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October 27, 2017 6:07 pm

Friday Free for All – April 7, 2017

Friday, April 7, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Time to speak up on the issues that matter to you.

Its time for the Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic,  but please,   keep your comments brief,  long rants  are often ignored  and  don’t generate discussion.   Obey our three simple rules:

Keep it clean

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No bullying.


Nearly a month ago I posted this comment in the Friday-free-for-all;
“Ahhh… the calm before the BC Liberal, Shirley Bond, Mike Morris, funding announcement and photo op. STORM. Every Friday we get plastered by these, politically self-serving, BC Liberal funding announcements and photo op news stories.”

“Please, please, please, if I am not mistaken, the election writ gets dropped 28 days before the May 9th election date. This means, once the writ is dropped, the BC Liberals can no longer act as our government in announcing all of these (please vote for me) funding announcements with local BC Liberal MLA photo ops.”

Welp, this is the “LAST” Friday-free-for-all before the Election Writ gets dropped next Tuesday, ending what has been a truly unprecedented number, and frequency, of BC Liberal spending announcements and Liberal MLA photo ops, the extent of which, has never before been witnessed in the history of BC Politics!

I am surprised none of the Hateful Eight have replied to BH yet! lol

    Just hopeful that she gets a job someday so she can contribute to the economy rather than being a drain on the welfare system.

    Her copy and paste still works, Im waiting for an original thought from her.

      truth hurts doesn’t it

      So true, just add us the Libs screw ups and costs of those screwup just in the last ten years.

    I don’t even read BHs comments anymore rarely has complete facts, spouts off before thinking, can’t be reasoned with so best to ignore BH and like all the others before will eventually stop posting and we will return to normalcy

      Ditto with you

    LOL, nasty boyz

    They’re too busy morning the loss of Don Rickles yesterday . Rest in peace .

      Morning ? Otto korekt ?

Good morning.
There is 1km of road that you need to do 30km at Salmon river bridge. Yesterday I had someone honking behind me waving his arms totally clueless he was in a construction zone. The police should be out there collecting good $$$ because more people than not are cruising through there at 80km/hr. Have some respect for those workers.
By the way… there are doing a great job out there seems to be coming along quickly.
Have a safe day and weekend all!!!

    Maybe he was waving for you to slow down, perhaps if you slowed to 25 kmh he would stop waving.

While getting ready for the camping season ahead I Googled getting bugs off our camper front. The one I tried was Scrubbing Bubbles. Well, I am totally impressed with the results. Those bugs came off with just a wipe. Yahoo! Camping season is almost here.

    Thanks for the idea, I’ve used Spray 9 in the past but you have to be careful you don’t get it on some plastics.

first post is BH, why am I not surprised. Dipper paid trolls do work for a living. Will she disappear after the election like Mattyc?

BH…I wish I were as young as you. If you read the history of B.C. politics you will find that no matter what party forms government they will all attempt to get (buy) the electorates votes with announcements promising the impossible. Unfortunately, and in many cases fortunately, these promises don’t become reality. That is the nature of politics. No party behaves better than the other. 🇨🇦🇨🇦

    I have been saying that to BM all along but you said it better! There is a new 250 post about unemployment rising in this area. I have no doubt it will be mentioned by BM that it is the liberal’s fault. Must not work, as spending all the time looking for liberal faults is what it is all about. Guess the other parties are perfect! On a positve note, the street cleaners are getting it done! Thanks, now I can get my Harley out very soon here! :)

    I beg to differ ampm, no past government has ever reached the insane frequency level of funding announcements, and funding commitment amounts, this Christy Clark BC Liberal Government has reached in the lead-up to the April 11th – May 9th, 2017 election period.

    “In one seven-hour period last Friday alone, the BC Liberal government churned out 29 releases containing $2.3-billion-worth of spending announcements… that’s over $5 million a minute!”. Now that is absolutely JAW-DROPPING!!!

      You are already convinced that some of the spending promises will not be kept! Knowing that, why are you ranting and complaining? Why do you not just accept it as being something that All parties do All the time? It is up to each voter to be smart enough to realize how democracy and its methods predictably play out every few years! You are assuming that others are not as smart as you think you are and will make the *wrong* decision when voting. Are you really convinced that your endless ranting amounts to educating the stupid masses?

