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October 27, 2017 5:36 pm

‘British Columbians Sent Us a Message’ – Shirley Bond

Saturday, May 13, 2017 @ 3:45 PM

Shirley Bond with husband Bill at this weekend’s Relay for Life cancer fundraiser – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Prince George-Valemount Liberal MLA Shirley Bond has weighed in on the political uncertainty facing the province as British Columbians await the results of at least two recounts that will have major implications on how B.C. is governed moving forward.

This just four days after she cruised to a landslide victory in her riding Tuesday night – her fifth consecutive win.

“I’ve been out in the Robson Valley, throughout the whole constituency, and it’s just great to get the honks and waves and congratulations,” says Bond.

“But people are concerned abut the certainty we have not got yet at a provincial level and they want to be sure that our voices are loudly heard. I’ve been describing it to people as interesting times ahead but all I know is I’m already back at work supporting and working hard on behalf of my constituents.”

She also shared her thoughts on the apparent urban-rural divide in B.C. where an overwhelming majority of seats in the Interior and the North are held by BC Liberals.

“Well I think we ran on an agenda of job creation, supporting major projects and I think there’s more questions about that in the Lower Mainland,” says Bond.

“There are some other issues as well, so we’re going to work hard to make sure that we hear the views of all British Columbians.”

Does she still have confidence in Premier Christy Clark after the party’s reduced seat count?

“I do. I think that Christy has demonstrated her leadership. We have the leading economy in the country, we have the best job creation rate, the lowest unemployment rate,” says Bond.

“I do think though that we recognize this as a team, that British Columbians sent us a message about listening, about working across party lines and I think she’s going to be very good at that.”

She also admits it’s pretty nerve-wracking waiting for the final recounts to be completed.

“Of course. I think British Columbians are nervous. I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me and asked me ‘what’s going to happen May 22?” says Bond.

“I think most people want to find some resolution here, they want us to be constructive as we work in the legislature and I think having a more collaborative legislature would be a good thing.

“I have tried to work on files with Andrew Weaver, with others and have been very supportive when NDP MLAs have come to my office. I think there’s going to be a more collaborative approach but it means we’ll need to be stronger and stand up more aggressively for northern B.C.”

Elections BC confirmed today there will be two recounts in the province – in the Vancouver-False Creek and Courtenay-Comox ridings (the deadline to apply for a recount is this Monday). Absentee ballots (over 179,000 of them) will be counted starting May 22.

Currently the BC Liberals hold 43 seats, the NDP 41 and the BC Greens 3.


If the situation stays the same, and the NDP and Greens form the Government, Bond, Morris, and Rustad will end up in the opposition.

They will have no power or impact on Governing the Province, and we will have no representation from this area in Government.

Strange times.

    you base your opinion on assumptions.

      True Dat!

    And what makes you think that the Greens will join with the NDP! If that were to happen and the opposition forced another election, the Greens may have lost out on the best position that they sit right now, Holding the balance of power!! If the NDP or Liberals win a Majority in another election, the Greens just lost any position they had. I would think that they are taking that into consideration before they join forces with anyone

If the situation stays the same? As far as I see it the situation is the liberals currently are the party in power because they hold more seats. If the NDP and Green party form a coalition then by any standard, the situation isn’t staying the same.

    If the situation stays the same Ie; Liberals 43 NDP 41 Greens 3. The NDP and Greens can form a coalition and become the Government.

    If on the other hand the Liberals win one seat in the recount, then we have Liberals 44 NDP 40 and Greens 3. This gives the Liberals a majority.

    I am talking about what could happen, while you Bent are talking about what has already happened.

      and the Liberals could also lose a vote or maybe two in the recounts….

      you assume the Greens and NDP are compatible, dont bet money on assumptions.

      And , when she appoints a speaker of the house , she’s down to 43 . Checkmate ! Sometimes , it’s , easy being Green .

      One of the most positives to come out of this is , nobody will be able to miss a sitting of the house for a photo op or free lunch . Not showing up for a vote is no longer an option .

she says a message was sent. was she listening to what was being said? we shall see , maybe.

Thankyou Shirley and Mike for doing the great job you were elected to do.
And a special thank you to Bill and Chris for standing by them. Hey, I know spouses go through a lot, been there, done that.
There is a huge reason these two were re-elected, it’s called Integrity.

Ataloss, she could also offer the Speakers role to one of the Greens or NDP. This gives the opposition an opportunity to better control the House and does not take away any of the members from being available to vote. She could also offer one of the NDP or Green members a minor portfolio to get their support. I also think there are some who would be considering crossing the floor with the hope of supporting their constituants in a stronger way. Stranger things have happened.

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