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October 27, 2017 6:08 pm

ICBC Looks for Info on Technology to Prevent Distracted Driving

Thursday, April 6, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – ICBC  has issued a Request for Information  on technology that  could  be used to  reduce  or eliminate distracted driving.

There area a number of apps available on the market today that  could be employed,  there are also products  which require  hardware and/or software .

According to  B.C. statistics,  distracted driving  has become  one of the leading causes of car crash fatalities in the province.  Last month,  police forces across B.C.  took part in a  crackdown on  distracted drivers,   and 16  drivers in Prince George  received  tickets for using their  phones while behind the wheel.

“We understand the temptations of glancing at a ringing phone or received text message while on the road” says ICBC President and CEO Mark Blucher, “So we’re exploring every option to prevent distracted driving. ICBC’s rates are under considerable pressure from a significant increase in crashes and we’re doing all we can to keep people safe and rates as low as possible.”

The  request for Information is  now on BC BID,   and calls for  information  that would  help ICBC  better understand  what technologies are  available  to limit or  prevent distracted driving involving the use of personal electronic devices (PEDs), such as smartphones, music players and portable GPS devices.

The bid  also  wants information  that would  detail  the limitations of the technologies,  how they integrate with other  in-vehicle  or portable technologies,  what data is  collected,  types of reports that  might  be  available,   how data is  stored and/or destroyed,   and  if the technology may have other capabilities  such as tracking speed  or  hard braking.


More technology, just what we need, isn’t that the cause of all this in the first place?

    I can imagine technology that would be useful. Suppose, for example, that a device in the vehicle tracked the driver’s gaze and set off an alarm if the driver looked away from the road for more than a certain period of time.

This might do it.

ht tps://tinyurl.com/meofs35

I’m more worried about idiots and their stupid dogs on their laps, while they drive around town. How is that legal?

    I’d say its a good thing so long as the dog handles the phone, allowing the human to concentrate on driving.

    dogs are a lot smarter than most people I know. As a matter of fact the more people I meet the more I like my dog!

    If those people with their dogs on their lap get into and accident and the airbag goes off, fluffy will get rammed right down their throat.

      There was a push by ICBC regarding dogs on laps and dogs in the back of trucks but it seemed to lose it’s luster.

      Couldn’t have been much of a push as seldom as day goes by that I don’t see some driver with Fido or Fifi, or both Fido and Fifi on their lap!

      I don’t recall ICBC publishing any information about how many tickets were issued for “pets on laps” and I’ve yet to hear of anyone getting a ticket for this!

      Dogs by law are supposed to be harnessed in. If not , the driver gets a ticket.. Just like we all supposed to use seatbelts

      If not, the driver gets a ticket?

      Ok, so how many of these tickets are issued, because I’ve never known anybody or have heard of anybody ever getting a ticket for driving around with Fido or Fifi on their lap?

Seems to me that if they put a chip in the phones and in car ignitions, that once the car started the phone or ipod would be disabled. The phone could ring, however you could not answer until you turned the car off. This would force you to either ignore the call, or pull over and turn off the ignition.

ICBC you folks got anything to say about all the distracting technology on the dash of vehicles these days?

Not that long ago cars were designed to be used for peoples’ comfortable travel from one location to another. They had simple informative gauges on the dash.

If one had to make a phone call, one would stop at a phone booth and put a quarter in. That also had the benefit of resting for a while and stretching one’s legs and getting some exercise.

The overloading of cars with unnecessary electronics is a benefit for the manufacturers in the form of making greater profits.

Elon Musk will solve the issue. Autonomous Tesla’s for everyone.
I joke, but it’s coming and it’s going to be very soon.
Pretty soon you’ll be able to sit back in your vehicle and watch a movie and eat popcorn while your car drives you to the coast.
Anything happens your car will be negligent, not you. haha

    Before you laugh again , veiw the dozens of accidents avoided by teslas . YouTube tesla accidents avoidance . You would be very impressed by the lives saved in split seconds that no human could react to in time . Btw it’s not coming , it’s here already . The gas cars ,as usual , are playing catch up .

      I may have sounded like I was joking, but honestly I wasn’t. I’m a huge fan of Elon Musk, a true visionary. His ability to forward think is 2nd to none in my opinion.
      I believe history will treat him has one of the greatest minds ever.
      Incredible man.

      The other day I saw a Tesla car parked at the Bay. It had a central display about the size of a 17″ laptop computer!

      Our SUV has an on/off button for the in-dash digital display. For night time driving it is often nicer to just turn it off altogether as it is less of a distraction then.

      So we’re supposed to be very impressed by the lives saved in split seconds that no human could react in time?

      Big deal!

