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October 27, 2017 6:12 pm

March Shows Increase in Small Business Confidence

Sunday, April 2, 2017 @ 6:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – For the first time this year,  B.C.’s small business optimism is up.

According to the latest monthly Business Barometer survey results from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), BC’s small business optimism increased by 1.2 points in March to 64.9.

While  there has been an increase over  January and February,  the  index for March   is also higher than it was  in the same month a year ago  when it  was 62.5.

The  March  index also puts B.C.  in fourth place among the provinces,   and  ahead of the National index which is  sitting at  62.9 the same as it was in February.

An index level above 50 means owners expecting their business’ performance to be stronger in the next year.  An index level of between 65 and 75 means the economy is growing at its potential.

“After a couple of shaky months to start the year, British Columbia’s entrepreneurs are now looking to the future with a bit more confidence,” said Aaron Aerts, BC economist. “This is also reflected in their improved short-term hiring intentions, which have started to heat up after cooling off over the winter months.”

Overall hiring intentions were up in March. Nineteen per cent of small business owners plan to increase full-time staff in the next three months, up a point from February.  In contrast, only six per cent are looking to cut back, down a point from February.

Forty-nine per cent of entrepreneurs in March believe the general state of health of their business is good, the same as February. That compares to just eight per cent of BC business owners who describe their business’ health as poor, also unchanged from last month.



Every year that passes in the last forty years wages become a smaller and smaller portion of the consumer economy, and the financial income becomes a larger and larger portion of the consumer economy. This shift in the balance of consumer incomes has been feed by lower interest rates, technology and free trade boosts to corporate profits, but also the introduction of managed markets on Wall Street with central banks now making the markets with so called quantitative easing (the latest being Japan that now allows its central bank to buy American stocks).

So at the end of the day we no longer live in an economy that is driven by the wins and failures of capitalism, but rather the picking of winners and losers through a heavily managed financial sector more akin to a casino economy. Right now the winnings are good, but the longer we stay at the casino the more likely we will loose it in the end. The winning are good now as the markets anticipated a huge Trump tax cut, which would inflate corporate profits, so the market expanded its equity wealth by over 10% in the last three months… Thus expanding consumer confidence with rising wealth effect that spills over into small business confidence.

The problem being that the democrats and US Fed in the states are at war with Trump over his agenda and will stall and block all they can from Trump having success in his tax and trade plans… thereby we are now lookingat an epic collapse in the stock market as the already priced in economic stimulus disappears. They have no more than two weeks to get back on track or we will see the financial wealth gained of $3 Trillion dollars disappear and probably over shot that by one or two Trillion more… Consumer spending will dry up and so to will be the prospects of small business without the strong backbone of a wage earner based economy.


    So, to put it in a simpler way, the basket of deplorables made a wrong choice. ;-)

      No that’s not it at all. It’s that the deep state and their democrat subversives that are willing to destroy the economy of America over their loss of political power to push their agenda; and that Trump has less than two weeks to expose them or the whole house of cards will start to tumble. If they do push the economy over the edge the basket of deplorables will only grow and make sure others don’t make the wrong choice next time.

    It hasn’t been a wage earner based economy since the days of the Alzheimer’s ridden “Great Communicator” Ronald Reagan. Laissez-Faire Capitalism, like you are in love with, has always been a Casino. It is no better than fully managed economies such as practiced by Communist China and Soviet-era Russia.

    The “best” system has always been a mixed economy with private enterprise heavily regulated to prevent the excesses that occur with a “greed motivated” system. The best system was when the progressive taxation system actually worked to correct income imbalances between the richest and the poorest.

      You don’t have a clue haha. Your mind is so twisted in partisanship that you imagine your own reality.

      I have never supported laissez-faire capitalism aka monopoly capitalism and their globalist agenda. In fact I think all the ism’s are a cancer on society propped up by globalist financiers to divide and conquer our democratic societies.

      I have always advocated free enterprise economies that have shared public infrastructures like roads, education, and health care which enable new entrant opportunity in a merit based system of equal opportunity.

      “Merit based system of equal opportunity”

      The only one imagining his own reality is you, especially when you post laughable fantasy world scenarios like you did with the above line.

      The only thing laughable about that is that you think you lack opportunity with merrit haha. Opportunity based on marit was the basis of the early Canadian and American free enterprise economies that created the upward mobility in society that we all cherish and use to define our civilization… So hardly a fantasy world view to ascribe to.

      And you had the gall to tell me to read a book and get an education after posting that swill? lol

      Westward expansionism in Canada and the USA had nothing to do with merit. It did have everything to do with opportunism and greed. Also, you have the temerity to talk about “Free Enterprise” in the opening of the Canadian West when the Western part of Canada was opened up by the Hudson Bay Company of Canada which had a “Royal Charter” monopoly over Rupert’s Land for 200 hundred years. After that HBC had increasing competition from another monolithic corporation, The North West Company: both of which were forced to merge and form a monopoly, because their “merit-based” “Free Enterprise” competition was breaking out into actual warfare.

