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October 27, 2017 5:38 pm

“Wheely” Big Deal at UHNBC

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 @ 9:48 AM


Prince George, B.C. – The University Hospital of Northern BC  has  received a fleet of new wheelchairs, thanks to fundraising efforts over the past year.

The 62  rehabilitation  wheelchairs   were purchased by the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation with the more than $102 thousand dollars raised through a number of campaigns  in 2016, including Boogie With the Stars , and a Bike-A-Thon sponsored by the Punjabi Senior Society.

( at right, Spirit of the North Board members and  project sponsors pose with the new fleet- photo T.Moore  Photography)

The Occupational  Therapy Department at UHNBC  conducted an evaluation of  the needs of their patients and  assessed the  quality of a number of different styles of  wheelchairs.  The end result  has three different sizes of Canadian made  Helio Light wheelchairs being purchased.

“We are so happy to see that this fleet has arrived and will go into circulation soon. This is only made possible through the generosity of so many who support Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation. The real pat on the back is to the community, the donors, sponsors, supporters and those who believe in giving to see that healthcare in the North is advancing and meeting the needs of patients at UHNBC. – Judy Neiser,CEO, Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation.

The chairs are “sunflower orange” in colour so they can be easily spotted in the event they somehow make it  off the Hospital  property.



Such a worthwhile cause for much needed equipment for the people in the North..

People should be commenting on this, rather than the election, that is over and done with.. It’s all out of our hands now.. but causes like this is still forefront

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