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October 27, 2017 6:00 pm

Friday Free For All – April 14th, 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

It is Good Friday  and it is time  to open the flood gates for comments.

One would hope  each  of you can  show some respect to each other  and leave  the name calling  out  of your comments.  Reducing a  discussion  to the level of  personal insults  will not be tolerated.   People have differing opinions on issues  and this forum is   supposed to  generate  discussion,  respectful discussion,  if  you are not able to do that,   you will lose  your privilege to comment.

250News is considering  changing  the rules so that  commenters will no longer be allowed to be anonymous.   Think about what  you are saying  and perhaps take a 30 second break   before  hitting “post”   to ensure  your comments  are respectful  and  contribute to a discussion.

There are three  simple rules:

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Everyone have a safe long weekend.

HAPPY Easter weekend everyone… Enjoy the long holiday.

Congrats to Domo for being re elected to Chief again. Unfortunately, we can only wish him all the best on this forum.. He at least sees what the future holds for his people..

With the elections happening, BOND certainly wasted no time putting up her signs but is afraid of answering concerns people bring up to her. Maybe it IS time for a change.

WHO`S going to tell Jillian she wasted 250 grand for nothing… All her lines and bike signs are washing away on the roads..

WHAT was Trudeau thinking when he okays four pot plants per household.. Maybe him and Kristy had a chat about how that would increase hydro consumption which means more money for Govts… sneaky… and will smell all over the neighbourhoods.

Everybody musta left town,,, Sooo quiet tonight …lol

    Maybe people are readying their fallout shelters, doing some dusting, testing the oxygen generating equipment, making sure they have enough staples and ammunition and that the “friends” on Facebook are really their friends and not just people who will take advantage of you when they run out of food ….. ;-)

    If one is allowed to grow pot plants, why would one not just replace the tropical plants one buys at Costco, Walmart, Superstore, Art Knapps, etc and place in rooms around the house? They grow naturally outside.

      Why not! I think they look nice

      When I was a teenager there was a funny minor scandal when a bunch of pot plants were discovered growing right outside the principal’s office at one of the local high schools.

Thank you for those introductory words.

I have been working on the proposed new bus maintenance depot issue.

It seems the City is about to introduce a light industrial use into what is the Cranbrook Hill Greenbelt area all along the base of the hill following the western side of Foothills Blvd.

Poor planning brought on by the Province being able to get $ from the Feds for some joint project funding on the basis of having to spend the money by March 2019.

Properties are readily available in light industrial areas such as the Carter Light Industrial, but there is a higher land acquisition involved as well as extra time required to remove buildings and remediate what may be partially polluted sites.

So the only solution the Province and the City can figure out is to locate the use in an area inappropriate for such use.

It shows that people working for Government, whether Provincial or Municipal are not smart enough to consider the long term mission and goal statements they spent a long time and many $ on consulting with people of the community.

At the drop of a hat, all that is set aside because the promises we made to ourselves and our children are really hollow.

The visual landscape, whether it is the Cranbrook Hill Escarpment, the Cutbanks, or the two river valleys, define this City. They cannot be rebuilt or relocated. Industrial sites can be.

It is how issues like this are handled shows the true mindset of this City’s Council as well as Administration. All “consultation” processes are really just for show.

    The proposal (I’m sure it’s a done deal though) of the sad choice for the location of a dirty, ugly bus maintenance operation is so sad and inappropriate, when already industrial zones area sitting empty. How is this an industrial site???? No wonder we can’t compete with other cities. No wonder people don’t want to invest in living here. I have given up all hope that Prince George will ever be nice. They are destroying it with their short sighted bizarre city planning. Is there corruption in city hall? It sure would seem so to me.

      Many good families have left PG because of the rampant corrupt land zoning arbitrage that takes place in this city most notably since the early 90’s. It sends the signal that PG is not about building a great city, but rather lining the pockets for those that never intend to retire here and call it home. Every family that leaves and takes a few hundred thousand in equity with them and any future spending in our city and the federal and provincial dollars associated with education and medical funding hurts our city emensly more than just a few less people around… we all lose in the end.

      I sold my place in town and moved out of city limits for this reason. The city kept changing the OCP and rezoning, nothing made sense and there was no guarantee anymore that any neighbourhood would impacted by their ridiculous decision making. Regional district there are less restrictions, but at least I can’t see my neighbours and the guy down the street with all the big semi’s is a lot quieter than traffic in town.

    Move it to the new industrial site..Highway 97 south next to Kenworth.

    It’s to far from the city centre and up a big hill costing huge in fuel. I think the empty city lot across 97 from the brewery is a great spot, as well as someone else mentioned the old Canadian Freightways yard next to CNC that currently sits empty. Both locations are already zoned light industrial and both are more central to the bus network than the current choice.

    I want to know what’s the problem with the current site?

    Well I’ll try this again, one would have to decide between two uses for that area. Either continue as a depository for dog poop or an industrial area, not much difference.

Thanks to M Morris for the excess amount of signs .. you make our city look trashy..

    Yes Foothills is a mess, a whole bunch of overkill. One sign per block would get the word out and talk about making a driver distracted.

      None on the curves though, sensible.

