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October 27, 2017 6:20 pm

Suspect Arrested in Highway Transport Shootings

Saturday, March 25, 2017 @ 1:58 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The RCMP  have confirmed a suspect has been arrested in connection with a string of shootings  at semis along Highways 16 and  97.


Acting on a tip from the public, the suspect vehicle was located in Chilliwack, and police there  arrested  one person  who remains in police custody.


Earlier today, North District RCMP Corporal Madonna Saunderson  advised that  several semis had been the target of shootings  over an 8 hour period.   At that time,  the RCMP  were  asking for the public’s assistance in locating the  suspect vehicle which  was  described as:

2009 Dodge Caliber



Described as “dirty”

Ontario license plate: CAVM918

Cpl Saunderson said that between 8:30 pm on Friday March 24th and 2:45 am on Saturday March 25th, North District RCMP received numerous calls of a vehicle on Hwy 97, shooting out radiators and windows of semi-tractor trailers which were being driven when shot at.

Reports of shots fired at semi-trucks were received near Houston, Burns Lake, Vanderhoof, Cluculz Lake, Prince George, Quesnel and 100 Mile House.

There have been no reported injuries to date.


what is the world coming to? this is unreal! anyone is a target.

Unfortunately, this just adds to our reputation for being Canada’s wild, wild, west!

    yep gotta agree, no place for snowflakes.


      Bwahahahah, wonder where ya got that term from?

      “Snowflake” came from the Alternative Right Movement in the USA, that’s where not being “Politically Correct” (PC) came from, and became popular, as well.

    BEING that he was from Ontario he was lost. He thought he was in Abby,hey he is only HUMAN, geeezus, sure glad they caught the scumbag goof.

    Got that right seamutt, can’t be no snowflake to live in the 3rd most dangerous city in Canada… Yeeeh Haaawww!!!

      You got that right BH, been here 35 years, tough as nails surviver and loved every minute.

I don’t understand how this could have happened over such a long stretch of highway, for such a long period of time without the vehicle being stopped. Granted, it would have been dark for much of that time period but jeepers, how many peoples lives were at risk?

Do the RCMP not have a plane or helicopter with spotlight that could have gone up? (Sincere question – I don’t know if there is a spotlight strong enough, or if that would have created a hazard itself).

    You would need to have a communication system between RCMP detachments that actually works in order for any kind of strategic RCMP response could be successfully launched. By the time they are all enlightened to the unfolding incident it’s all over with.

    You have to remember this happened over a long stretch of highway and many transport drivers may not of realized their vehicles were shot at until they pulled over and then there is the delay of reporting there are lots of dead areas where cell phones don’t work and many CB radios are short range and until police realized it was a bigger incident they were dealing with it as a local incident

This is not good news. I hope the person who is responsible can apprehended sap. Did the police give any indication what caliber of gun that was being used?

    The Caliber was a Dodge


The first report of a shooting was from Kitimat but was not reported in the media. Just a few minutes ago Global Vancouver reported they arrested someone.

They have the plate number so how come no province wide manhunt for the registered owner?

    LMAO, isn’t a province wide hunt for the vehicle enough? Would knowing who the owner is make the search go faster?

Just heard they’ve made an arrest. Global

This had to be a terrorist attack.

It will be interesting to hear if the arrested individual has a criminal record and if convicted of previous crimes, was he or she given a “light” sentence and early parole!

In the wild, wild west, he or she wouldn’t get a second chance because the first conviction often came with a rope necktie and a visit to the nearest strong tree branch!

Yeeh Haaawww, eh Peeps!

Probably a kid who saw something similar in a video game and didn’t realize the real world was a tad bit different then the digital one.

    That might be it! I sometimes wonder what goes on in the minds of those that do things such as these shootings. I mean seriously, how does one get an idea in their head that going out and shooting at trucks on the highway would be a good thing to do?

After the dash cam videos that have been on the news lately showing chip trucks pulling out to pass other rigs on double yellow lines making passenger vehicles head for the rhubarb to avoid being killed in a head on collision I can see why some might take exception to the way a lot of rig drivers think they own the road but this is a bit over the top.

Instead of nailing the binders and pull back into his lane the chip truck driver kept his foot in it and flashed the brights at the four wheeler. I seem to remember a driver that likes to use high beams as an offensive weapon when behind the wheel.

Just in case you can’t see the elephant in the room . It’s called mental illness . Only someone with a serious mental illness could even contemplate such actions . I believe this will be the out come of the investigation .

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