Seems the way to make quick dollars in PG for the insiders is to buy park, recreational, or residential land and then have it rezoned to commercial or light industrial… always with a back door green light from city hall it seems.

Sure would be nice to know the estimated value of the land for the propose bus terminal in prior years and how that relates to the value given to it for the sale to BC Transit. I bet it’s in the millions for a rezone and flip.

I have noticed a change in baby food packaging and would like to comment on it.
The packaging has changed to a sort of plastic squeeze container with the ability for the baby to suck on the package to get the food out. The package is not see through (like the glass jars) and there is no way of knowing what is inside the container. There has already been a couple of recalls on these foods. The combinations of fruit and veggies in these pouches are much more appealing than the older glass jars and they do claim to be organic but wouldn’t it make more sense to pour the contents into a bowl or cup and spoon feed the child in order to get a look at what the child is eating?
Are young mothers so busy in this day and age that they cannot take the time to spoon feed their children? Instead the child is handed a container to suck their meal from.
Times are changing for sure.
I urge mothers to refuse to purchase these foods or at least pour the contents into a container and take the time to spoon feed your child.

    Times are changing and spoon feeding is not really a thing that is done or required. Babies are generally older when they start on solids now. I never spoon fed my kids. I gave them pieces of food in a bowl and they picked them up and learned how to eat it themselves. I kind of think the pouch things are more a just-for-fun snack item. I never bought them myself. But I also never bought mush in a glass jar.

    People shouldn’t be feeding their children all that prepackaged crap in the first place.

    Mine was breast fed to about 6 months, then expressed milk bottle fed for about 2 months, combination baby food (heinz jars) and bottle fed (Similac) for 4 months, then solids after that. No complaints.


It must be an ironic twist of fate for the coal fans amongst us that the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum has just switched to solar power in order to keep the doors open . Now why wouldn’t they just have put another black lump on the fire ? Why ? Because solar is way cheaper .

    Well with the very heavy subsidies which you left out they would be silly not to. Ataloss what do they for power when the sun don’t shine?

    I ask again how come you never describe your system? Why the secret? Something to do with pixie dust?

      The Kentucky subsity for solar is just for the install . Thirty percent of the installation fee , up to $500.00 or in lay men’s terms Peanuts . The museum got just over a hundred bucks . Mean while the coal industry is bleeding the government to prop up their dying industry to produce a product that they can’t sell .

      Odumber artificially jacked up costs for mining coal and using coal for power based on fake science. Once Trump levels the playing field watch costly inefficient solar and wind tank.

      Ataloss still waiting to see you post information on your system. You being so hyped up on solar how come you are not singing about your system from the rooftops. Kind of making people suspicious about your solar accolades.

      Here is Ontario’s output you that province all in on green where people have to decide, eat or sleep. Looks like Nuclear is king since they shut down coal. ht tp://www.ieso.ca/

      Look at GB, since they have been shutting down coal, Nuclear and gas is king solar missing. h ttp://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/

    UN: Record amount of renewable energy capacity added in 2016

    Global renewable energy capacity jumped eight percent last year despite a 23 percent drop in investment. Falling renewable energy prices are driving a build-up of capacity.

    Investment in renewable energy has been falling for years. Last year, the biggest reduction was in China, India and Brazil – the very countries that are supposed to be leading the way!

    In particular, the UN report states that renewable investment in China has fallen by almost a third.

    Another convenient omission is that electricity only accounts for about 15% of total energy consumption.

    Renewables therefore only contribute about 2% of total energy.

    ht tps://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2017/04/07/harrabins-latest-renewables-disinformation/#more-27205

Okay, I understand BH has a mad on for the BC Liberals.

I am sure if BH was to research some more.

Is that all 3 level of government’s have these departments.

Along with educational facilities like colleges & universities

crown corporations , and big business.

BH would be shocked at the wages they get paid.

It’s nice to see the city getting some spring cleaning done.

Have a great weekend everyone:)

Pretty funny how the righties are reacting to CCs new monicker , Premier Pixie Dust . Is that because it’s too apt ? I think it fits her perfectly . The trillion dollar fund was nothing more than Pixie Dust . SiteC = Pixie Dust . Hundreds of thousands Natgas jobs ? More Pixie Dust . Second crossing of the OK lake ? Pixie Dust . Honest , open government ? More Pixie Dust . Rate drops on MSP ? More Pixie Dust . Cooperation with the education system . More Pixie Dust . Wake up BCers you’re being had , again .

