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October 27, 2017 6:24 pm

Province Contributes to Vimy Ridge Park Project

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 @ 8:31 AM

Victoria, B.C.- Next month  will mark the 100th  anniversary of the  World War I victory at Vimy Ridge.

In honour of the Canadians and British Columbians involved in the victory at Vimy Ridge in 1917, Finance Minister Michael de Jong has  the Province will contribute $350,000 to the Vimy Foundation to support the creation of a Centennial Park at the site of the battle.

The Vimy Foundation Centennial Park will be located adjacent to the Vimy monument in France. ( see image at right,  park area   outlined in red)

This unique area will be comprised of 100 Vimy Oak trees symbolizing the centennial. These trees are direct descendants of acorns collected following the battle in April 1917 and will be planted in a circular pattern four deep to represent the four divisions of the Canadian Forces that fought together for the first time at the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Benches and reflective areas in full view of the famous monument will also be part of the park. Funding also will be provided to support ‎participation by local cadets at the ceremony in France.

British Columbians supported the war effort in great numbers.  Units from around the province were part of the victory, including:

* 2nd Battalion (Canadian Mounted Rifles) – recruited from Victoria and Vernon;

* 29th Battalion (Vancouver) – recruited from Vancouver and New Westminster;

* 102nd Battalion (Northern British Columbia) – recruited from Northern B.C. and Comox; and

* 131st Battalion (Westminster) – recruited from New Westminster.

“The brave young men who fought on Vimy Ridge not only won a battle, but are also part of a legacy that has often been referred to as the birth of a nation” said de Jong “As Canadians we owe a debt of gratitude to the lives lost and affected by this valiant victory. British Columbia is proud to support the Vimy Foundation’s Centennial Park to help ensure the honour and memory of British Columbians and Canadians who fought on the ridge at Vimy will never be forgotten.”

Estimates suggest that 81 British Columbians lost their lives between April 1 and May 1, 1917. Of those, 47 soldiers are commemorated on the Vimy Memorial, 10 soldiers are buried at La Chaudière Military Cemetery, Vimy, and 21 soldiers are buried at Canadian Cemetery No. 2, Neuville-St. Vaast. British Columbia lost three nursing sisters who are buried in cemeteries tended by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

The current monument on the grounds welcomes approximately 700,000 visitors a year. The centennial anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge is taking place on April 9. The official commemorative ceremonies are taking place at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, organized by the Government of Canada (Veterans Affairs Canada) and an estimated 30,000 Canadians will be in attendance.




The LibCreds of BC are spending taxpayers money in France instead of here at home. I see none of their tightie rightie supporters are here whining about spending tax dollars offshore. I guess that kind of criticism is only for Trudeau and his foreign spending.

    Vinyl Ridge is sacred Canadian territory, so this is not spending money on foreign territory. It’s a small token amount to honor the thousands of Canadian casualties in a fight that arguably won Canada its sovereign independence.

    Britain and France lost 800,000 of the bloom of their society trying to take that ridge against a Germman 1st army that was considered invincible. Britain and France had essentially lost the war at that point in time. Then the Canadians were their last hope and it became the third largest city of Canadians in the world… we built their firstrail road in France for the logistics required for the Canadian assault… When the assault was finally launched we took the ridge in less than two days and vanquished the entire German 1st army taking the heart out of their fighting ability and leaving Germany wide open for the Americans to enter the war against an enemy that was severely wounded.

    Probably Vanada’s proudest moment overseas. A battle that changed the world, saved freedom and democracy in the west, and established Canada as a world power to be reckoned with.

      And that damn auto correct… Vinyl Ridge…

      Vimy Ridge is French territory no matter how many Canadians were killed and injured taking it back from the Germans,

      Also, you have vastly over stated the importance of Vimy Ridge in the 1 percenters’ WW1 fun and games.

    Not everything the Gov’t does is politically motivated or warrents a parissan comment. Most British Columbians would see this as money well spent to honour those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us and the country.

      Right. If you believe the BC Libs giving taxpayers money, during an election cycle, for something that is a federal responsibility isn’t partisan then you will believe anything.

      That should have been politically motivated rather than partisan.

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