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October 27, 2017 6:13 pm

Haggith Creek Opening Delayed

Friday, March 31, 2017 @ 1:48 PM

Prince Georg e, B.C. – The reopening of the Haggith Creek crossing on Willow Cale Road is behind schedule.

Yesterday the City of Prince George said it would reopen to single-lane alternating traffic today around noon but several truck drivers have contacted 250News to report that’s not the case.

The City has since confirmed the delay and expects the road to open later this afternoon instead.

Mike Kellett, senior communications officer with the city, says the contractor is running behind because they have to check on some critical safety components before opening.


Of course it’s delayed … it’s been delayed since the start. This entire project has been very poorly organized and constant delays; this is a very big problem for all residents living n Damns road never mind the business on the other side of the bridge. I hope someone is held accountable for this disaster. Any junior project manager would have done a been job.

What’s a been job?

Pork without?

Sorry for my lack of correct grammar or proofreading, as I’m am passionate about this amateur hour project and sometimes when a disaster such as this simple- just put in a new culvert- project is affecting not only hundreds of individuals commute to work and countless trucks that depend on this road daily. I start to worry and question city councils ability to perform all projects and if every project was handled like this one, we need a purge

City council is absolutely useless when it comes to projects or business. Winning a council seat is a popularity contest and really has nothing to do with actual skills. Move out of the city and get into the regional districts as the taxes are way lower, services better, and overall better management. The city is spend, spend ,spend. Enjoy your taxes.

    So why don’t you run for city council and show us how competent you are at running a business or managing a project? You people who think running a city, a province or a country is no different than running a business should try it and show us all how good you are.

NEWS FLASH!!! New bridge at Haggith creak gets washed out due to flash flood from overnight torrential rains.

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