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October 27, 2017 6:25 pm

Veterans Affairs Office on Pace for May Opening

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 @ 5:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – It was announced to great fanfare last August and it’s still on track to happen later this spring.

The Veterans Affairs Office – closed in 2012 by the then Conservative government – will reopen this May on the fourth floor of the HSBC building at 299 Victoria Street.

Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr in Prince George last August – photo 250News

“As far as I know it’s still on track,” says John Scott, service officer for the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 43 in Prince George. “I have no date yet and I assume there will be an announcement soon. I know there has been rumours that it’s not going to be there but I checked that out and was assured that it would be opening in May in the HSBC building exactly where they said.”

He says construction work has already begun in the office which will employ five people and service an estimated 1,200 veterans.

According to the federal government those five employees will answer questions about services and benefits, arrange pension medical examinations and assist veterans in completing and submitting applications and receipts. Case-managed veterans will also be able to meet their case manager.

Scott says he’s “very excited” the opening is near. “We’ve been hosting veterans at the legion on a quarterly basis and Veterans Affairs have been doing a good job of that but it’s always better when they can walk in or make an appointment and go down to the office and talk to somebody face to face anytime of the year.”

He says Veterans Affairs next visit is scheduled for April 10 at the Legion. To make an appointment you can call Scott at 250-962-4684 or the Legion at 250-562-1292.

The Prince George office opening is one of nine across the country at a cost of $78 million over the next five years.


Thankyou John and Bruce and members of the Legion for all your hard work getting this re-opened.

1 employee for 240 people? Did I do that math correctly? Is the bureaucracy really that convoluted?

This is a ridiculous waste of money. Veterans can be served effectively and respectfully within the infrastructure of a currently functioning federal government office.

    Are you a veteran?

    This post is rudiculous! Take a look around and see how much help the veterans have been assisted by the federal gov’t. I have friends who are vets, go down to the Legion and talk to Bruce, this will prevent you from putting out another post like this one.

Another Trudeau promise kept and Rona has the gall this morning to say ” Trudeau hasn’t kept a single promise ” . She’s either unable to read/remember or just a bald faced liar . Hopefully not the latter .

They closed it because the caseloads were low. Oh well, more gov’t employees sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

Like mentioned above, there are federal government offices already in place.

    So more federal money coming to PG is a bad thing for PG ?

      That is wasted taxpayer money but what do you care about money.

      The low caseload was served by frequent visits, telephone and local politician offices.

      Like seamutt says, when my taxpayer dollars are wasted, I think this is a bad thing for anyone who pays taxes.

Trudeau is no friend of veterans and their issues. Reopening the office is just cheap smoke and mirrors. Why open the office when there is no support for veteran health, mental issues, pensions not restored despite election promise, soldiers being taxed on their hazardous pay in dangerous zones. Also transition services not forthcoming.

Trudeau is just a cardboard selfie.

    seamutt–just amazing that you can fault the federal Liberals when you can never fault the BC Liberals. Speaking of wasted tax dollars you better take a hard look at the BC Liberals.

      Hey oldman I fault Christy and her merry band of crooks quite often, pay attention.

      Read my comments on site C

      hey did you get one of those Trudeau cardboard selfies. Seems to be emulating Kim Jong-Un

Health care is a provincial responsibility. Trudeau had to force the provinces to fund mental health care under the new deal. which most provinces like BC underfunded . Palister is refusing to comply . He’s the last hold out .

He says construction work has already begun in the office which will employ five people and service an estimated 1,200 veterans


Another question, who is doing this construction and why is it taking so long? 5 desks and a bunch of dividers shouldn’t take more then a week to set up. Your clients won’t care how fancy your offices are.

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