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October 27, 2017 5:46 pm

Trade Battle with U.S.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 @ 5:45 AM


That car should have Christies face on it…who does she think she is fooling well there is lots that will be fooled that she or the liberals can take on Donald and the USA….seriously….just shut up and go do something you are good at like closing another school

    Its not just Trump she is negotiating with. I think its a brilliant strategy and I am glad she adopted my suggestion.

    We all pay the carbon tax for essentially the same reason she wants to implement it on the American dirty coal exports. That’s the rub of it. Although it should be legit under NAFTA chapter 11 rules, and it would be nasty for those in the Trump heartland.

    Yes it will hurt Trump supporters… not just because it bottlenecks their exports… but because it signals to the Chinese that the end of cheep coal is neigh high and that they better get on with ‘clean’ LNG or be caught short on their energy supply needs.

    Our coal is metallurgical coal, and so thus the carbon tax would not apply to our own exports from the Peace Country as its not used for energy consumption.

    The only good thing I’ve heard from Christy Clark since she got elected.

Donny wouldnt stand a chance against Premier Pixie Dust . She’d just use her smoke and mirrors on him as well and just like bcers he’d swollows the whole works .

    “Swollows”? Cute, as it reads the same backwards, but what is it supposed to mean?

Yah preemer Cristy is great at closing scools. She closed the scools that prov2 and ataloss shud have gone to. Two bad they turd out to be stoopid.

School boards close schools if enrolment is down or to save money in their budget.

Never (mis)underestimate the power of negative thinking, talking and writing. GWB.

prov2 and Ataloss, would you please let us know under what conditions you think it permissible to close a school?

Would declining enrollment numbers be justification for closing a school?

Would replacing an old school with a new school be justification for closing the old school?

If not, what would in your world justify closing a school?

Or are we taxpayers expected to never ever EVER close a school?

Well aren’t we the class clown mgomez…keep your comments respectful you ass

Kinda funny that some of the schools she closed are now reopening…do you think it has something to do with the supreme court or the kind hearted lady who so cares for the children…

    You mean the one school that parents don’t want to send their kids to anymore that the “school board” is reopening? Could set up a few portables at their new school

First off, Christy should not have to deal with the softwood agreement it should be Justin Trudeau’s job. But he is too busy spending money on holidays and getting stoned. What the trade deal has to do with schools is beyond me. But closing of schools has been done lots in the past.

    That makes no sense. The forests are a provincial issue under the Canadian constitution, so the only negotiation that can take place requires provincial input to be constitutional. The whole dispute revolves around stumpage and provincial crown resources, so yes this is a provincial issue at the negotiating table.

    The Canadian government can only facilitate the status of the trade position, but has no power to dictate the terms to BC.

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