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October 27, 2017 6:30 pm

Rapid Melt Closes Boundary Road

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 @ 2:24 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  Boundary Road in Prince George is closed because of excessive water  flowing over the roadway.

The road is closed  from the round about at Boeing Road, to nearly the intersection with  Highway 97.

This is the second time today that  the road has been closed.. City Crews had worked earlier today to  deal with the  flow,  and the road was reopened for a short  time,  but  the rapid melt has forced the closure of the road again.

Crews with Public Works are on site to deal with the excessive meltwater caused by recent high temperatures. Further updates will be provided as progress is made.



Sounds like poor storm drain engineering by someone.

    The storm drains are 1.2 metres in diameter at the north end.

    I think the sizing of the mains look reasonable and the spacing of manholes and catch basins look reasonable.

    The question is, who did the hydrology calculations for forested and denuded adjacent property calculations?

Cough L&M Cough. Compaction issues ignored. Cough. Who owned the gravel source again? Cough

Man, how are all those businesses going to do with no access? Oh, wait a minute…

I propose we change the name of this road to ‘Dan Rogers Way’


    And make it for pedal bikes only in the winter :)

    The Boundary Road Connector has been identified as part of the Prince George Major Street Network Plan since the 1970’s.

    It was confirmed with two major transportation planning studies, one from 1993 and the other from 2001.

    They obviously must have been passed bay several Council’s and Mayors along the way.

    So it took 40 years for the CIty to find the right opportunity to implement the plan.

    The question now is when will its extension resulting in a new bridge to connect more directly with the Yellowhead connection to the west. I would think that would be to an advantage of all those 20,000+ living in College Heights.

      Re: The ‘College Heights Connector’; I couldn’t agree more, gus.

      At least people would get use out of such a road now vs. The classic ‘build it and they will come’ scenario on Dan Rogers Way.

Clear cutting all the timber on both sides of the road certainly did not help matters. You can pretty well expect this to happen until such time as some industry locates there. Im thinking that should be around 2050 or so.

I guess that is what happens when you let a “Capitalist” clear cut everything in sight. I think that is why I think the SoCred carbon tax is a joke. They claim it is to help fight anthropogenic climate change and then let a greedy pig wipe out an entire carbon sink in one go.

Definitely due to the entire area being clear cut and grubbed.
That was a nice drive until the logging started, I always admired the size and variety of trees along there.
I saw several areas last fall where mud was flowing onto the road.
I guess the end users of the lands will pay for storm drainage and run off control.

That road, the global logistics park, the jet refueling depot, and the airport runway expansion, are all pathetic monuments that remind us of the lessons learned about government getting too involved in business, and business interests getting too involved in government.

Keep them separate and at arms length… now if we can only teach the BC Liberal government to do this as well.

    I think you got it the other way around.

    Building roads, whether within municipalities, provinces or the country are the business of the Government.

    As you know, recently the governments have been getting private organizations to build bridges and major roads and given the right to collect tolls.

    So, we could have allowed someone to build Boundary Road as a toll road. ;-)

    The airport is a private organization which operates it on behalf of the Government. So are all the major airports in Canada. PG was just at the extreme small end of the spectrum of “large” airports allowed to do that. If the City had not stepped up, the Feds would still be operating it. Since we have no second airport in PG to compare it to with two different governance models, we can bicker back and forth …… so, an excellent topic for the internet bickerers … LOL

Run off issues everywhere. Same issues in the Danson industrial site as well along Pacific/Boundary road near the rail crossing… It nearly washed away completely last week, and the whole road is undermined because it has no run off ditches.

Then we got the shamefull specticle of our only graveyard under two feet of water because highway 16 doesn’t have proper run off ditches along that stretch… What a complete disgrace our graveyard is in this town. Cheep chain link fence that gives no privacy and grave markers all under water because of flooding from the nearby roadway. Total utter disrespect for the dead IMO.

    I’m pretty sure the residents in the graveyard are not too concerned with lack of privacy.

      What a foolish comment.


      You think that comment was foolish? So I guess you must believe that dead people are concerned about privacy.

      The foolish comment was the one where he suggests that privacy is required in a public graveyard. In fact, it was beyond foolish and belongs in the territory of stupid.

      No kidding. If the dead wanted privacy we wouldn’t spend all that money building monuments to them.

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