week  and the information they have gathered indicates the slope around the 400 metre long crack is stable.

BC Hydro expects to complete the remediation work for the tension crack within the overall project budget and schedule.

BC Hydro says tension cracks are not  unexpected in this area but that,  “this particular crack requires attention due to its significant 400-metre length.”


It’s Mother Nature way telling crusty and the liberals to stop ruining the environment with wasted construction:)

    Heavy construction begets heavy donations .

    Yes, by all means, let’s wait until we need it and then start building!! Then we will all be in the dark until it is built.

      Hey duffer, Site C is NOT needed to meet BC’s increasing hydro demand, the opposite is actually true. …“faltering electricity demand among industrial customers will cost BC Hydro $3.5 billion less in revenue — over the term of its 10-year financial plan.”

      ht tp://vancouversun.com/business/energy/drop-in-industrial-demand-to-cost-bc-hydro-3-5-billion

      I wish more people would read up on the current situation and become more informed. We DO NOT need Site C, NOT NOW and NOT in the foreseeable future!

      BeingHuman, Interesting how you quote an OPINION piece as fact. Just because its on the net dont mean its the truth. We try to teach our kids that, maybe its time your learned it?

      You never even read the linked business news story, did you Stompin Tom?

      If you had read it, you would have known it was BC Hydro CEO; Jessica McDonald that announced the bad news that “faltering electricity demand among industrial customers will cost BC Hydro $3.5 billion less in revenue over the term of its 10-year financial plan.” This news is NOT the OPINION of some reporter!!!

      If you are going to post an opinion Stompin Tom, can’t you at least make sure it’s an informed one?

      You did read the second last paragraph of the article you linked did you not?

      So slinky being my ardent follower it is then. Yes I did read the last two paragraphs of the article, and I occasionally read the Farmers Almanac just to see what kind if winter we have in store for us 20 YEARS from now.

      So, in 20 years time, where will that increase demand for hydroelectricity come from? Certainly not the LNG industry, because the world is moving at break neck speed towards alternative energy. With reduced future demand on fossil fuels, demand for LNG will be in the half what it is today, besides … Canada is suppose to achieve it’s own green house gas emission reduction target by 2030.

      No, Canada’s oil baron Stephen Harper himself said; “There is no long term future in fossil fuels.” So where is that increase demand for hydroelectricity in 20 years time going to come from slinky? Inquiring minds want to know!

      You say more electric vehicles needed, did you know if BC were to instantly switch to electric automobiles we will require 75,000 more mWh per year. Do you know that is more than double what BC generates annually now? You think too much in your small little dipper world, look outside the window once in a while

      Interesting how you fail to mention “alternative” sources of energy such as solar, wind, and geothermal, which are cheaper forms of energy to meet any demand. Damming up rivers for hydro-power is so last century, no wonder 70% of British Columbians support the pausing of Site C to investigate “alternatives”.

      ht tp://www.insightswest.com/news/seventy-per-cent-of-british-columbians-support-pausing-site-c-construction-to-investigate-alternatives/

      But then again Lieberals are living so much in the past, they can’t see alternatives to fossil fuels, or damming up rivers! How “old school” can you get! Hey… wait a minute, how old are most of you BC Liberal supporters on this site?

NDP and hoagie would do no different! They also need the votes too and BC moving forward. Tough on the environment also, so I hope they take the integral, necessary precautions!

Wow! Only someone like Lien could look at a picture of a 400 meter tension crack on the North bank of the Peace River, and make it somehow connect with the NDP and a type of sandwich.

This discussion thread has seen better days.

    wow! not one copy and paste in that whole post.

A 16 year tension crack has appeared in the BC Legislature.

A two stage plan has been implemented to deal with this tension crack. The first phase will be a toe of a boot firmly placed on the posterior of the Liberal MLA’s and the Premier Christy Clark.

The second phase will be the expeditious removal of these MLA’s and Premier so that work on rebuilding confidence in Government can begin.

Political experts who have been studying the crack have determined that contrary to information put out by the Liberals, the Legislature and Government in BC is not on stable ground, and has to be repaired. It is expected that the tension crack improvement can begin right after May 9th. and should be completed shortly thereafter.

Experts say that tension cracks in Government are not unexpected, however in this case the cracks are significant and pose a threat to all British Columbians, and therefore it is necessary to have this work done with the utmost haste

    Funny how you stopped short in saying who the Libs should be replaced with. The last federal election, the Anybody But Harper brigade were successful in ousting Harper, but look where that got us – a disaster of a one term PM.

    Agree . Specially since just reading . The art of the steal @ DeSmog.ca

      Lost me on the climate action scam. Hey when are you going to release information on your own climate action set up. Must be just wallowing in cash from all your free energy, LOL.

      Aaanndd… there goes seamutt, off on the climate action – alternative energy tangent again. Here comes the whatsupwiththat and joannenova links again, over, and over, and over, ad nauseam!

      Once again BH* is throwing shade on others for doing the exact same thing that he is guilty of…..posting the same crap ad infinitum. Last FFFA was a good example where he posted the exact same response to at least two other posters. In addition posts the same links from his so called “research” over and over again and tries to pass opinion pieces and editorials off as “facts”

      Razors and shaving cream must be a big expense for you as you have two faces to shave each morning.

      *BH= Benign Hubris ¯\(º_o)/¯

      BH speaking of ad nauseum how about getting a little creative.

      Hey hows your mining claims?

      You’re right . No days go by that I am not making gains . Today is no exception . Am I ever grateful to my mentors for my incredible good fortune . I’m more than a little sad for you that you are so concerned about what others have . It tells me that you have little to concentrate on or be grateful for . You have my sympathy.

    “Political experts”

    LOL …..

    And who would they be?


LOL, very well said :) Palopu

Wonder how the Jackass Mtn crack is doing?

As usual BH just relies on his computer sites he searches for continually. He relies on computer sites for his not entirely correct info most often, he must spend most of his time on the computer and has really very little experience or knowledge himself. A lot of hot air and time to post it on many sites.

    It is possible that I am just one of a province wide network of anonymous posters, who have invaded news and social media sites to brainwash the masses with facts and truths.

    We come to counter the alternative facts and alternative truths of the Alternate Right Movement. Should we win this battle; we promise to provide free education to anyone who would want it.

      Wow! Don’t blow a gasket P1! You keep this up, you will be deleted again and have to come back under another identity!

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