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October 27, 2017 6:17 pm

Phase 3 of Cariboo Connector Announced

Monday, March 27, 2017 @ 9:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Another link in the Cariboo Connector Plan has been announced.

This morning MLA Shirley Bond announced phase three of the plan will include the 4 laning of the Old Cariboo intersection.

It was identified as a high priority for the community says Bond. Engineering for the project has already begun but construction is not expected to start until the summer of 2019. The project has an estimated value of $30 million dollars.

The phase 3 work on Highway 97 has a budget of $200 million dollars and will see a number of improvements from Williams Lake to Prince George.


Hope it includes a passing lane coming north by Ten Mile Lake, that would be handy.

Turn that frown upside down! :)

Does this photo-op acknowledge the original promise was a 2016 completion, for the whole route? The drive south is much nicer now but, c’mon. Politicians are shameless.

    Fake news!!

    The original announcement was poorly defined with speculations suggesting 50 to 100 years.

      No no it was not poorly defined its just another election promise and imagine it for 2091 how stupid do they think we are and cant see this peace of another election promise.

      Sorry should read 2019

Well at least Hall looks pleased. Wonder what he would look like if the news was bad?

I’m sure the Mayor is getting as tired of being trotted out every other day for the liberal propaganda machine as we are having to watch it in operation . His plate is already full and he has more important things to do . Being used in this way is not flattering or productive .

    Good grief, Hall lives for the photo ops.

The Libs have made this highway four lane announcement so may times its a joke. Building a billion dollar highway to Whistler only took 2 half years. Guess being the economic engine for the Province not really a big priority.

Circa 1999, while in opposition, Christy Clark blasts the NDP for spending $600k on advertising.

Fast forward to 2017, in the run up to this election, the Christy Clark government is spending $18 million on partisan ads and making over $1 Billion dollars in spending promises… double standards perhaps?

ht tps://videopress.com/v/kZeq4xWA

    Double standard indeed. The ndp are whining and moaning about the liberals when they have done the exact same thing in 1999.

      $600 thousand compared to $18 Million? Watch Christy’s video again, now if that is not the very definition of being a hypocrite, what is?

      As I have told you numerous time I only click on links from known and reliable sources so did not watch video.

      But if one party is guilty then so is the other. Full stop. Just as you try to give the ndp a pass on fundraising practices because they did not get as much as the libs. Your logic(?)such as it is is flawed.

      BTW What does advertising have to do with highway upgrades? You’re kinda off on a tangent once again.

    Yes!!! I really do respect and admire the Globe and Mail for their investigative journalism, their probing into BC Liberal government advertising amounts in election years compared to non-election years has prompted BC’s Attorney General to investigate the “wild” swings in the amount of government advertising spent in election years compared to non-election years.

    Basically, the BC Attorney General said; “government advertising amounts should be relatively stable from year to year”… so why the huge increases in an election year???

    ht tp://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/bc-government-ad-spending-to-come-under-scrutiny/article34431544

    So much good news happening these days! :-D

They’re going to four-lane an intersection?

Both Bond and Hall look somewhat dejected in the picture, to me.
Their presence was probably ‘requested’ for this fake news announcement.

Why do I say fake? Because the supposed project is not to even start for well over 2 years from now, so why announce it today?
Couldn’t have anything to do with an upcoming election, could it?

And referring to the project location as the “Old Cariboo Intersection”
is unprofessional. It does not inform the reader of the location where 30,000,000.00 is to be spent. What if the reader is not from this area?

Liberals, buying your support one project announcement at a time.

What is really needed, if they are working in the area,is a merge lane from Holmes Road going north on Highway 97. This should have been done when they did the last 4 lane upgrade from BCR south. Vision is extremely limited looking south, due to the angle of Holmes Road and the big hump on the south side of the intersection.

so more election vote buying…

    If this long dead issue is really vote buying, why does the NDP and any other party or independent not come out with a counter proposal how the Cariboo Connector is so important, will improve the economy in the region significantly and will be completed over 20 years for an estimated cost of so many $billions if they come into office.

