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October 27, 2017 5:47 pm

Paving Season to Start

Monday, May 1, 2017 @ 5:56 AM

Prince George, B.C.- This week,  motorists can  expect the start of  the paving season as the City starts its road rehab projects.

Operations will be conducted on 7th Avenue, Quebec Street, McBride Crescent, Gladstone Drive, and St. Lawrence Avenue. All projects are expected to be completed by the following week but are subject to weather conditions.

Project details:

  • 7th Avenue from Victoria Street to Quebec Street (0.40 lane kilometers). Estimated cost:  $75,000.
  • Quebec Street from 7th Avenue to 4th Avenue (0.50 lane kilometers). Estimated cost: $71,000.
  • McBride Crescent from 10th Avenue to 5th Avenue (1.15 lane kilometers). Estimated cost:         $136,000.
  • Gladstone Drive from Simon Fraser Avenue to Loyola Drive (1.40 lane kilometers). Estimated cost: $200,000.
  • St. Lawrence Avenue from St. Patrick Avenue to Southridge Avenue (0.80 lane kilometers). Estimated cost: $101,000.

Motorists are advised to look for alternate routes whenever possible and to drive with caution around road crews.


Glad to see the paving projects going and are slowly catching up to the years of neglect I remember reading a report from 2 years ago that it will take the city 9 years to catch up to where they can maintain the roads properly at the current rate of paving and repair which is actually pretty good as long as the budget is maintained. Yet for the whiners and complainers it is never enough and want more roads done more money spent and so on.

I as well am very pleased with the City workers diligence in the past couple years and the paving.I think about all the pothole dodging that went on a few years ago. Great work!

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