    I totally agree P Val…I drove through that area yesterday…what a disgrace to see the mess with all those signs…Mike should have to go and clean it up…lead by example…

      In all fairness, do you think he actually put up those signs himself? Probably an overzealous campaign worker.

      Just in fairness, his campaign chair decided how many signs to order and Mike approved it.

      He is not about to use them to stick up someone’s rear end.

      They have gone and will continue to sprout wherever they have been in the past.

      As will those of other parties who have the money to spend, such as the NDP.

      At least this year the ground is not still frozen.

I voted for ‘Other’ in the election issue poll. (Corruption in government)

    me too

    Good choice. I thought about doing the same, but voted for the $10 a day daycare instead, because it will never happen, but should.

    I think if you give the parents the option, then A they can go to work when minimum wage is all they can earn, and B we reduce the cost to the Ministry of Children for kids from broken homes, and C we end up with better citizens in the future as kids from broken families are able to get better adjusted to the real world through their own interactions with other kids and adults in a safe setting that helps with developing social skills… All the while the parents are employed. Any serious family supporting jobs these days for women like nursing, health care workers, or related where we have worker shortages require a set amount of volunteer hours often over 200 hours… add the child care costs for multiple children and no pay for the work and training, then it’s no wonder we need to bring in more foreign workers to fill the vacancies and shortages we all hear about in health care. $10 a day daycare solves a lot of problems, not just for the parents IMO.

      No, $10/day daycare buys your vote and gives the bureaucrats more control over you and your kids.

      No it doesn’t buy my vote. Its but one policy in a poll. Elections are greater than one poll or a single issue.

      I really like the green party with its current leadership and their policy of no campaign contributions from unions and corporations… maybe we could get our democracy back… but I simply can’t support their carbon tax policy that would kill the economy in the North, and their proportional representation policy that would take our democracy and consolidate it to party insiders and extremist groups.

      I like the ndp notion of affordable housing and child day care, but just can’t trust them on social issues and the economy.

      I consider myself a free enterprise voter and therefor should vote for the liberals, but I see them as monopoly capitalists corrupted by big money donors that would sell any part of the province if it benefits the right donor.

      So really I don’t have a dog in this race.

      It is a policy they estimate will cost 1.5 billion a year so probably more like 3 billion. Maybe their leader can then get up during question period and call all the single mothers using the service as a dumping ground for their kids as vagrants and cheats

      Sorry, I made an erroneous assumption. It won’t buy YOUR vote, but it is intended to buy votes.

      The doubling of the carbon tax will pay for all the promises.

    But I see no signs for OTHER.

“250News is considering changing the rules so that commenters will no longer be allowed to be anonymous. Think about what you are saying and perhaps take a 30 second break before hitting “post” to ensure your comments are respectful and contribute to a discussion.”

Well that’s interesting. I wonder how this would be enforced? My name really is Robert Smythe (call me Bob) but no one believes me.

I hate elections. The signs, the ads, the hollow promises and those loud mouthed people who seem to think their volume will somehow change my mind. I hate you too, now get off my lawn.

    I personally have no issues with my name being shown most forums are requiring this now as it reduces the bashers and hate mongering considerably but it doesn’t stop everyone.

    Besides I hate to say it but 250news has become more of a whine and snivel site rather than constructive talking site and everybody who posts here including me have all whined and sniveled and bashed here.

    Go for it 250news make the names visible I welcome it

      I prefer anonymity. That way I won’t get fired for having a different political preference from my boss.

      Me too. I am not a politician or a paid writer. My comments are for discussion and to inform… the less there is to identify to the commentator, then the more the comments become about content, rather than personal vandetta’s or biased hate on’s for who it is that makes the comments.

      I have lots of people that love me, some that like me, a few that might have a hate on for me, and probably many that would be disappointed in me if I was to be free with my comments under my given name. In the age of political correctness forcing people to sign off on their political commentary is akin to putting a muzzle on free and open speech and is another nail in the demise of our democracy… that’s what ended the Roman republic and all others that followed.

      Myself, I have my trolls, and I have a good idea who most of them are. But with anonymity I don’t have to know who they are nor really care what they say because anonymity relegates their comments to trolling, so long as they are trolling a pseudonym then who cares… it’s just an anonymous pseudonym.

      Eagle….didn’t you predict the ‘merican economy was going to blow up today ?
      And what’s up with your boy tRump ? Hiring a couple of Goldman Sachs globalists to refill the swamp ?
      The Kirshnerbergs are now calling the shots in the Whitehouse ?
      Steve Bannon on the way out ?
      New evidence to show ties to the tRump campaign with secret Russian operatives ?
      I never watched the Apprentice, was it as exciting as all this ?
      At least tRump doesn’t have to lie about his TV ratings anymore.

      Well if you pull that digit out of your ear you would see that your reading comprehension is clouded. Trump was not my first choice for president and I have never seen his show apprentice because I don’t watch that type of programming. He wasn’t even my first or second choice to be president. You can go back and look if you are that preoccupied with who I supported.

      My first choice was actually a democrat named Jim Webb. I figured he had the best chance to rein in the war hawks in the deep state with his military background, role in the senate, and family history. I think he was the last chance at a moderate democratic party, but was a decade too late to save them. My second choice was runner up to Trump but stumbled badly in the end and I supported him for much the same reasons as I supported JimWebb on the other side.

