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October 27, 2017 6:12 pm

School Board to Consider Reopening Springwood Elementary

Saturday, April 1, 2017 @ 7:05 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Big news out of the Prince George School District.

At Tuesday night’s monthly public meeting, the Board of Education will vote on a recommendation to reopen Springwood Elementary School in the Hart (4600 Zral Rd) effective September 1, 2017.

The proposal has been put forth by superintendent of schools Marilyn Marquis-Forster and secretary-treasurer Allan Reed.

If approved, it would require the Board to revise the catchment areas for Heather Park Elementary and Glenview Elementary schools.

The recommendation also advises those currently enrolled in Grade 6 in the proposed new catchment area for Springwood Elementary be permitted to remain at their current school for Grade 7.

If agreed upon by the Board, a student transfer process specific to the reopening of the school would be set from April 9 to 21.

The recommendation can be traced back to the BCTF’s victory in the  Supreme Court of Canada in November and subsequent negotiations between the Province and the union that class sizes be returned to those class sizes that were in place in 2002. The district estimates the return to 2002 contract language will require the use of 10 additional classrooms at Hart Highlands, Glenview and Heather Park elementary schools.

The District also points out that enrolment at Heather Park, Hart Highlands and Glenview elementary schools is projected to be near or at operating and nominal capacity this September.

Springwood has sat vacant since it was closed in 2010. In fact, according to the BCTF, 22 schools have been closed in the District since 2002.

A news conference has been called for Tuesday where Marquis-Forster and Board Chair Tim Bennett will answer questions from the media.


Couple of thoughts:
* way to consult, guys.
* was there a hope that there would be a different result from the BCTF / provincial government deliberations, that would mean the district wouldn’t need to take this step?
* Recommendation #3 says that students currently enrolled in grade 6, who live in the new Springwood catchment area, would be “permitted to remain at the their current school for grade 7”. Does this mean that kindergarten to grade 5 students would NOT be permitted to remain?
* if this motion does pass, then I do hope there would be another motion to make sure the school – and playground – are in a fit state for these students, and that ACTUAL ADVANCE PLANNING is done for this.

    No kidding.

    All the affected students currently in Heather Park should be given the choice to remain at Heather Park or go to Springwood, not just the Grade 6’s. Does no one understand the impact of losing all those school yard friends?

    Will the playground equipment be returned to Springwood or will the PAC have to fundraise (again) to replace it?

      good valid points

      Not just Heather Park – it’s difficult to read the district’s proposed catchment maps, but I think I see some movement from Glenview as well. Also not sure how this resolves the Hart Highlands issue of more space required.

      Loss of friends and what about siblings? Will the grade 7 students be permitted to stay, but their younger siblings told to go elsewhere?

Excellent news! (I hope the building was properly maintained during it’s shuttering period.)
If you were thinking of buying a new house in Woodlands subdivision but really were wanting a home with a neighborhood school this is possibly a deal maker since it is a very short walk to the school via a nice bush trail.

    Springwood has a capacity of (I believe) 130 students. Let’s hope not too many families move in next door!

Shucks that might cramp the style for the North Kelly road dragsters better consult with them or they may need counceling if thier drag strip is slowed. Hopefully we would see the police out this way more than once a year.

    People didn’t go any slower on North Kelly even when Springwood was open. The number of kids on that road hasn’t diminished even though the school closed.

I was waiting for this.
With all of the new activity in Woodlands and the newly proposed subdivision close to Zral,something would have to give.
This is an important step in the future of our neighbourhood school resurgence.

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