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October 27, 2017 5:56 pm

Beaverly Fire Hall Up For Repairs

Friday, April 21, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  The Beaverly Fire Hall is all of 6 years old,  but already it is in need of a new  roof.

The Regional District of Fraser Fort George has approved  a budget of just under $264 thousand dollars to  replace the roof and has awarded the roof replacement project to  Timber West.

But how is it that a  building that is  just  6 years old  needs  a  new roof?  “There are condensation issues with the roof over the past five years” says Donna Munt,  General Manager of Community Services.  “There’s been a lot of water coming down the walls  and ceiling.”

Engineers have  visited the site three times  over the past  six months   and will be  supervising the work that will be done. “We have a ten year  warranty built into this contract” says Munt.  She says  it’s difficult to know why the  issue has  surfaced in the first place “We don’t know if it was the way it was constructed,   or if it was  additional insulation that was put in.  what we’re finding  is that there is air space where the warm air is hitting the cold air  from the outside and creating that  layer of ice.”   She says  the problem could be the result of  contributing factors from  design, construction  and materials.

The firm that originally  built the fire hall is no longer in business  and Munt says the Regional District will not be pursuing legal action  to  recoup the funds  needed to  upgrade  the  building that cost about $900 thousand to  build  in the first place.

She says a different type of roof system will be installed.



There are too many yokels in this town going around masquerading as trades people. Be particularly wary of the landscaping outfits, most of whom think owning a shovel and a pickup truck qualifies them to build a driveway or install retaining walls.

That’s what gets me about warranties, especially “lifetime” warranties, a warranty is only good for as long as the company is in business.

What was the company name that built it?

    And what are the chances they’re continuing their business under a different name?

Classic issue with pre-engineered buildings. You get what you paid for… should have went with wood. LOL, Elaine knows

This building was touted as energy efficient before it was built. If it has a ten yr warranty it should be taken care of. Taxpayers shouldn’t spend a dime on it. Who was the builder?

Well for that kind of money the fire hall could have got a new web site.

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