I also wonder who, what, where Mattyc is??

I don’t think it will ever change. Too many Liberals out there who feel guilty and don’t mind ponying up the bucks to make it all go away.

5.4 percent of the population is now DICTATING what the other 94.6 percent is entitled to.

Time to get rid of recognizing minorities as “special” and get back to building Canada for Canadians.

Your ignorance on the subject you are expounding is breath taking. You should adhere to that old adage of better to keep salient and been thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    Salient should have been silent.

    hahaha actually you just proved what the problem in with your comment.



“When Canada was a new country it’s government recognized that they had a lot of stone age people in the land.”
Perhaps, but the way you express it ignores the fact that many aboriginal nations were developing complex, even multi-nation, political systems (google the six nations confederacy as an example).

“These people needed protection and help while they adjusted to the new way of life.”
No, they did not. They had lived in America for thousands of years quite successfully and needed no protection. In fact, the first Europeans to come to the Americas had to get help and protection from the First Nations just to survive.

“Life was short and brutal.”
Life was no shorter nor more brutal than the lives of Europeans at that time in history. Victorian England was far worse for the poor there at that time, and it was much the same in most European countries, what with the vicious and murderous religious wars throughout the continent for hundreds of years.

“So Canada made a designation that all aboriginal people would be called Indians. (This is not a racial word — Is European a racial word?)”
Both “Indian” and “European” are racial words, yes.

“They created Indian reserves for the safety and well being of stone age people.”
Absolute rubbish. The reserve system in Canada and the Reservation system in the US were implemented as a way of getting the aboriginal inhabitants of North America out of the way so their land could be exploited for the enrichment of Europeans.

“Racial Privilege: Some people in Canada are granted special status based on race.”
Actually, it is based on priority of occupation. Aboriginal inhabitants were here before Europens and have never given up all of their possession and occupancy rights, so they are legally entitled to use their property. That is a legal matter based on fundamental European concepts of land ownership, the only “real” estate.

“If one person is exempt of a tax based on race then all Canadians should be exempt.”
I take it then that you oppose giving tax relief to those fictitious persons known as corporations, who frequently get tax exemptions the rest of us do not get?

“why not special Norwegian, Belgium, Danish, Scottish, etc., courts?”
A classic example of “reductio ad absurdum” or making something sound absurd in order to discredit it. Used when there is no other substantive argument that can be used against it. Such courts are needed because they are successful. You do not mention that if they fail the standard court system kicks in. Unfortunately, initial use of the standard court system results in disproportionate numbers of aboriginal people being jaile, hardening negative attitudes and increasing the likelihood of recidivism. Note that the standard court system is, in fact, fundamentally based on the English court system. In other words, we already have a court system dispensing justice in a Norwegian, Belgian, Danish, Scottish, etc., context.

“I am an aboriginal of Canada”
To which First Nation do you belong? How many thousands of years ago did your ancesters come to Canada? Are you confusing “aboriginal” with “native”, and using the old, discredited and racist claim that “I am a native of Canada”, because you were born in Canada from immigrant parents? If you are, in fact, aboriginal in the legal sense, then you already have special priveleges and your complaint is redundant.


    “In fact, the first Europeans to come to the Americas had to get help and protection from the First Nations just to survive.” At first but they did survive in the long run and now the tables have turned.

    “what with the vicious and murderous religious wars throughout the continent for hundreds of years.” So the natives lived in peace and harmony in some garden of Eden then, ya in your history rewrite.

    Indian, European, racial say what?

    So lets get rid of reserves right now, oh wait can’t have that then how will those corrupt native leaders be able to control native populations and rake in accounted money?

    “Actually, it is based on priority of occupation” sorry its gone way beyond that now.

    “A classic example of “reductio ad absurdum” Ya well granting special privilege is bad for optics.

    Civilizations are in constant flux an evolution or did you overlook that. Historically native populations have also been in constant flux.

    Seems what you are exposing is the liberal left progressive rewrite of history taught in our education system.