      As for the economy… it’s already started. Don’t you follow recent events? The Trump agenda has been effectively shunted… that’s why he is giving into the war hawks in the deep state. I figured if he got the leaker it would help, but he didn’t find Susan Rice of the Obama NSA in time to help his domestic agenda.

      There has been a regime change from within the Trump White House by his son-in-law, although Bannon will likely stay for now otherwise Trump would be open to impeachment losing the 30% core of his supporters.

      OH….third choice. Uh-huh, uh-huh….

    No-one believes me either, especially when I try checking into a motel with my real name, John Smith.

      Hahaha, on a dare, years ago on a ski trip, I signed in as Jose Cuervo…good thing the night desk manager had a good sense of humour.

    I’ve been using my real name for years.

      Me too, but not here.

I for one have no problem having my name on issues that I feel passionate about…on another note what’s with the amount of no comments on the issue lately…one of the main reason I use this site is to read and on occasion comment on articles…like I said before when they closed comments completely I for one will read my news elsewhere…and when you start losing ad money a site is hard to maintain…to the administrator if the comments are unwitting remove them but at least allow us to post our views on that issue

Last week I wrote about the need to eliminate Indian Reserves. To further illustrate my point I will use some stats that were printed in The Prince George Citizen. In the Province of B.C. there are approximately 7000 children in provincial care. Approximately 4400 are aboriginal, approximately 62%. Yes, 62% come from approximately 5% of the population base. Each aboriginal child has about 40 times the likelihood of being in care as the average Canadian child. A spokesperson for Delegated Aboriginal Agencies is complaining that this group is underfunded. How much funding does Delegated non-Aboriginal Agencies receive? If Indian reserves are to continue to operate they need to serve the need of aboriginal children. If they don’t serve a useful purpose then they need to be eliminated and the money they now receive be re-allocated to Delegated Aboriginal Agencies. Why does Canada have Chiefs and Band Councils that can’t get the job done?

Reserves: The Society Of Victimhood.
Most stories of aboriginals contain a reference to a wrong committed at least 50 years ago. Some stories are much older but are remembered often. Some of these stories are propaganda lies. For example – “did you know that arsonists burned the houses at Fort George Village thus destroying the village? and, did you know that the people of Fort George Village were pressured into selling their reserve land?” Do these lie stories contribute to suicide, alcohol, and drug use on the reserves?
Would a story “Our ancestors were extremely grateful for the generous, altruistic terms they were granted for the surrender of their lease of Fort George Reserve #1”, or “Our ancestors were grateful to the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad for making the final payment before it was due because they were in desperate need and then given 2 years rent free use of the village, potato fields and hayfields”, change or reduce problems that the Lheidli T’enneh are now trying to cope with?

I once read a quote that’s appropriate in this instance: “You can predict the success of a person by the gratitude they show”.

    There was no Reserves before the European came. It was them that came up with this name and it stuck.

    Don’t think there are “lies” stories. History has shown evolution of Ft George Park.

    his.story… you need to see history as it is, not how you want it. The railway did not benefit the Natives. They are in the same category as the churches

    This comment has been edited to remove a personal attack

      So….why are so many natives Christians ? I would think they would run from or fight any thing to do with Christians.

      In 1912 the beaver and bear hunting season was closed. over hunting! The salmon run on the Fraser river failed. So G.P.R made a surrender payment to avoid a serous food shortage that may have resulted in deaths . They knew that making the payment early would cause them problems in the future . But did it any way

      The arsonist story is a lie. The G.T.P. owned the houses! They did a controlled demolition burn after the village was vacant!

    You are making the assumption that all the aboriginal children in provincial care came from a reserve.

    What is your source for the statement that the railroad made the final payment before it was due? I am not aware of any evidence that it was made at all.

      The final payment was due after all the people move out of Fort George Reserve # 1

      In the Cariboo & Northwest Digest -Summer 1948 W.J. Mac Allan stated that all the money had been paid. He was the Indian agent at the time of surrender.

      On Nov 12/1912 I.A. (rg 10, volume 4038, file 325,224-1)

      Pay-list of second distribution each household head is named and the # of dependents. each received $205 and signed after their name.

      To obtain a copy contact Public Archives Canada

A lot of people avoid posting even when it is anonymous. I agree with Hartly 2 that publishing your name could be problematic for some people. Especially when you comment on issues like crime, criminals, teachers, unions, Government (to some degree) police, abortion, etc; etc;. Your name leads to your address, which could then lead to problems, not only for the posters, but for their children.

You would have to be very careful about commenting on something that could cost you one of your customers, etc.

In any event 250 will make the decision. I believe that the anonymous posting was one of the primary factors that helped to get this site started. Perhaps it has now reached the point where the comment section has little bearing on the overall

There is certainly one way to find out.

    CBC News went to a “real” names comment sections. Read the names, they can’t be “real”.

Or worse! You could knowingly use somebody else’s name and create havoc in their life.