      So, a Tesla reacts in a split second to save a life! Are we to assume it does this if an imminent accident rears it’s ugly head? I drive down the road constantly scanning ahead for potential accidents, always wary of vehicles that may not bother to stop at the red light or stop sign! I make a mental note of the vehicle backing down a driveway, wary that it might not have seen me coming! I always anticipate that the person driving in the next lane beside me, might decide that they want to change lanes without warning! Driving defensively and anticipating events undoubtedly reduces the need for me to react “in a split second”!

      Does a Tesla do that, or does it just rely on acting in a split section when things happen? I’d rather just keep on anticipating that things might happen, and I’ll keep driving accordingly. My many years of defensive driving has perhaps saved tens of thousands of lives, as has the defensive driving of countless others!

      Electric cars are here, but for many of us, perhaps most of us, they just don’t cut in yet. Ataloss, be sure to get back to me when they do!

When I get into my car and turn on the ignition it looks like an air craft panel. How can they add more electronics ? Its amazing how people are tied too their phone.

Increased enforcement of the speed limits would be beneficial. The culture of speeding is the same entitled behavior that is present in the people texting while driving. The Hart Hwy, Ospika and Foothills have an accepted culture of people breaking the law daily. The lack of enforcement in breeds a culture of acceptance.

Just a couple of years ago, back up cameras were reserved for only the highest optioned models of cars and trucks in North America. Now they are becoming standard equipment on everything. The same can be said about the new phone integration technology currently used by most automotive manufacturers. My GM integrates my phone to the hands free voice commands where it’s easy to never have to look at my phone. Texts come in and I get a warning that there is a text waiting for me. I simply push a button on the steering wheel and say “Driving” and the system sends a pre-typed message back to the sender stating that I am driving and I will get back to them. If I get a call, I hit a button on my steering wheel and talk hands free. If I need to call out, I simply say dial and say the number. If the person is in my directory, I simply say “call wife’s cell” and it calls her.
The issue will be that younger less experienced people who for the most part own the technology also own older vehicles built before this tech ever existed. Unfortunately the only thing left is enforcement. There should be a squealer line where I can simply call a number and give them the license plate number. ICBC can send a letter to the registered owner that the vehicle was being operated by someone who was texting while driving. After a letter or 2, cancel their insurance.

    If I am not mistaken anyone displaying an “N” cannot use a phone at all when driving even one with bluetooth.

I use my phone responsibly when driving everything hands free and it does not leave my pocket. I do not think I should be punished because some people cannot resist responding to a text or call that is not via bluetooth. In addition a blocking device would also prohibit passengers from using their phone which is kinda stupid.

What ICBC should do in addition to the larger fines for distracted driving is to make those caught talking or texting install a blocking device in their vehicle at their own expense. If they are caught driving without a blocking device-impound the vehicle or the phone for a week or two.

    I was recently involved in a conversation regarding this very thing.

    Similar to the devices used after a person is convicted of a driving under the influence offense. You know, the little locking breathalyzer thing.

    However, it would have to block all cell usage in the vehicle, not just one. It would be too easy to get a secondary phone to use. And perhaps be tied to the ignition so someone can pull over and turn off the vehicle to access their device.

    My only concern is that if we have 500 of these things on the road – because with a large number of middle aged women, whom I see calling, and young people, who are texting, and tractor-trailer drivers, doing everything under the sun – would there potentially be a near-field frequency issues that would potentially shut down the electronics of law-abiding, hands free using commuters in the next lane.

I personally don’t see how hands free is any better than holding a cell phone. You are still distracted. I would rather see a cell phone on your ear so I can adjust my driving to compensate for you being distracted.

    So speaking with your passengers, your spawn in the back seats etc, should also be illegal, as it is talking and very distracting?

      Some conversation is probably okay, but long, engaged conversations are indeed distracting and should be avoided. The driver should be focused on one thing only, namely driving.

    I just went through the Timmie’s Drive Thru. I got a hot coffee and a bagel and I am going to eat it on my way back to work. All of a sudden I’m a criminal???????

    Let’s re-focus here people. The texters who drive do the same thing. They are constantly looking down and are all over the road and 15 KMH under the speed limit. Then they all of a sudden speed up. These are the A-holes that need to be caught.

According to ICBC 27% of fatality collisions are caused by distracted driving, that scares the hell out of me as that means 73% of the fatality collisions are caused by drivers who are actually paying attention!

    Speed, impairment and distraction are the top three contributing factors in fatal crashes. They account for about 85% of fatalities. I’m pretty sure the impaired are oblivious to their surroundings. (Sorta like the drivers headed up the Hart at 5:00 pm.) :)

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