    “So the natives lived in peace and harmony in some garden of Eden then, ya in your history rewrite.”
    You badly need comprehension reading skills. I never said that, it came from your mind not my pen. What I said was, “Life was no shorter nor more brutal than the lives of Europeans at that time.” In other words, the Europeans did not bring First Nations relief since they were worse themselves. The religious wars in Europe are a matter of history and the number of deaths, often extremely brutal, were disgracefukl for so called Christian nations.

    An Indian originally meant a person from India, and was later applied to other races that were ethnically NOT European. That term was used to mean Caucasian in today’s terminology. So, yes, both are fundamentally racial terms in origin.

    “So lets get rid of reserves right now”
    Another paragraph based on reductio ad absurdum. A ridiculous comment in my opinion!

    “how will those corrupt native leaders be able to control native populations”
    The same way as the corrupt non-native leaders control the non-native population. Corruption is not a racial matter, no matter how many times you use it in that context to infer that it is.

    “’Actually, it is based on priority of occupation’ sorry its gone way beyond that now.”
    Actually, the courts are still dealing with it today and restoring occupancy rights (First Nation close to Williams Lake).

    Of course civilisations constantly change. That was my point: That many first nations had begun to form federations among themselves to interact with neighbors. Imagine what might have been if that process had continued without Europeans intefering. We will nevr know, of course, but the Europen invasion brought a lot of damage as well as benefits.

    I do not know what is taught in our educational system on the subject. I read and read and read all sorts of things based on historical facts, both European and First Nations. I would refer you to the condition of First Nations in South America who are under attack by European descendebnts as we argue about its validity. Their experiences are merely a reflection of the experiences of First Nations in North America in the past.

    Finally, using a term in a pejorative sense does absolutely nothing for your presentation. As you well know I develope my own opinions.

    Excellent comments ammonra! Historically accurate and factual. Most of what you have penned can be found in history books, if some on here would actually take the time to read them, or at least watch historic documentaries.

    This is why I think education is so important, it keeps misinformation and ignorance at bay!

    So Ammonra What about the wars between natives? The Haida for one example were not exactly a peaceful nation.

    You have implied all well and peaceful.

    So when a native indian describes themselfe as Indian is that person racist? If racist I’ll have to inform my native friend he is racist.

    “Corruption is not a racial matter” Glad you agree there is corruption

    “That many first nations had begun to form federations among themselves” Well Europeans and other civilizations got there first. Imagine if Genghis Khan made over this way first!

    Ah yes I have my own opinions also as does Senator Beyak but since that goes against the dogma she gets censured, no debate.

    “So Ammonra What about the wars between natives?”
    What about them? In that respect they were no different than many other nations, whether European, Asian, Levantine or many other parts of the world. Wars for territory were common – England/France, France/Germany, Canada/USA, etc, etc, etc ad nauseum, to this day (Syria/USA). That does not stop other First Nations making alliances and federations like many other nations, such as German states federating into a united Germany, or the creation of the UK with the Act of Union with Scotland. Your question poses an irrelevant point to the subject under discussion, which was the European invasion of North America and whether it was done for altruistic benefit to those nations or for the economic benefit from exploitation of resources by those European nations.

    “You have implied all well and peaceful.”
    I made no such imference. I never mentioned it. All I said was that some First Nations had started to form federations for mutual benefit. That is a historical fact. What you have done is supplied your own distorted interpretation of what I said in order to argue against it. I believe that to be dishonest.

    “So when a native indian describes themselfe as Indian is that person racist? If racist I’ll have to inform my native friend he is racist.”
    His.story initially wrote wrote, “So Canada made a designation that all aboriginal people would be called Indians. (This is not a racial word — Is European a racial word?)” He did not use the word “racist”, he said “racial”. If you do not understand the difference between those two terms perhaps you should buy a dictionary, or are you deliberately confusing them to be argumentative? “Racial” means pertaining to race, and does not imply a pejorative nor a bigoted sense. “Racist” refers to bigoted refences to race. I pointed out that the terms “Indian” and “European” are indeed racial. They are not racist in and of themselves. That would depend on the context in which they are used. Putting “damn” before them would certainly turn them racist, for instance. If your Indian friends are using the term in the same context as the Indian Act, then they are not being racist, and it is absolutely ridiculous of you to imply that they are. However, any group can contain racist (note the word) bigots. There are certainly some posting to this site, for instance.