The proposal (I’m sure it’s a done deal though) of the sad choice for the location of a dirty, ugly bus maintenance operation is so sad and inappropriate, when already industrial zones area sitting empty. How is this an industrial site???? No wonder we can’t compete with other cities. No wonder people don’t want to invest in living here. I have given up all hope that Prince George will ever be nice. They are destroying it with their short sighted bizarre city planning. Is there corruption in city hall? It sure would seem so to me.

    I agree laker. I too have given up hope that P.G. will be nice. Most of the decision makers retire elsewhere so why would they care. A long term vision of what this city should look like is needed. The vision needs to be implemented. The OCP has failed when there are constant changes to it.

I have never liked Prince George the city. When I fist came into town on the bus to see my parents 22 years ago we rolled down 1st Ave and I remember it being so dirty looking with lots of garbage, it smelled and driving down that road is not the most appealing for first impressions still today. Though I hate being in the City. I have come to love all the outdoor activities this area has to offer. Rivers, lakes, fishing, hunting, hiking etc… so much beauty and history here. It’s also nice to find places not over populated and you don’t have to go far… or you can.
Have a great weekend!

The location of the site for the new transit station is probably the end result of the City negotiating with the Province, and BC Transit, the distribution of the tax dollar **spoils**. Very little if any concern was given to the end location, and the impact on people who use this area.

It would be interesting to see the correspondence on this issue. (Through the Freedom on Information)

As an example. We all know that a industrial business should be located in an industrial park. We also know that Prince George has a least five industrial parks, and all have available space. So why locate it at 18th and Foothills.

Was the decision to locate at 18th and Foothills made because the City could pick up this land on the **cheap** Will the land be part of the Cities contribution to the overall cost of the facility? If so then is the City finding cheap land, to reduce the cost of its contribution?? Who knows??

It was not that long ago that the City wanted to locate the Community Energy Plant at 4th and Scotia St., just East of Queensway. This would have resulted in a stand alone plant, burning hog fuel, and running trucks in and out of the City in an area not far from churches and schools, and residential areas.

If it was not for PACHA, and some other groups the City would have gone forward with this project. When we look at it now we wonder how in the hell could they even consider such a location.

There are other examples that show that the City itself is complicite in finding these less that stellar locations, and rarely are the interests of the citizens taken into consideration.

This transit location is another example of PPP (P..s Poor Planning)

These campaign signs are a thing of the past. Do they really sway anyone’s votes? If a sign influences your vote, perhaps you shouldn’t be voting. Ban these signs everywhere, except on private property. They are a blight on the landscape, and block lines of sight when placed on boulevards. Wasteful, hazardous, and ridiculous.

““250News is considering changing the rules so that commenters will no longer be allowed to be anonymous. Think about what you are saying and perhaps take a 30 second break before hitting “post” to ensure your comments are respectful and contribute to a discussion.”

Please do! It is so disheartening that in 2017 there cannot be comments on Lheidli T’enneh election results because of the horrible comments that will follow.

Using real names will take away the platform for the racist people that commonly post here.

    I have no objection to using my real name except for the attacks that might come my way outside the forum . Politically correct enforcer types can be real nasty, they don’t like contrary opinion being heard.

    Just because people disagree with an opinion does not make them “racist”

      No, but the left always plays the race card because they have no legitimate objection to contrary comment.

    “Using real names will take away the platform for the racist people that commonly post here.”

    And you have this on whose authority?

    Discus is a common system used. Once you have a presence with them, you can post almost anywhere in the world. The same with Facebook.

    There are a lot of aliases on those as well.

    A true racist is proud of his/her opinion and is happy that they have a forum on the net.

    If kicked off, they will take the next step of getting registered with an alias.

Does anyone know why the Police SWAT team was speeding to whatever on Hwy 16 west this past Wednesday around 5 pm. ??

    I was thinking about that also! Have not heart boo from any sources as of yet

I used to comment in the Citizen, I received threats which resulted in going to the police. My comments on “climate change” and the energy debacle in this province, re IPP’s if not anonymous would lead to limited job prospects in energy generation.

    I fought against an MDF Plant. I was threatened in the old Safeway parking lot because I was taking jobs away.

    The guy did not fight me since I was bigger than him and he thought better of it.

    To counter that one incident, I received three anonymous calls from Canfor employees thanking me for fighting to keep the plant away. One worked at the plywood plant across the planed building site. His kids had asthma and he was a dad that was concerned about air quality.

    The plant was never built.

    A few years later the manager at Canfor who was responsible for the proposed MDF plant saw me from my back, put his hand on my shoulder, and thanked me for what we did.

    Had they built the plant, he said they would have lost their shirt. A better investment was to create energy from co-gen facilities.

    There are always two or more sides to an issue alias or no alias.

The winners of the Qualcomm tricorder Xprizes have been chosen and ten million dollars of prizes have been handed over . Production is on its way . This will only be the beginning of this new tech in medicine . Hopefully this is on the road to ending the rampant numbers of misdiagnosis. Hopefully this will soon come to MRI/radiology/AI ( X-rays etc. ) . Human interpretation of visual cues is more than a little like judging figure skating . Pure subjectivity can get you dead in a hurry .

For those celebrating Good Friday and other Christian Easter events give a thought about christian persecution around the world and particularly in the middle east.

