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October 27, 2017 6:21 pm

Transportation Announcements

Friday, March 24, 2017 @ 2:06 PM

Prince George  BC  – Prince George Airport has landed nearly $2 million dollars for upgrades.

The money will go towards the installation of an elevator to get passengers to and from the parking lot which is now accessed by a stairway.   There will also be money to upgrade the apron at the airport

YXS President and CEO John Gibson says access to the airport from the parking lot has been the number one complaint about the airport.

He says the funding for the apron will maintain a safe environment

In addition to the finding for YXS the details of the Highway 16 4 laning project from Bunce Road to Blackwater Road were announced.  Although preparatory work has been underway for some time, the actual road work will start this summer.  The project has a 24 million dollar budget  with local contractors IDL landing about $15 million dollars worth.

Mayor Lynn Hall says the  announcements today are significant “Particularly along the Highway 16 corridor.”

Mayor Hall says the corridor is very important to Prince George from an economic perspective “It’s the main life line  to go west obviously.   It carries a tremendous amount of industrial traffic, commercial traffic  so this announcement today certainly helps us out.”


ELAVATOR???? really… Just put in a escalator all the way to the door

Escalators designed for outdoor use tend to be very expensive to maintain and the cost to build is quite prohibitive an elevator does make much more sense and is proven relatively cheap technology

    This is good news for those that need wheelchairs. Now, if they can only put in sheltered walkways to the planes, such as that conglomeration at Vancouver Airport. Where they’re needed they don’t have them. God help us if some poor folks in the south have to walk through the rain in an International Airport to get to their plane.

Add $2 more Million to the Hundreds of Millions pumped into the YXS airport over the past decade. Still waiting for a return on that investment, those thousands of international air cargo jets per year should be landing, refueling, unloading, loading, and taking off from YXS any decade now!

Awesome! Was wondering when they would install elevators to replace the stairs from the long-term parking area. I always though it a bit amusing that a lot of stalls are reserved for handicap parking, yet, they have to climb those stairs.

    What if a person using a wheelchair drives himself or herself to the airport and needs to leave the vehicle for a while? Those handicapped spots are only short term, aren’t they?

      As far as I know, the parking spots closest to the stairs on the lower level are designated handicapped parking (long term) Correct me if I am wrong!

Geez! Another upgrade on top of all the other ones!? Be OK if the airport got more contracts like they said they were going to over these past few years? What happened to the 747s that were going to land at our lengthened runway! Personally a waste of money until such time as the airport increases its business.

You just have to wait for that imaginary meat packing plant in PG. Christy says there are planes from China flying over PG all the time and there is no reason why they can’t drop in to pick up a load.

    They are going to build the meat plant at the end of the runway so they can load the planes directly with a conveyor belt. Those large cleared areas on the side of Boundary road are for the feedlots.

What the airport needs is a covered/enclosed sidewalk leading from the end of the gangway to the terminal entrance. I hope that is what they mean by improving the apron.

Correct me if I,m wrong but it seems to me that the 4 laning of a short portion of Highway 16 was announced about a year ago. I suppose the photo op today was the election version of the same announcement.

    Has been yes, but if you read the article “details” of the 4 laning was announced. IDL just pulled their trailers out to the site in the last week and have been awarded the road work, Telus still has to move their poles, hydro work is done. Gas lines were replaced as well but not part of the project I don’t think as they are a long ways off they road. Telus drilled a lot of piping under the highway so maybe they are going to eliminate running wires over the highway

I find this amusing, they make the air terminal accessible but those with mobility issues still have to climb a ladder to get into the planes.

    Good point bcracer! All mobility impaired passengers need to embark and disembark from aircraft, yet only a few would need to use the long term parking lot at the airport.

    Money spent on a jet bridge provides enhanced access to aircraft for passengers with many types of disabilities and mobility impairments, as they may board and disembark without climbing stairs or using a specialized wheelchair lift.

    In fact ALL passengers would benefit from a jet bridge, as they would no longer be exposed to poor weather.

Sure hope that they get new parking ticket dispensers and put them inside like it is done at the hospital. We went the other day to the airport, the closest outside unit was out of order (still or again) and I had to walk all the way to the far away other one, with the wind the freezing howling.

BTW, how do people in wheelchairs use an escalator?

Our mayor must be running out of things to say during photo ops. Extending the double land an extra 2 km really “helps us out”, it helps me out turning onto the highway but not sure about the rest of PG and its truck traffic

UPGRADES to anything around PG is GOOD.
Things as they are are Falling Apart.
Good to See and Hear.

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