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October 27, 2017 5:27 pm

Friday Free For All – May 26th, 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Another month has flown by!

It’s time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic, but  obey our  three simple rules,  keep the  comments brief,  and  be respectful of others.

Keep it clean

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Looks like going to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend… All the problems of the world will have to take a back seat to this weekend

ENJOY !!!!!

    yup sunny side up this weekend.

Keep right except to pass!

I drove down south last weekend and I have to say, there are a lot of idiots out on the roads these days, please don’t be one of them. My peeve is those drivers who won’t do the speed limit when there is no way around them yet they have no issues getting up to 120 at the passing lanes. Or the clown who tries to pass by doing 2 kmh more then the guy he’s passing.

Enjoy the sun! My peas have sprouted already.

    until there’s a minimum posted speed limit on highways nothing will change. The biggest hazard is not 20k over but the 20k+ under drivers

    Gotta agree, axman, those roadhogs really tic me off. And once they’re past the passing lane, they slow right back down again.

    I have a friend who drives a logging truck, and he’s found a way to get by them, but I wouldn’t recommend it. He gets right up close to their bumper with that big rig and turns on all his lights as bright as he can, and that’s a lot of light. Doesn’t take them long to pull over and let him by. Kinda dangerous, could result in an awful crash but I can understand the frustration.

      Thanks. That confirms my theory. Most logging truck drivers are road hog lunatics.

      “Road hog lunatics”? Really not sure what you mean by that.

      And how do you extrapolate the actions of one driver frustrated by road hogs into “most logging truck drivers”?

      Having worked in the bush for over 30 years now I can honestly say that most logging trucks are driven by extremely professional people. There’s a very small percentage of them who should be taken off the road though.

      Doesn’t take long for them to pull over. Some day your friend will do that to the wrong person and may pay dearly for it.

      Ax, yer right.Good and courteous.

      Or he might kill someone or himself if things go bad, oldcoot, which is why I said I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Yup, the 2 km/h passing crawl. I have been stuck behind quite a few logging trucks pulling this stunt. Hey, mine is bigger than yours kind of a thing.
    Don’t forget if the speed limit is below 80 km/h you can hog the outer lane but please do the speed limit.

    Hey axman it appears you too are making your own rules. There is no slow lane or fast lane. the rule is drive the speed limit. actually the rule on City driving , Left lane is the threw lane right lane is the on off lane and this is not the first time that I have given you this advise.

    Try and remember that rule. It actually means that using the left lane for on off traffic you don’t block the driver that does want to make a left turn.

    Its unbelievable why you have so many traffic problems in PG with the light traffic flow that you have. Its always the driver that thinks their in a hurry that end up in trouble. It takes ten minutes to drive across town so why all the hurry.

      Seems to me ax was talking about highway driving.

I have a question for the smokers

When you drive or walk down paths smoking do you use your brain cells to think or do you just flick your butts just because?

I went with friends for a hike through one of the popular hiking trails in town yesterday and driving to the park a lot of smokers tossed their lit cigarette butts out the indow onto the road and when we got to the park and started walking around there were a lot of people who were walking and smoking and most of them tossed their lit butts onto the side of the trail or into green spaces. Of course you think you will never cause a fire nor do you think your part of the problem but from what I saw last night smokers may think they are being smart but in reality it appears as if they are trying to cause forest fires.

Could you please do the rest of the world a favour and think before you toss but I doubt many will……

Is there still a community garden at Milburn and Victoria St. in the”hood”? Seems that it is a great resource that is being neglected.

    Went by there today, doesn’t look like it’s been worked at all.

British Columbians: What were you thinking?

Instead of holding your noses and handing the Liberals another majority as you did in 2013, you boosted parties without any free enterprise smarts. NDP-influenced provinces are where the economy goes to die. Just look at the damage done by this party in B.C., Ontario, and now Alberta.

I know you voters are cranky about your moribund economy and the fact that no one in your province can afford to buy their own home, without help from their parents. I know that you are worried that taxes are high and that there is no job creation except in health care, thanks to seniors, or in tourism which employs plenty of baristas and waiters.

Some of you voted to save the trees, but the days of predation by foresters or mining companies disappeared decades ago. And when lapses occur, officials descend on companies with enormous fines.

I also know that your job is not to look after the rest of Canada, but the fact is that you have voted against economic development and to impede the national economy, reliant as it is on resource development.

You B.C. voters have chosen economic decline. Infrastructure in the form of pipelines and railways carrying oil and commodities from Canada’s hinterland are now imperiled, along with the value of the Canadian dollar.