This persecution goes very under reported for some reason by our liberal left media. Does not matter if one is Christian or not it is the persecution of a whole demographic by another demographic that is being ignored.

ht tp://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/04/14/christianitys-prospects-surviving-in-its-birthplace-are-grim.html

    I am not a Christian, but I have to agree. The persecution of Christians in Muslim countries is shameful and receives very little publicity. Most of the Christian population has already been driven out of the “Palestinian territories”, for example.

    I try not to think about any religion at anytime of the year. Religion is just plain nasty.

In the long run, nothing can withstand reason and experience, and the contradiction religion offers to both is palpable.

Sigmund Freud

    Reason and experience still can not explain the programming of DNA, and nor can chance and evolution even over billions of years. Nature has many examples of anonomlies that hint at the inexplicable… Such as the butterfly. Beautiful as they are… Think about the life cycle of a butterfly and try to explain how evolution worked to turn essentially a worm through a cacoon where it transforms its body completely into another type of species complete with wings and eyes and flies away. Or the cosmos in which we live, which more and more we find anomalies that can’t be explained by chance, like our own moon and its orbit and role it played in life on earth.

    Sigmund Freud was a fraud with lunatic delusions of his own, so not one to cite as an authority on much of anything IMO.

      So if you cannot explain something in nature, some create a new entity they call God.

      The meaning of God then becomes ‘the unexplainable’.

      Then people waste good money to build huge, mostly empty, buildings to worship their ignorance.

      And when we see others that do the same and build different types of buildings, we start a war and tear those buildings down.

      We call that civilization.

      Another take on the matter by Ricky Gervais:

      “Once again, everyone by definition is agnostic as no one KNOWS. Believers believe despite this, atheists don’t believe because of this.”


      “Imagine if you carried on believing in Santa and the tooth fairy into adulthood. And even killed and started wars over it. Haha. Imagine that”

      To each their own. I see the bible and religion and God as completely separate entities.

      The bible I see as a collection of analogies to issues we are confronted with in our daily lives and in guidance on how to make better more ethical decisions… But no doubt written by man with the falacies of man, although inspired by the Holy Spirit of man and God.

      I see religion mostly as an organization for people to rally around for issues of community ethics, but not necessarily as a way to honour God or as the work of God. Jesus had no church and in no way spoke of people having to belong to an organized religion… that was the work of Romans as a tool for political pacification and control. Jesus spoke of honouring God through personal deeds and respect for our fellow man… but above all not to use God as an agent in a human agenda as no man can, could, or would have access to God directly, and no man would ever have the authority of God, not even his son in his image.

      To me God is the collective intelligence and self awareness of our universe. God is not a person or thing but rather a collective recognition that we are all just a small part of a greater universe from which we have much to learn to make just decisions in matters that relate to harmony in our existence. God is neither here nor there, not physical nor spiritual, but rather a way we can realize the universal gift of life and our world in a way that has a foundation in purpose. That purpose being the celebration of life.

      To a Christian it is the Holy Spirit and the trinity that separates Christianity from others. Without which we would not have western civilization. It is the idea that no man is a direct agent of God and that God never communicates directly with man, and only indirectly through the Holy Spirit, that enabled the creation of western civilization and the liberal democracies we have today. The idea that no one knows the likeness of God truly makes God universal which protects us all from would be extremists operating in Gods name or an authority akin to a god. Those that say they speek for God directly should raise red flags for any Christian.

      A wise man once said something along the lines of ‘leave what is of Caeser for Caeser, and what is of God to God’. Probably the most promenant Christian of all time St Augustine, wrote that the city of God, or the city of light is in our minds, and through understanding this we can influence the world with good decisions here in our world.

      To me the universe is all electric, interconnected electric universe constantly connected, electric space medium, electric megnetosphere, electric based gravity, electric human brain and nervous system, and even the change of seasons which bring a return of life are all electrically induced… Even matter at its base is electric… This can be proven in so many ways. In my mind the electric medium of the universe is the medium of the Mother Earth or Holy Spirit all in one, and so it’s not such a stretch to see how we are all connected by something greater than our minds can yet comprehend.

Elon Musk a couple of days ago announced the Tesla semi trailer truck to be unveiled this September . The Tesla pickup truck unveil in 18 to 24 months . They are both simply gorgeous. To veiw … Insideevs.com

    Gonna need more site C’s

    Has Tesla made any money yet?

    Ataloss tell us about your solar set up? Whats the big secret?

      More products by Tesla means more taxpayer cash for Elon’s pockets.

      They over took GM this week as the automaker with the largest market capitalization… so I guess they can start selling more shares if they need more money?

      Eagleone, this Reuters article from yesterday is an interesting read:

      “Tesla’s Musk tells disgruntled shareholders: Buy Ford”

      From the article:

      A group of Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) investors has urged the luxury electric car maker to add two new independent directors to its board, without ties to Chief Executive Elon Musk, to “provide a critical check on possible dysfunctional group dynamics.”

      A defiant Musk took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to suggest the investors buy stock in Ford Motor Co (F.N) instead.