    “Corruption is not a racial matter” Glad you agree there is corruption.
    There is corruption in many places. It is fairly common. There is not more of it on reserves than anywhere else, as far as I can see. It also takes many forms, not just financial. It is now clear that some companies and lobbyists have been corrupt with their political contributions, for instance. Don’t you agree?

    “That many first nations had begun to form federations among themselves” Well Europeans and other civilizations got there first. Imagine if Genghis Khan made over this way first!”
    But he did not, so what is your point? The first federation recorded would appear to have been between the two Egypts (Upper and Lower) about 5,000 years ago, or perhaps the Sumerians and Akkadians in what is now Iraq. Howevr, I suspect that many unrecorded alliances were formed by many groups well before then. All are irrelevant to the discussion as to whether the European invasion of North America was primarily for the benefit of the aboriginal inhabitants.

    “Ah yes I have my own opinions also as does Senator Beyak but since that goes against the dogma she gets censured, no debate.”
    I do not understand what that has to do with what His.story originally wrote and to which I replied. Please enlighten me, and please, keep it relevant.

How about the latest liberal scandal regarding the firing of a number of health researchers. Our ombudsman produced a scathing report on the matter. One of those people was so devastated at being falsely accused and losing his job, killed himself.
What’s it going to take for people to wake up and realize we need a change in govt? Maybe a few more children jumping through closed windows or overdosing in govt care while the minister in charge sits in her wheelchair flapping her lips?

Remember when CC stepped in and said no BC Hydro rate increases before the last election, then got elected and our hydro rates went up and are still going up?

    Gotta pay the sixty billion in contracts to IPPs and liberal friends somehow.

    That was magic thinking coming from Premier Pixie Dust . How there is anyone left that believes anything she says is beyond belief . Debt-free BC was also pure Pixie Dust believed by the gullible . I would imagine the debt- free meme was personal thinking . She doesn’t even have to pay for her car ( real nice Buick SUV ). The New Car Dealership association paid for that as well as huge donor write offs . Ain’t politics lucrative , for some ?

While watching womens curling 2 weeks ago saw a corn combine commercial cutting corn and spitting kernel corn out the back into a truck. How do they get the kernels off the cob with no damage?

    TFW’s sit inside the combine with paring knives for $5 bucks an hour. Welcome to corporate Canada.

      LMAO!!! That was the funniest comment I have had the pleasure to read on here in a long, long, time. Thanks for the laugh Dumbfounded.

      Dumbfounded, for you From the National Post – April 05, 2017

      “John Ivison: Don’t blame foreign workers when the problem is locals who prefer EI over working”

      ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/john-ivison-dont-blame-foreign-workers-when-the-problem-is-locals-who-prefer-ei-over-working

      Dozens of employees at Canada’s largest bank (RBC) are losing their jobs to temporary foreign workers, who are in Canada to take over the work of their department.

      “They are being brought in from India, and I am wondering how they got work visas,” said Dave Moreau, one of the employees affected by the move. “The new people are in our offices and we are training them to do our jobs. That adds insult to injury.”

      ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/rbc-replaces-canadian-staff-with-foreign-workers-1.1315008

      Hart Guy, yet another example of a Canadian Employer “replacing” Canadian workers with temporary foreign workers, and yet again, getting the Canadian workers to train the Temporary Foreign Workers to take over their jobs!

      CIBC’s shares fell by nearly a percentage point wiping $400 million off the bank’s market value today as more angry customers ditched the financial institution in protest over its decision to fire 130 Canadian workers and force them to train their replacements from India.

      ht tps://thinkpol.ca/2017/04/06/cibc-shares-fall-as-boycott-bites/

    The corn is dry before it’s harvested, it’s not soft and mushy like the stuff you (may) buy and eat. Basically, it just gets shaken off.