      The Canadian West continued to be opened by a “Merit-based” “Free Enterprise” corporation known as the CPR, who just happened to have a “merit-based” “Free Enterprise” monopoly on trans-Canadian rail traffic for decades. All of it backed by Government of Canada.

      Next time take your own advice about reading a book

      Hey. How about how the CPR got it’s charter by rigging the bidding process by contributing 350,000 dollars to the Conservative Party of “Sir” John A. MacDonald.

      What a shining example of developing the West via “merit based” “Free Enterprise”.

      We put the CON in Conservative.

      This message brought to you by every Conservative party in Canada ever. lol

      What is even more funny is that the opening of the Canadian West was less contingent on economic concerns and more based on the fact a political promise had been made to provide a transportation link as a condition of joining Confederation. In other words, it had nothing to do with “Free Enterprise” and “Merit” and everything to do with the politics of nationhood.

    Eagleone have you seen this, interesting times.

    the Russian central bank opened its first overseas office in Beijing on March 14, marking a step forward in forging a Beijing-Moscow alliance to bypass the US dollar in the global monetary system, and to phase-in a gold-backed standard of trade.
    According to the South China Morning Post the new office was part of agreements made between the two neighbours “to seek stronger economic ties” since the West brought in sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis and the oil-price slump hit the Russian economy.

    ht tps://www.infowars.com/moscow-beijing-to-bypass-us-dollar-in-global-markets/

      Yes I have read about that. It’s been in the works for years now. It’s a huge threat to the banksters control of the global economy. Probably cause massive inflation in the West if it ever gets fully adopted. The western banking system is now fully fiat currency by and for the benefit of bankers and globalists, and so any move away from that will greatly advantage the independence and long term monetary security of those that can get out from under it. I believe Iran, Indonesia, Bazil and others have also expressed interest in rejecting the Rothschild central banking system as well.

      This is big for Russia… as even during the darkest days of the red terror soviet managed economy, they were under the thumb of the Rothschilds central banking system. They were to be the seat of a global empire under a communism… owned and controlled by the private central bankers… but since Stalin threw a wrench in their plans they turn on us and have since switched to making monopoly capitalism based in the west under the USDollar, as their tool for global domination.

      I stand corrected. You don’t just imagine your own reality. You create it out of whole cloth until it becomes a living, breathing, multi-faceted construct where the line between actual reality and your delusional world ceases to exist

      Why don’t you read a book, get educated, maybe go to school haha… Or better yet meet a women and get a life… Because haha as is just shows an ignorance of history and civility on an austounding scale. Always using the generalities of the ignorant to make a point is your strong suite.

      I’m pretty sure I have read more books and spent more time in school getting an education than you have, pal.

      As for generalities, you have written the book on that with your ludicrous ravings of a world-wide Jewish (coded Rothschild) financial conspiracy to rule the world. It is just the same sort of garbage that was promulgated in “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” published by your Russkie friends in the 1900s.

      Also, I read your comment to me in that other thread. I have no issue with paying school taxes to educate children, since education is important. If you had any basic reading comprehension skills, whatsoever, you would have got that I think the government should have been providing resources to those peoplea long time ago. They shouldn’t have to rely on a charity-based NGO for help.

      After reading your slop, I would say that any taxes people paid for your “education” was a complete waste of money.

      For all your ranting and raving hahaha you never addressed the article, must be beyond your and Digitus comprehension.

      Slow down, take a deep breath, go for a walk.

      Gotta love how Trump has shaken up the establishment, republicans and democrats, also the liberal left media. Even Odumber is hiding with the information coming out how he spied on the Trump machine using government resources. In an honest world Odumber, scary Hillary and her sleazy husband would be locked up. That is a bigger story than Watergate but the liberal left media is just letting it slide by.

      Russia central bank Pfffft. Russia ia anything but a global financial power with a GDP of 1.33 trillion which is about equal to Australia at 1.34 trillion. By comparison Canada is 1.55 Trillion and the states just over 18t. China has some muscle with around 11t.

      If Europe finds a alternate source for Russian oil and gas they are hooped as that is about the only income source they have. Manufacturing for export is non existant and stuff they do make is crappy quality.

      Alex Jones does not deserve the air he uses for they way he trolled the families of the Sandy Hook shootings. The world will be a far better place once he leaves.

      As for Trump the whisper according to Michael Steele former GOP chair is that if Gorsuch is confirmed to the supreme court that the GOP will cut him loose and quit propping him up. Fall could see president Pense along with all his mommy issues.

      seamutt….so the Chinese struck a big energy deal with Russia for natural gas. They are going to exchange their own currencies instead of USD. So far, I don’t see anyone getting to excited about it, except Alex Jones, seamutt and Eagleone. Oh, and I’ll guess that wackadoodle Glenn Beck will be freaking out.