      The article also states that Tesla’s value has now dropped back below GM’s. Last year Tesla sold 76,230 vehicles, missing its target of at least 80,000 cars sold. By comparison, GM sold 10 million cars and Ford sold 6.7 million. I’m not so sure that I see much to support the current valuation of Tesla’s stock price, other than speculative considerations! GM owns far more in tangible assets and offers both hybrid and electric vehicles, but Tesla is the darling of the day with little to support the value that people are willing to place upon it. This reminds me of the Apple Watch!

      ht tp://uk.reuters.com/article/us-tesla-board-idUKKBN17E23Z

      Yeah, Tesla is currently valued around $53 billion up nearly 42% since the beginning of the year to more than $300 per share. In market capitalization it is now the most valuable American carmaker.

      You gotta wonder why. Ford had 2016 sales of $151.8 billion and net income of $4.6 billion. GM had 2016 revenue of $166.4 billion and net income of $9.43 billion. Tesla had income of $7 billion that year with a profit of……

      Oh, wait, they had a net loss of $675 million.

      If not for continuing and increasing government subsidies, Tesla would have gone under years ago. So why are investors willing to pay $300 per share to own a piece of insolvency? I’m guessing two reasons – 1. those taxpayer subsidies prop it up enough that they’re willing to ignore reality, and 2. Elon Musk must be one hell of a salesman.

      OH I agree. It’s a bubble. Just threw it out there food for though. I wouldn’t touch it as an investment even with someone else’s money.

      “Bob Lutz, formerly a high ranking automobile executive with both GM and Fiat/Chrysler has a column in Road and Track Magazine. In the December 2017/January 2017 issue, he was asked the following:

      “Car companies are making record sales and decent profits. Why don’t their stock prices reflect it? GM’s and Ford’s are dismal.”

      Bob replied:

      I think it’s because a company is either cool and cutting-edge, or it’s boringly traditional. Tesla, the world’s biggest cash incinerator, is the former and has a stratospheric stock price, unhinged from financial reality. GM and Ford are the latter. No matter how well they do, they are old-school, probably because they create value for the shareholder. If you get a better answer than this, let me know!”

      He’s right!

      Both Ford and GM are making very good vehicles. Both offer hybrids and electrics. I suggest that the new Chevy VOLT is every bit as good a vehicle as a Tesla, and is priced substantially less than a Tesla, but the Tesla is the Apple Watch of cars.

      Consumers will eventually catch on that they are being duped by Tesla! Watch the stock price then!

      Makes sense, HG. But as long as the government cash keeps flowing and Elon keeps hyping his products and cheerleaders like Ataloss keep singing his praises, there will be enough investors acting on emotion rather than valuation.

      You guys miss the mark by thinking that Tesla is a car company . Did you know that Tesla produces and sells their proprietary batteries to other car companies ? Power walls , power packs , leading numbers of sales , leases of solar PV systems in the states . Did you see the storms in shortville last week ? It was a slaughter ! They said it was impossible to land a first stage rocket on a barge at sea . Now he’s flying farIngs back for retrieval at six million dollar a half . The fools bet against Musk , just like the massive wall of shorters that got slaughtered . Be proud ! He’s half Canadian !

      So why has Tesla not made money yet?

      Ataloss I keep asking about your system and you keep ignoring me? Is it because you spent thousands for a solar system in your climate, now finding that is a very expensive roof ornament.

    They both look a bit weird to me. The pickup looks funny without a grill. The semi looks like something from The Jetsons. I see problems for it – the trailer shown configures with the cab (for aerodynamics I assume) which means they likely won’t be able to pull other trailers, thus limiting it’s usability. It’s also single axle, again limiting its usefulness – strictly an in-town hauler. I wonder how long a charge will last under normal working conditions, most trucks work long hours to make it pay. I imagine there will be a niche market for it, but that’s all.

      The tesla trucks won’t be the first or the last . BYD is already shipping electric buses and trucks to the states . The tesla semi likely won’t need a driver .

      Tesla semi won’t need a driver? Who installs the chains?

      How many tons of batteries needed for an 80,000 pound truck?

      Here is the result of battery production in China

      ht tps://www.todaytonightadelaide.com.au/stories/poison-wind

      Hey Ataloss still not offering up info on your system. If so great thought you would be yelling from the rafters.

      Tesla made any money yet?

      Driving forward is one thing. Backing into a loading dock is a lot more difficult. I doubt an automated truck can even come close to that as yet. Maybe in another few decades…

      Search self backing trucks . You’ll find that it’s been around for awhile now ( Ford) . I suspect you are also able to back up a trailer . Otherwise you would have noticed that . Strange notion you have though . If a self driving car or any other vehicle can drive forwards , it could drive backwards as well .

      Ever seen a busy loading dock area? Gonna have to be some serious corresponding computerization with the warehouse to coordinate all that. I would suspect live-driven trucks would not operate in the same yards. So who would invest the necessary funds to build a separate facility for self-driven trucks?

      Besides Elon with his taxpayer cash, that is.

      ” So who would invest the necessary funds to build a separate facility for self-driven trucks? ” everyone that is in the transport delivery business , that’s who . Amazon is going to use drones for light packages . In Dubai this summer , drones are going to deliver people a la taxi in the sky . Did you know when one buys a Tesla , they deliver ? I wonder why Elon needs semi trailer trucks ? Could five hundred thousand cars a year have something to do with it ? Time frame is about perfect , if you ask me .