I think many people who vote Liberal dont like Christy Clark but then they see John Horgan who is concentrating every bit of his effort in the Lower Mainland and couldnt care about the Interior and the North and who wants to impose the LEAP Manifesto lite. The lack of effort shown in the North is shown in the amount of candidates they had to dust off from last election (Bobby Deepak) or the ones where the client is acclaimed because they were the only one interested (Shirley Fletcher). I see it as a party who knows they dont have a hope in hell outside their anti everything stronghold of Vancouver

If I vote Liberal, it isnt because I dont know the devil in Victoria, its because the other devil couldnt care less about my community or how people will make a living if they dont live in Vancouver

    Is it possible that Christy and her clowns have some of you brainwashed so bad with our tax dollars that you do not know that any other political party exists. Maybe you have heard about people trapped in a cult and do not know how to get out of it. Is it possible this is happening now?

    winteriscoming; you probably meant “Natalie” Fletcher. That’s quite the OPINION you have there, supported by no facts or evidence what-so-ever… But that’s OK, because everyone is entitled to their own reality, or fantasy, based opinions.

      My apologies to Ms. Fletcher, but that is how much name recognition is out there for her.

      So, BH, world’s greatest know it all, that is my opinion right now. The truth is there has been no NDP platform put out and everything that Horgan has said is “No”. No Site C (which I am OK with), no LNG, no Trans Mountain, No bridges, No Development.

      If I am going to put on your orange shaded glasses, I need to know what the NDP will do for everyone outside the 604. All I have seen is that his high profile candidates have been announced in Vancouver and his policies are aimed at Vancouver.

      If he shows that he has policies that will benefit the entire province, I will certainly look at voting for him as I voted NDP in the 90’s. I am just worried that he and the NDP are too locked into Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein’s drug induced dream that is called the LEAP Manifesto, which has zero in the way of common sense and was written by people who believe that Vancouver and Toronto are the only places that matter.

      So, give me the proof and I will make a more informed decision. If it is the same crap being peddled, I will go with the devil I know

Has anyone else noticed that our air quality has been smelling really bad lately? I thought Canfor and Husky had cleaned up their acts lately but I have smelt the “old PG” smell every once in a while for the last 6 months to a year. What’s up with that?

    Maybe Canfor and Husky are waiting for another handout of our carbon tax dollars. Would not surprise me if this government cuts them a large cheque.

      You mean the carbon tax that Horgan says will go up immediately?

Well said, hit the truth right on!!

BC has massive coal reserves! We should be investing at least as much n carbon capture opportunities as we are in solar and wind! Interesting comments yesterday from Saskatchewan’s Premier Brad Wall.

“Saskatchewan is home to the world’s first large carbon capture retrofit on a coal plant, the cleanest coal-fuelled plant in the world.

And it’s working, capturing enough carbon to take the equivalent of 200,000 cars off the road every year, while supplying reliable baseload power to Saskatchewan people.

We are hopeful CCS technology can continue to gain traction in Washington DC.”

Here’s a interesting read from the States:

April 05, 2017 – Senators Push Carbon-Capture Technology, Pinning Hopes on Trump

ht tps://morningconsult.com/2017/04/05/bill-aims-promote-carbon-capture-technology-pinning-hopes-trump/

    Brad Wall is not the same person today as the people of SK thought they voted for. Sell everything the province owns at garage sale prices. Sound familiar?

      CBC News—-Sask Carbon capture plant doubles the price of power. Green energy cheaper than clean coal.

    Carbon capture, why? Carbon capture can use upto 35% of the energy generated and greatly increases costs.

    The anthropogenic contribution to the actual CO2 concentration is found to be 4.3%, its fraction to the CO2 increase over the Industrial Era is 15% and the average residence time 4 years.”

    With Canada’s C02 contribution of 1.5% of that 4.3% and China’s vast contribution of more than 1/4 of that 4.3% why even bother except for some politician feel good.

    Beside there is no science proving life giving C02 affects climate, how much or even at all. If anything ongoing studies keep reducing the sensitivity of C02 to climate if any at all. The climate scam is a 1.5 TRILLION yearly industry.

    Ontario rising electrical costs, eat or heat. Alberta fast rising costs, South Australia blackouts and many more examples.

      Hey Seamutt, here’s another article for Hahahahahahahaha to read. Perhaps he can share it with Ataloss?

      “New Euro-studies Confirm Sun Dominates Earth’s Climate” – April 04, 2017

      “Last year, the world’s top particle physics research facility, CERN, turned the global warming debate upside down. CERN found, in the first-ever laboratory analysis of cloud chemistry, that solar variations—not CO2 molecules—were the biggest factor in the earth’s recent warmings! To be fair, climate modelers always admitted that clouds were the biggest unsolved mystery in climate change.

