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October 27, 2017 6:29 pm

Lucy Arrives at Her New Home

Thursday, March 16, 2017 @ 11:29 AM

Lucy the Tree Frog  takes a fork lift ride  into  Exploration Place – photo courtesy Exploration Place

Prince George, B.C.- Lucy the Tree Frog,   carved of Red  Alder,   has  arrived at her new home.

A long time  fixture at  Science World’s Search Gallery in Vancouver, Lucy will be featured in the  revamped children’s gallery at Exploration Place in Prince George sometime next year.

Lucy had  been a fixture  at Science World  since 1997  “Science World just renewed their  children’s gallery , they have  the new Wonder Gallery.  They were thinking about auctioning her off,  but the staff there are quite attached to her  so they  wanted  a good home for her ” says Exploration Place CEO Tracy Calogheros.

“We have our partnership with Science World” says Calogheros ” and this is a really good  physical  representation of that  partnership because people from here,  a lot of them have pictures of kids of all ages  with  her.”  That includes the curator  at Exploration Place who has a photo of  herself at the age of  8 with the frog.  You might say, ‘Lucy’ is to  Science World,  what Champion the mechanical horse is to  Northern Hardware.

Calogheros says  Lucy  needs  a bit of a face lift to  upgrade her finish.  “It just seemed like a really good idea to bring her up here” says Calogheros, “We’re re-doing our  Children’s Gallery,  so she will feature in there in some way or form.”

“I think it’s a huge win for Exploration Place and for Science World really”  says Calogheros, “It gives them  a piece of their own  gallery that people are very familiar with,  here in the North on a permanent  basis.”

A number  of other pieces from the Science World’s old gallery  will  be added to the Children’s Gallery  at Exploration tonight,  so there will be something new between now and when the Children’s Gallery at Exploration Place is  revamped next year.


She’s gorgeous. Glad she’s staying in the public domain . She’ll look even better with a new finish . Who’s the artist ? Are they involved in the up keep ?

Really good photo . Who ever you are , you deserve a By line .

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