      And yes . I do know what it’s like to be at truck terminals in the crapiest parts of great cities across the country in the middle of the night . How about you ?

      Not in the middle of the night, but in the middle of a busy day. Those terminals operate at capacity and they have no room for a separate facility to be built, and they don’t have that massive a profit that would make sense for them to spend all that money to cater to a few exotic trucks.

A topic that seems to be missing from the various parties’ platforms is child welfare. I think it is widely agreed that the Ministry is a mess. On the one hand, we have inappropriate apprehensions, and on the other hand, there are far too many cases of children dying or being severely abused for lack of intervention. The problems are especially acute for aboriginal children but are by no means limited to them. The current Liberal government has been rather hostile to Judge Turpel-Lafond’s recommendations for improvement, but to be fair, the problems did not start with this government. There were already a lot of problems under the previous NDP government. I would really like to know whether any of the parties, or any candidates, are interested in this issue and have proposals for improving child welfare?

    Check out bcgreens.ca the platform in regards to early education and child welfare is extensive . It also goes miles ahead of anything the others offer . More greens in Victoria will go a very long ways towards justice for our kids in regards to lack of education and child poverty that BC is a leader in creating . We are number one in canada for child poverty thanks in large part to Christy and her left over harperettes .

      I see the part about daycare and preschool, but I don’t see anything about foster care, apprehension, etc. Am I missing it? What heading is it under?

      I haven’t seen any either but you could ask your Green Party contender if your riding has one . Mine does not . Sadly I will have to hold my nose and vote NDP again . Foster care is farmed out to an agency with ministerial over sight ( blind in one eye if not both ) . Apprehension is a legal system matter , is it not ?

      We are not number one in child poverty. A few other provinces have taken over that role, time to read some more current websites than 2012 and 13.

      Apprehension is not strictly a legal matter. When there is suspicion of abuse or neglect, a social worker investigates. If he or she feels that there is imminent danger, the social worker may remove the child immediately. If the problem can be quickly resolved, the child may be returned by the Ministry voluntarily. A negotiated agreement is also possible. Otherwise, the Ministry has to go to court and make a case for a supervision order, which return the child to the home with court-imposed conditions or can lead to the child being put into long term foster care. So, yes, removing the child from the home for a long time requires a court order, but the initial decision to remove a child is at the discretion of the social worker.

      If we are number one in child poverty, doesn’t that also mean we are also number one in poor parenting ?

    I recently re-read Bridget Moran’s “A Little Rebellion”, a book about the welfare system in the 60s and its crisis in the 70’s. Listening to friends working for the Ministry of Children and Family Development I daresay we are back to those desperate times.

    A common thee through Mrs. Moran’s books was if we don’t take care of this generation, we will pay more, for the next and next generations. People in crisis raise children in crisis, who raise children in crisis…. costing the medical, social services and criminal systems.

It seems that a diagnosis has been made as to why Donald Trump acts the way he does, hopefully during his next annual checkup they will do the tests to comfirm and treat his condition the symptoms of which are as follows:

“Commonly recognized symptoms include irritability, loss of ability to concentrate, delusional thinking, and grandiosity. Memory, insight, and judgment can become impaired. Insomnia may occur. Visual problems may develop, including the inability of pupils to react to the light. This, along other ocular pathology, can result in photophobia, dimming of vision, and squinting. All of these things have been observed in Trump. Dementia, headaches, gait disturbances and patchy hair loss can also be seen in later stages.”

All of these symptoms fit him to a tee.

The disease-Neurosyphilis the tertiary stage of the STD that appears up to 30 years after initial infection.

I guess his personal Vietnam cruising the clubs and hooking up with “models” in New York while draft dodging have left their mark. Purple Heart in his future?

    Guess you just abhor success. Hey whats your thoughts on shaky Hillary? Maybe she got a std from Billy?

      Heh. Yeah, she did appear to have some sort of neurological disorder, couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs without assistance from two men.

      Trump has shown what a dimwit he is in dealing with North Korea. He has painted himself into a corner by sending an aircraft carrier group including submarines full of nukes and then beaking off and threatening that if China doesn’t do something he will. All Kim Jung Un has to do is stand his ground with the threat to 25 million people in Seoul area in the crosshairs and Trump will either have to go all in or slink off with his tail between his legs.

      If Trump had even an average amount of reasoning ability he would have known that sailing that fleet though South Korean waters sent an implied message that would be clearly understood by all including North Korea and China.

      Trump is showing that he won’t roll over and wet himself like Obama did.

      The question is, does Kim Jung Un think he has a chance of winning in a war with the US or is he sane? I guess we’ll find out.

      When not on twitter Trump is spineless.

      -Mexico will pay for wall!-meets with Mexico’s president not a peep on the subject.

      China is a currency manipulator! Meets with China’s president- crickets.

      NATO is obsolete! Meets with head of NATO and eats his words in one gulp and it is now the latest thing since sliced bread.

      But three examples of many that show Trump is merely a paper tiger.