These, by the way, were the only reasons British Columbia’s economy had a pulse. Another factor has been the flood of hot money from abroad that’s provided jobs to some high-rise construction outfits but has driven house prices to $1.8 million on average, the highest in the western hemisphere.

More at the link: ht tp://business.financialpost.com/diane-francis/dear-british-columbians-what-were-you-thinking-ndp-influenced-provinces-are-where-the-economy-goes-to-die

    How dare the voters vote how THEY wanted to, what is this…a democracy… ??

      P Val – How dare the voters vote how THEY wanted to, what is this…a democracy… ??

      The question was not how dare they, but rather WHY???

      The why is easy. The NDP appeals to their sense of entitlement.

      Actually we don’t vote people in, we vote people out.. we didn’t even get that right this time…lol

      I’m sure entitlement mentality is a big part of it, axman. People with that mindset never consider where it all comes from, they feel entitled and the government had damned well better supply the goods.

      The problem with voting out the Libs is what you get instead – a province where the economy goes to die.

    British Columbians were thinking of their own self interests . The majority of us , that is . The rest were thinking of corporate interests and pixie dust economic smoke and mirrors .

      Pixie dust economic smoke and mirrors. Yeah that would be the Greens who said we can dump all our resource industry and make way more money with “green” industry. They didn’t specify just what industries would provide that economic boom, for good reason, there isn’t any.

      Pixie dust economic smoke and mirrors would also apply to the NDP who said they were going to revitalize the forest industry in BC. When I asked for specifics, all they could provide was the idea of manufacturing glue-lam beams from our wood. Did they research if there is a demand for spruce glue-lam? No. Do they realize that governments don’t revitalize industry, that’s what the private sector does? No.

      I think Pixie Dust economics more describes the Liberals than anybody else. How else can you describe their contention during the previous election that LNG would provide Billions upon Billions of dollars in a “Prosperity” fund. More like a token Bankruptcy fund than anything else, I would say, judging by the increase in Provincial government debt, both directly and indirectly (BCHYDRO, ICBC etc). It was interesting that the Liberals did not mention this fund during this last election. Now that must tell you something about the value of their promises, or lack thereof.

      Personally, I think BCers have just had it up to their throats with the Liberals, Christy and that whole crowd.

      They didn’t promise the prosperity, that was just their plan.
      LNG would have done what the Liberals said if it hadn’t been road-blocked by all the usual suspects and an economy-destroying set of environmental regulations.

      Had it up to their throats with the Liberals, Christy and that whole crowd? They’ll soon be regarding the Liberal tenure as the “good old days”.

      Dirtman, of course they promised the prosperity. Why else tout LNG and name it the “Prosperity” fund. The Liberals were being told all the time they were pushing it that it was a dead issue and past its time. There is the pie in the sky – raise the dead and promise billions of dollars. It’s quite laughable, really, if it weren’t for distracting attention away from productive government.

      Your final comment is, I would suggest, merely a petty snipe based on your own resentment that BC voters did not endorse your anointed party. Fortunately for BC, no matter how this turns out, Christy Clarke and the Liberals are not going to be able to carry on as they did before. Your good old days may be over, but our good new days are just beginning. Live with it.

      ammonra, we HAD an opportunity to enter the LNG market with a high probability of securing a huge share of the Billions that LNG will generate! Unfortunately, as if far too often the case, we waste far too much time kissing the collective butt of every group intent on protesting, restricting or denying any chance of actually getting down to work!

      There are Billions available for those that are interested, seriously interested in being a part of the industry. It looks like the USA and Australia are going to get their share, but we here in Canada will continue to set up committees, continue to study every proposal, continue to placate every group of tree huggers and first nations, continue, continue, continue while the rest of the world gets on with things!

      We are far too often late to the party!

      What Hart Guy said.

      So, ammonra, tell us where all the money is going to come from to fund these good new days we’re all going to enjoy.

      The liberal LNG dream scam was already a no go before christy and her dream spinners were anywhere near announcing to voters it was to be BC’s saviour.

      That’s true, Dumbfounded, and I said so at the time. Not because it wasn’t doable, but rather because all the roadblocks thrown up in front of it by environuts, first nations, lefty politicians and the regulatory quagmire would stall it until long after other nations had gotten their exports going.

      As usual, the tighty righties present alternatives as if there were only two: Their right way and everything else. In fact there is a continuum of possibilities, and exploiting LNG is obviously one of them. It will not, however, bring the billions of dollars that were promised for the so-called “Prosperity fund”, accompanied by thousands upon thousands of jobs. LNG will be one aspect of our economy among many others. So, Dirtman, that is where the money will come from – our economy, as if it could come from anywhere else. There again, you are not really asking for information, are you> You are just trying to stir the pot out of resentment that most voters in BC did not agree with you.

