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October 27, 2017 5:54 pm

Tax Rate Bylaw Before Council

Monday, April 24, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – When Council for the City of Prince George meets this evening, it will be asked to  approve the tax rates for the  different classifications of properties in the City.

The bylaw represents  a 3.18 % increase  in the tax requisition to cover the City’s  operating  costs for  2017.

For 2017 the City needs to  collect $86,047,802  in General municipal taxes,  the snow levy at $7,000,000, the road rehabilitation levy at $5,000,000, and general infrastructure reinvestment levy at $2,500,000  for a combined total of $100,547,802.

Here’s how  the  total  amount needed will be distributed among property classes:

  • Residential 54.19%
  • Utility 1.49%
  • Supportive Housing 0.00%
  • Major Industry 12.24%
  • Light Industry 2.74%
  • Business 29.27%
  • Recreation/Non-Profit 0.05%
  • Farm 0.01%

If approved this evening,   a residential property owner will be required to pay $8.90752  for every  one thousand dollars of assessed value.  The total bill  will be reduced  if the property owner qualifies for the grant,  or any other permitted  reductions  such as age.


Maybe it’s time to start cutting back on the inordinate number of employees instead of squeezing the taxpayer? Do we really need all that bureaucracy? No, we don’t.

Our property tax rate is through the roof here in Prince George. I am paying the same amount of taxes on my home here, than my friend in Vancouver is paying on her home that is more than twice the value. We are also double other municipalities in the Fraser Valley, that do get snow and are also smaller communities. I understand that the reason for the exorbitant rate is snow removal, but this is also wearing thin. We had very little snow over the past couple of years compared to years prior. Tax rates this high are a deterrent to buying, which also puts pressure on our rental housing.

Totally agree axman, there is an astronomical amount of our tax dollars going towards inflated promotional titles and self importance at city hall. When I walk through there just for the heck of it I am amazed at the beautiful titles that they dream up.

Just give me fire protection, water, sewer, garbage pick up, and street snow removal, and safe roads to drive on.

How about the city start finding ways to reduce the taxes. They seem to have an awful lot of properties just being under utilized. Get out of the real estate business and let private business do this. Guess what, than the buildings will pay taxes.

The city is run very old fashion. They need to change the people and have them get proactive into a business model. School District 57 did it.

So stop winning we all have to pay taxes. Just keep those looser that you have for MLA’s and you will get even less for your dollar.

Bc Green Party leader just released the full platform . And again gave a shout out to PG . Six million dollars to connect PG and Chetwyn ending the Telus strangle hold on PGs high tech desert zone and ending slash burning . What have the others put on the table ? Status quo !

    There by widening the tax base and jobs .

    The Greens can promise whatever they want because they don’t have a hope of getting any more than maybe 2 seats.

    “Six million dollars to connect PG and Chetwyn ending the Telus strangle hold on PGs high tech desert zone and ending slash burning ”

    Not understanding how connecting PG to Chetwynd will end slash burning. :)

      Ending slash burning and widening feed stock for pellet production instead of filling our air sheds with smoke was one of their platform promises . It’s solution based thinking that so eludes the so called liberals . Taxes are rising because of a narrowing tax base . Widening the tax base is the solution . Andrew knows the problems faced by PG and PGs strengths , that’s why he is addressing them . Write him with your solutions . He’ll get back to you .

I think its high time ordinary citizens of this town have a say in the wages paid to all the administrators, city council and the likes. Its pretty clear that we are not getting the bang out of our bucks.

    Not only are we not getting the bang out of our bucks, we are also paying a lot of bucks!

    For example, paying $24.00 to $26.00 per hour for cashiers at our swimming pools seems just a bit excessive!

      There’s an ad up on the City website for a ‘Parks Worker 3’. Requirements are Grade 12 and at least 4 years experience “…working directly with turf construction and repair.” $29.80 plus benefits and pension.

      And residents wonder why their taxes are insane.

Your so right we pay higher taxes here than in Vancouver. For what??????
our roads are the pits. They have to date, Cleaned Ospika Blvd 4 times this year, REALLY once was enough. Then I watch as they clean the streets, then a couple days later the water truck goes by cleans the sidewalks and puts all that dirt on the nice clean street. So guess what now they have to clean the street again. This is nothing but a waist of tax payers money. The important streets like bus routes, only a few have been done.
Then you got all the over paid employees at city hall. Its no wonder our taxes are so high. I watch the employees working on the streets, and you have 2 guys working and 3 watching, again a waist of tax payers money. I’m always amazed at how we can possibly be over our snow budget when we hardly get any snow. But this year I was watching the city crews, going down certain streets, and removing the snow piles from peoples yards, this is a first and my Question is WHY????? Never did this before. Even when you use to get 8 to 10m feet of snow, which by the way we have not got for many years now. This city waists way, way too much money. Start figuring out how to save money and lower taxes, this would be a big, big start.

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