      So you expect him to do everything all at once? Get real.

      He changes his position on various issues often enough, but he is not spineless. That would be the last prez.

What was with that cop driving a pickup zig zagging through traffic on hwy16 the other day? No warning devices on and almost hit several vehicles.

Isn’t that old City Public yards on 4th ??? big enough for the busses??? I see huge expansion happening in that area… Buttttt… guess he City wants to move everything to closer to CN Centre. The City already moved their equipement there, and the Forestry sector is there… Maybe next plan is to move City Hall to where the hotel was supposed to go… just saying

    I think in fifty years time that whole area will be the new downtown anyways. The light industrial will slowly convert to more valuable residential and commercial mostly because it is the city centre and it is elevated enough from the water table to build underground services like parking and transit. Downtown is at near water table so can only service essentially what it has today. Once the city starts to grow again that area will change quickly. IMO it has the foundation to be one of the great city centres in all of Canada.

I would like to see more focus on health care this election.
I believe the current gov’t has appointed far too many high paid administrators.
I would like to see the costs of administering our current system.
I don’t know if an NDP gov’t would be any better; however, any party that promises to restructure our health care system (through early retirement, attrition etc) will get my vote.
I believe doctors have to spend too much valuable time on paperwork, time that could be better spent o their patients.


Before I sign off for the day and let my critics have a swing at my views… I almost forgot why I came here today.

I have not seen anyone post about or anything in our news about a huge issue for our area this week. Last week the Chinese president was in Anchorage Alaska to discuss with the governor about a new railway proposal the Chinese want to build to connect the old world with the new world. So they are serious about this and have the money to make it happen putting Chinese workers to work… considering they have just built the worlds most modern rail network in China.

Our politicians are all just crickets…. Edmonton will probably get the privilege of being the new Chicago North. But we have the advantage with the Dease Lake line out of Mackenzie if we were to get on board and promote this. Think about all those containers going through North American ports… I wrote about this last year, how Trump is worried about a nuclear attack at an American port and will restrict all import containers to a nuclear inspection backing up shipping by container from population centre ports.

Prince Rupert would be the centre of shipping traffic if they were of the first to spend the $200 million needed to upgrade to Trump nuclear standards as a remote port where it can safely be screened and off loaded. But if the rail to Asia goes through it could be huge for PG and the North in general being the import/export choke point for all of North American trade with Asia.

Think about it… If all traffic flows from or to PG we become not only the shipping and distribution hub, but likey a manufacturing hub as well. Maybe Metropolis of 5 million people from that kind of infrastructure alone.

But we have crickets from our local politicians. Meanwhile the opportunity will likely skip us by and go directly to Edmonton.


    Won’t happen…China learned last go around that building railroads in Canada is kinda hard on their health.

    PG with a population of 5 million and I thought Zuroski was dreaming at100K:P

    Last week, eh?????

    VERY old news.

    We had drawings of thst proposal in the Lobby at City Hall many years ago.

    When one puts that into a search engine, 2014 jumps up multiple times as the source of articles on that.

    Here is one of them from May 2014


    This is from 2007. That was the proposal that was shown at City Hall …. 10 years ago!!!


    So, 10 years later, where are we with this project?

    PG is a side spur. 5 million, eh?

    let’s say 2099. Pretty well everyone posting here will be in Hell by then. LOL

    The effects of Trump’s imminent nuclear war will have disappeared by then.

      Trumps nuclear war?

    “the import/export choke point for all of North American trade with Asia” will actually be the tunnel.

    Once past that, the lines can start to branch out the closer they get to the various destinations of the goods, tourists and international workers.

    Cost of travel/transport will still need to compete with:

    “slow boat to China”

    as well as fast travel by air which can go from origin to destination directly, not restricted to a fixed network.

    A very tough economic sale.

    An engineer’s dream.

    Where is the financial justification?

If the Greens truly believe in the global warming scare, I’ll expect to see a remedy for this concern in their election platform:

That beer, wine and spirits create a very large amount of carbon dioxide. Regarding the charts at the link, recognize that a beer wort aiming for 5% ABV will usually start at about 1.060 specific gravity or about 15 degrees Balling. Wine will start around 1.10 specific gravity depending on the must.

ht tps://lifefermented.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/how-much-co2-is-produced-from-brewing/


That means that in 2015, Canadians produced approximately 116,402.116 kg of CO2 from beer alone.

ht tps://industry.beercanada.com/statistics

    Was that by passing gas? LOL!

Get those dam signs off foothills, anyone that can put out that much signage is getting too much in donations. Or did we pay for it again.

The crucial political battle of Premier Rachel Notley’s career just started. It’s the B.C. election campaign.

Notley said Friday that she’s forbidden her political staff to cross the mountains and help the B.C. NDP, which has vowed to kill the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

In the NDP world, this is dramatic. The party’s operatives typically flock across the West like geese when any election is at hand. Notley herself has done it.

Her stop order has been flagged several times since John Horgan, the B.C. NDP leader, refused to mute his pipeline opposition after Notley met him in Vancouver last Dec. 6.

ht tp://calgaryherald.com/news/politics/braid-notley-bars-staff-from-backing-b-c-new-democrats

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