      Unless, of course, you are recommending that the BC Liberal approach to fiscal management of borrow, borrow, borrow, hide, hide, hide, then give the money in the form of corporate tax breaks to friends and financial supporters should continue. Is that what you are doing? That must stop. As I said, it is time for a new approach. The old, worn out, Christy Liberal approach is so old and fleebitten it can’t pass muster anymore.

      Finally, to Hart Guy, BC was late to the party when the idea was first floated, years ago. That is the reason it has gone nowhere. Others were already active when we were only thinking about it. So much for Liberal business acumen – wait until the tanker has sailed, then jump in with both feet and miss the boat!

      So the money for the good new days will come from our economy. Yeah, but how about some specifics? Besides LNG that will be one aspect of our economy among many others, except LNG is unlikely to ever send a ship load out. What are the many others? No pipelines, no resource development, a green paradise where we just go and pick money off trees?

    So we should step back into this neo-liberal nightmare and support the 1% for another 4 years!? DID YOU READ THE PANAMA PAPERS? Trickle-down, job creation, my rosy butt!

    Financial Post buffoons keep spouting this Reagan-istic drivel and point at the NDP who (like Alberta and many BC elections) are left with the rung-out wet noodle of an economy to somehow repair. Obama had to clean up after GW. Clinton after GH and Ronny.

    Tax the 1% back to the middle class so we can have a middle class again!

      Harper left a surplus!

      Justin blew through that it about half a second!

      Wow, you really have drunk the Occupy Kool-Aid, MidNor. What colour is the sky in your world?

      MiddleNorth, just WHAT would you tax the 1% on? Their incomes? How much income do you need when you’re rich? Their consumption? They’ve already bought all the ‘toys’ they desire, plus anything that’s a necessity. Anything else they buy isn’t going to bring in much in sales tax, or luxury tax. So you get down to taxing their ‘capital’. But they don’t hold this ‘capital’ in money ~ they hold it in assets VALUED in money. And to pay a money tax on an asset valued that way requires it either generate more money than it presently does, if it’s a productive asset and can, or the asset be sold. Who’s going to buy it? If it’s a non-productive asset the cost of holding such things will become prohibitive, and no one will want them. No more of those things will be made, and those who made them previously will now be unemployed. If it’s a productive asset, the PUBLIC that buys the production will end up paying the tax. What does that accomplish? Economically, absolutely nothing of any value to anyone.

    Very good comment.

    The big problem is that the corporations have sucked the province dry so it takes awhile to get things going when a new party is elected. When they shut down a lot of industry and let the newbies scramble to get things going.

    When the premier retired it became another story.

      Sorry for big error Telus is playing tricks again..

      The NDP government in Manitoba kept thins going until the premier retired.

      Nah, it only seems that way, Retired02. Dig a little deeper. Take a look at how corporate finance actually works. What you’ll find, if you dig deep enough, is that there’s a correctable flaw in the way accounting works and relates to money. The age old theory was that the act of producing something also produced enough purchasing power to buy it. When all craft was handicraft, like in days of yore, and virtually all goods were ‘consumer’ goods, this was roughly so. Today, in our modern, capital intensive, industrial world, it is not only NOT so, but becomes increasingly less so with each passing year.

      We ‘produce’ to ‘consume’. That’s the PRIMARY reason we do things. Consumption is the crown, the apex, of production. Not to have a job, nor even to make a profit. Those things are secondary reasons, both down the line from the main one ~ consumption. So if this is so, and it is, why do we have to continue producing MORE to be able to consume what we’ve ALREADY produced? Physically, the actual ‘cost’ of production, of All PRODUCTION, is ALL CONSUMPTION over one and the SAME time period, whatever that may be, day, week, month, quarter, etc.
      But that ISN’T what our accounting system, as it presently operates, makes it out to be. It makes it MORE than the actual cost, which to the public, in total, represents money they’ve never received and can never, in total, ever pay. We end up with a debt which grows endlessly. Prices rise when they should be falling, and the hole we dig for ourselves grows ever deeper.

      It’s NOT the ‘corporations’ ~ they’re only trying to survive. Their rate of profit on sales is FALLING, in more cases, than it’s rising. It’s the financial system itself, that’s what needs correcting.

Speaking of voting..

Crusty Clark has gone from running free doing what ever she wants…. now she is on a very short leash in a cage.. watch her bob and weave and promise the world to who ever she has to..

