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October 27, 2017 6:24 pm

Councillors Krause and Frizzell Look Ahead to Federal Budget

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 @ 10:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Prince George city councillors Garth Frizzell and Murry Krause have been making a big push ahead of tomorrow’s federal budget.

Both men joined municipal leaders from across the country in Whistler last week in anticipation of the budget which follows two years of what Frizzell calls “unprecedented dialogue between Federation of Canadian Municipality and senior federal officials, cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister.”

He adds he and Krause have been delivering the following message every step of the way: “Municipal leaders are ready to deliver cost-effective local solutions to national challenges – including jobs, growth and emission reductions.”

Frizzell and Krause both support FCM’s budget recommendations including “predictable, long-term allocations to launch the next era of public transit with reasonable cost-sharing so local fiscal limits don’t hamper progress.”

The organization is also calling on the federal government to make “major investments to tackle Canada’s housing crisis by protecting social housing and building new affordable homes,” and “to support local green innovation and to implement a plan to spark economic growth in rural, remote and northern communities.”

“When municipal leaders have a seat at the nation-building table, it’s Canadians who benefit,” says Krause.


Nice tax payer funded trip to Whistler. I guess they are alright with Trudeau keeping one of his promises by increasing our debt, and so far he has doubled that promise.

Frizzell mentions emission reductions, I take it he means c02. Now lets say there is an negative issue with the 14% c02 man has added to the total c02 and Canada’s contribution is only 1.5% he is happy with a money sucking carbon tax. But hey he is now a full blown politician raking in taxpayer money why should he care. He gets the taxpayer to buy the Nissan Leaf so to have an electric toy to play with and gets the lease renewed even when it is shown that car is next to useless in this climate. But hey its not his money.

    Search … Military tesla cars . i still think that the major should be driving a tesla . lead by example because it’s 2017 ! Not 1917 .

      Lol, a camo wrap and armored back window plus a luggage rack make it a troop transport now? More for the general in the US driving around and not combat.

      The US military has platooning tech for their larger armored carriers and transports so they only require one driver for a convoy being tested now. L Martin and Oshkosh 6x6s are also working on autonomous driving. Harder in combat situations as there are usually no marked roads to follow

      Hilarious veiw slinky . Did you know the U.S. Military is going EV , solar and battery backup in an incredible way . Reason ? Electrics have a tiny thermal and noise foot print ( stealth ) but their biggest reason is that isolating themselves from the grids and fuel supply lines is prudent . Also you don’t know how AI and sensory works . Mars is the only planet in the universe we know of that is intirely inhabited by autonomous vehicles (robotics) and there are zero marked roads .

“Municipal leaders are ready to deliver cost-effective local solutions to national challenges – including jobs, growth and emission reductions.”

What are we up to now for municipal salaries? $60 million? These turkeys know squat about “cost-effective”.

Make a big push? What’s that even mean.. when has a councilor had any say/impact .. they are just like us,.. waiting and seeing what the budget is..

While all eye are on tomorrow’s Federal Budget, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government are attacking our democracy!

From what I understand, on the eve of their second budget, the Federal Liberal Government of Justin Trudeau is tryin to ram through legislation that will fundamentally change the way our Government works and is accountable to the people! The Liberals are trying to do the following:

– limit debate in the house
– end Friday sittings in the House
– require the Prime Minister to attend the House only 1 day a week to answer questions in Question Period
– remove the current timeframe, I believe of 45 days, to respond to written questions from the Opposition members. This means that Government Members will no longer have to respond to written questions under any timeline whatsoever, effectively meaning that they will not have to ever respond to submitted written questions.

All of this and I suspect more is trying to be slipped through while everyone is focused on tomorrow’s budget. This is not the open and accountable Government promise that the Liberals campaigned on.

Turn on CPAC and watch Justin and his Liberal Party attempt to unilaterally ram through legislation to change the rules of our democracy! Tonight, Conservative and NDP MPs remain in the House and they intend to stay all night and all the next day trying to stop the Liberal Government!

Liberal/Trudeau supporters called Harper a dictator! If you want to see a true dictator in action, keep your eye on Justin Trudeau! See deception in action as all eyes are on tomorrow’s budget while the Liberals attack our democracy almost without scrutiny!

    “Ambrose Tells Trudeau ‘We Don’t Live In China’ As House Rules Debate Heats Up”

    The Huffington Post Canada – By Althia Raj Posted: 03/21/2017 7:29 pm EDT Updated: 5 hours ago

    ht tp://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/03/21/trudeau-ambrose-house-of-commons-rules_n_15525376.html

    Oh so Harper stepping on our rights was fine with you? Trudeau ain’t no ray of sunshine..but Harper wasn’t either.. he was slimed..just like they all are…

Funny how the socialist and the wanna-be career politician are awaiting the new federal budget. Probably with both hands.

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