      CERN’s CLOUD experiment findings are now being used to model predictions for the next 100 years—and the model shows a solar sunspot minimum will soon lower earth’s temperatures by half a degree C. The long cold minimum is expected to hit about 2040, and such minimums have historically lasted about 60 years. Equally important, the solar minimum will come on the heels of the current 20-year “hiatus” in earth’s warming, which has defied the climate modelers.

      Together, the two events could mean no trend increase in earth’s thermometer readings from 1998 until after 2100! That’s a century of non-warming, and neither occurrence is connected to CO2 changes. This finding demotes CO2 to a supporting role, contributing no more than one degree C warming for a redoubling of atmospheric CO2.”

      Sure glad that we are spending Billions or Trillions globally to fight climate change, even if we are unlikely to have any effect on it at all, except of course to make some alarmists very very rich! I’d much rather we spend the money reducing pollution and promoting energy conservation than continue with a futile fight against climate change!

Some States in the US are going to institute registration fees for electric vehicles as a road tax. So far only 100 to 150 dollars but we all know how taxes go. Hey CC your turn, electric drivers will go livid. About time and why if electric vehicles are such a great idea why a rebate.

Hey if electric vehicles do catch on we will need a lot more than sit c and a vast increase in our present electrical infrastructure.

Wind storm in LA LA land. Wind storms, rain storms, flooding, snow storms, huge earth quake threat, high fuel prices, summer water restrictions, packed roads, crowding phew. Did I miss anything. Oh no easy access to the great outdoors.

Just why would anyone want to live there.

Ataloss, how many shares of Tesla did you say that you owned?

It looks like Tesla is having a few quality concern issues ahead of their new Model 3 launch. Apparently there may be some serious structural integrity issues with the brand new Model S90D.

“The car’s A-pillar was structurally compromised by a huge crack that appears to have been painted over at the factory and passed through several quality checks on its way out the door.”

ht tp://www.thedrive.com/tech/9093/brand-new-tesla-model-s-delivered-with-cracked-a-pillar

Hope Tesla makes a profit soon! They may need it to cover liability issues!

    I’m pretty sure there were types like you saying the same things when Ford, GM and Chrysler got their start.

    I’ve never said what equities I own . I have mentioned some sectors . As for the model this ,that or the other Y problem perhaps , it doesn’t really matter because tesla is much , much more than a car company . At 302 dollars American , how many do you own ? Did you see the stormy weather in Shortville , tesla , USA , last week ? It was an epic slaughter of pigs , not seen for a very long time .

    Did you know that tesla modelS production numbers have been growing at an exponential rate every month for the last three months ? See Insideevs.com . Monthly sales update at the top of the nav bar . You just can’t make this stuff up .

      You state that Tesla is much, much more than a car company, and then you spout off about how their model S production numbers have been growing at an exponential rate every month for the last three months, haha!

      How about mentioning that Tesla, possibly by foregoing the dealership model, did not catch a very obvious structural integrity default, a default that was discovered only after delivery to the customer who then discovered and reported the issue! You just can’t make this stuff up!

    Tesla has just past Ford in market value and is closing in on GM. While investment has slowed in the traditional auto industry, Tesla is the exception as investors bank on it’s unlimited future demand and growth.

    ht tps://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/03/business/tesla-ford-general-motors-stock-market.html

      Has Tesla made money yet?

    Ataloss investments, pixie dust.

It is astounding what people post here about the history of the British/French colony called Canada. Most of the comments about the original inhabitants of this part of North America are based on misconceptions or worse. Whatever happened here before 150 years ago was mandated and perpetrated by the colonial powers. Think about that fact for a while!

“After all, that is why they named it the White House, right?”

Nope, wrong, but you knew that, right?

Your comment was just a little bit of the typical Leftwing “Race Baiting”!

    It has nothing to do with race baiting. Trump is a closet racist and that is all there is to it. His vicious concerted efforts to wipe out any of Obama’s policies goes far beyond political considerations. He has a deep seated hatred and it is manifesting itself in his continual efforts to expunge Obama’s contributions from every area is nothing more than a racist’s attempt to erase any vestige that a Black man held the office of POTUS.

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