    We do not hear that. Will we hear that when the writ is dropped?

    BTW, someone should learn to be more careful and hold onto it a bit better instead of dropping it all the time. :-)

Why is Hall even there, this intersection is outside city limits and stretching the range of the electric Leaf.

    And where is Jillian? This four-laning of the intersection is sure to include bike lanes, right?

Gordon Campbell promised a 4 lane highway from Cache Creek to Prince George to be completed by 2010. This is old old BS, just stirring it up again for election.

    I remember a NDP minister of highways who said during an interview with Ben Meisner that highways are way down on he NDP list of priorities when compared with education and healthcare. That was during the exact time when teachers were buying pencils and paper for school use with their own money and when there were people dying in ambulances waiting to get into Emergency and when a huge protest about lack of healthcare was happening in Prince George!

I prefer the term “Twinning”, “Four Laning” doesn’t sound or look right.

    Ugh. Disagree completely. Twinning not only sounds terrible and juvenile, but it’s also an incorrect term for what is occurring.

    Twinning shouldn’t be used for anything unless it’s a duplication of what is occurring. In this case, it is a highway expansion to four-lanes, not the creation of an identical highway running parallel to the existing one (think a separated highway that one encounters east of Kamloops or in the Lower Mainland.

“… but construction is not expected to start until the summer of 2019. The project has an estimated value of $30 million dollars.”

Come on Bond, the summer of 2017 has not even begun yet, so the completion of the work won’t be finished for more than two years, or even more!

“The phase 3 work on Highway 97 has a budget of $200 million dollars and will see a number of improvements from Williams Lake to Prince George.”

I imagine (for lack of specific details!) that the 30 million is NOT part of the 200 million for 2017 and 2018!

The annual amount for the whole stretch from Prince George to Cache Creek is parceled out over the whole distance! It goes on in fits and starts, sputtering along for the next 40 years! A bit here, a bit there!

It is actually. in my opinion, quite pathetic!

    Well if they the whole route as one project that would only allow one photo op.

    Bridges with ice bombs gotta be built down south being that is the majority of votes.

      Why are tax payers footing the bill for those ice bomb bridge fiascos? If they were NDP projects, you just know the riot act would be cried for on this site.

      Do we know that the taxpayers are footing the bill?

      The bridges are not designed adequately for the purposes/climate intended. In that case it is the designers fault and need to be covered by their professional liability insurance.


      That is a manual written in 2005 regarding maintenance of cable stayed bridges which discusses some unique problems associated with them, including ice buildup on the cables.

      The book pre-dates the design and building of the bridge. The engineers did not do their research. This is not some cheap residential construction project.


      Link to “Ice prevention and weather monitoring on cable stayed bridges”

      Written in 2014 as an Engineering Masters thesis re: “Veteran’s Glass City Skyway (VGCS) is a large cable-stayed bridge with a single pylon. Since the bridge has gone into service in 2007, five major icing events have occurred causing a high risk to traveling public and lanes and/or bridge closures.”

More vote purchasing. We’re going to be so in debt if they even spend half the money they’ve announced in the past 2 months that our grandchildren will still be paying for it.

    The Coquihalla was built as a toll road since it was an alternative route.

    There is no reason that a Quesnel bypass, Williams Lake bypass, and 100 Mile House bypass cannot be built as a toll road since they would be alternate routes.

    Plan the routes – I believe the Quesnel one is already planned and under discussion – and see if someone will build and operate it for 20 to 30 years. It should save 10 to 15 minutes.

    The PG to Quesnel route actually has more fatal accidents on it than the Horseshoe Bay to Whistler route over a 10 year period ending in 2013.

Unless the Government (Regardless of who they are) are committed to spending billions of dollors, the Cariboo Conector will not be completed in my life time! There is still a large stretch of hwy that is not twined and there are sections that can not be twined without re-routing the road. It has been 25+ years to see what we have down south already and that is not even close enough to complete this project in the next 20+ years.

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