      Oh….and I hope the Alex Jones “Infowars Pills” work out for ya.

      Digitus now one is getting excited except you, I just linked a post which in the long run may prove quite interesting.

      Again I like my car, you jealous?

      Haha….seamutt, if I wanted a beater wagon I would run out and pick a few up. Can you give us a cut and paste job from Whitebart today too ?

      Did Milo get deported yet ?

    Last I heard Trump doesn’t need any Democrats. The Republicans control the White House, the Congress and the Senate.

      Yeah. That is what escapes people like him. That Trump can’t even garner support from his own base for his policies, because even he isn’t extreme enough in his politics to satisfy them.

      Imagine that. A nutter like Trump isn’t right enough for his “supporters”. It just goes to show the type of people that he energized during his campaign.

      It isn’t the Dems road blocking Trump. It is all of them, Republicans and Dems alike. It is pathetic when a supposed leader can’t even manage to convince people who supposedly share his politics to support him. So much for the “Power Negotiator”.

No one worry as dear leader said, the budget will balance itself.

or two Trillion more… Consumer spending will dry up and so to will be the prospects of small business without the strong backbone of a wage earner based economy.
IMHO ??? That’s right ! It’s only your opinion and its epicly wrong . If there is a major pull back in the markets . What is triggered is trailing stops with major tax implications for the sellers and cash in pocket . So the majority of money runs to the safety of cash till the end of the pull back and it’s March 2009 again , followed by epic buying at lower prices . I guess you missed the 2009 buying fest . Are you ready in case you are right OR wrong ? I am . It’s call balance .

What about CONSUMER CONFIDENCE? This has always been the BEST indicator of future economic conditions, has it not?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am going to hold onto my money for the time being, until I see an end to 13% unemployment, and people leaving this region. Small business confidence can take a hike, it survives off our money, and I am NOT about to give my money over to them until economic and job conditions get better.

    Wow that is the dumbest statement ever lol. You do realize that small business is the largest employer in the economy and the greatest vehicle of new job opportunities? If you don’t support small businesses than you don’t support employment.

      You may think that but operating in a Capitalist participatory democracy affords only two options . One can vote in the election booth and or at the cash register . I do both . For example ; I have eaten in restaurants only twice in the last two decades and have not eaten cows or pigs in as long .

      So what’s your point Ataloss?

      Is it that BH is going to end unemployment by not spending money at small businesses? Or is it that you are on a strict Muslim diet?

      I’m an atheist. I dispise all religions equally . I’m not surprised that you don’t get my point . You haven’t even clued into the fact that Alex Jones is gold shill operating the fear factor which sells gold . Gold is for idiots with a really poor grasp of simple math . Plated gold coins are the biggest scam but really funny .

      Ataloss, you’ve only eaten IN a restaurant twice in the last two decades?

      Thank goodness for drive-through restaurants, eh? Pick it up and eat it AT home, instead of eating it IN the restaurant!

      You do know that going through the drive-through is a big waste of gas and is contributing to global warming, don’t you, haha?

      Twice in the last two decades? Yeah, right! Who are you trying to kid!

      What’s with Alex Jones? I haven’t cited him, nor do I read from his web site… Sometimes read Zero Hedge, which I assume is similar, but probably better BTL comments.

      That Infowars site is a hoot. The advertising on there is hilarious. The “Infowars Shield pills”, the Infowars brain expanding pills” and of course “Infowars erection pills”. If you still take the site seriously after visiting it, you’re gullible enough to buy “Infowars Pills”.

      Also, I see Rebel Media has taken all of their trip to Israel stuff down after it blew up in their face. Yup, that there is some top notch Libertarian journalism.

      Eagle . When you write Fiat currency , I immediately know you’re in the goldbug camp . That makes about everything you write irrelevant . If you don’t understand our monetary system . There is no point in entertaining a discussion with you . You should be babbling at infowars, rebel or zerohedge and the rest of the fake news sites . This online paper only deals in facts .

    What, take a day off BH your mining claim is wearing you down.

    So you never shop in a small business, only large capitalist corporate stores that you rant about?

    Great consumer confidence in the states right now.

“I have eaten in restaurants only twice in the last two decades”

And the result is? More restaurants! At the moment that is what it looks like.

    And don’t forget diabetes and obesity epidemic at a scale never seen before in human history . My personal result has been going from being fat to being thin . It’s about trust . You can’t trust the them to feed you real food . Like only 25% chicken in some frankenchicken sandwiches . If you like restaurant food , don’t read Fast Food Nation . It’ll turn your stomach .

      Mickey Dees isn’t the only restaurant out there Ataloss

      Fast food nation isn’t only about the fast food industry . It’s actually more about the suppliers/producers . It’s also about how the restaurant sector is one of the industries with the smallest profit margins and where the costs are cut . If you see me eating fast food , you’ll know I’m dead .

      ataloss how is your solar system working out?

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