We will be back at the polls with in a yr…

    Watch our economy go down the toilet with a minority government.
    If the NDP and Greens gang up on the Libs our economy will turn into a wilted dried up sagebrush.
    Neither the NDP nor the greens have anything of value to add to our economy, and like it or not that’s what we all need to survive. A strong thriving economy.
    Oh yeah everyone wants that great utopian world that the NDP promises, but who is going to pay for it? You can say big business if you want, but I remember very well that Finning packed up their head office from the Lower Mainland and left for economic freedom the last time the NDP formed a BC government. Without big business investment the taxpayer picks up that loss and we end up flushing our wallets down the toilets of an NDP Fast Ferry.
    Oh how people have short memories. Drives me nuts.
    The left is not going to help us at all. It’ll just tax the hard working population to pay for the remainder of the self entitled.
    Like it or not, that’s the truth. I’ve lived through the NDP governments dating back to the 70’s and that philosophy will kill this province quicker than a bullet to the head.

      It also drives me nuts how short BCers memories are . For instance . BC was promised a fixed link to Vancouver island , railway with its terminus in Victoria as a condition of bc joining confederation . The price $21 million dollars . Before the link was dry they reneged saying it was too much money . John A. Macdonald was the first Prime Minister to screw British Columbia . I wonder how much 21 mill in 1873 dollars would be worth today with interest .

      Should be spelt INK was dry . Did you know baws spelt backwards is swab ?

      Sorry to burst your bubble but the economy was already going down the toilet with the Liberals in power. It is only being held aloft by the hyper heated real estate market in the lower mainland, and that has been cooling as of late.

      Over the past decade, under Liberal watch, there have been over 22,000 jobs lost in the Forestry sector alone, and you’re worried about Fast Ferries and other issues from 16 years ago?

      Why are you not questioning current Liberal policy to increase raw log export? You know, exporting to the likes of Werehaeuser in the USA, who btw invested $241,000 to Liberal coffers. But no, nothing to see here.

      I’m not suggesting that raw log exports are bad, in fact it keeps a number of people employed. What people don’t realize is the Liberal policy that removed the requirement for local job creation in forestry. Because of this policy BC has been bleeding jobs in this sector, especially in smaller communities.

      Ataloss, my memory is much, much too short to go way back to when Sir John A. made his deal with BC, but I do recall my history a bit differently than you. BC’s big condition for joining was for Canada to build a wagon road through the Rockies to join with BC’s existing roads. MacDonald sweetened the pot by promising a railroad to the coast, and he delivered.

      You don’t need a good memory , which you don’t . All you need do , is read history .

      What does it mean to have a strong vibrant economy.

      It means the corporations a feeding on us and giving us the shaft. They sock away billions and you get a daily wage to live on that’s what it means.

      So, Retired 02, you think we’d be better off with no corporations and thus no daily wage for us to live on?

      Retired 02, you sure have a “mad on” for corporations! What’s up with that? Were you unable to succeed in the corporate world and instead settled for some union job, probably provided by a corporation?

      Did you sit on your butt most days at work and as a result, never advance as a result of your lack of initiative?

      Did your union rep continuously preach to you that “the Man” is sticking it to you?

      But for all of your contempt for the big bad corporations, I’d be willing to bet that if you have a corporate pension, if you own an RRSP, if you own a RRIF, there’s a very good chance that you own shares is Big Bad Corporations! I sure hope that horrible thought doesn’t keep you up at night, haha!

    I remember what happened to the ‘resource industry’ when the NDP came to power in BC. It wasn’t pretty!!!Mining dried up, companies were mothballed. The lumber industry suffered too. People lost their jobs, which made them lose their homes, families SUFFERED—Been there done that.
    NO THANKS!!!

      I remember that well, don’t want it again.

      funny it never happened to me.

      Yeah, it was tough. I managed to survive but it’s an experience I wouldn’t wish on anybody trying to raise a family.

There has been no talk of Maddie Scott.
Poker Ride tomorrow out that way.
6 years missing as of this weekend.

    Thanks for the reminder. Such a sad situation for the parents and siblings, Grampa as well.

If you are like me and need to clean out all of your freezer burned food, consider donating the items to Northern Wildlife Rescue Society in Smithers (they pick up frozen food once a month in PG), or the PG Animal and Equine Rescue. I’m not sure about the Humane Society, but instead of throwing out the food lets help feed the rescue animals.

How is it the city is awash with dandelions on city boulevards yet the soccer fields are free from the little yellow critter. Please, those that tend to the fields let us in on your secret weapon of how to get rid on this noxious pest.

    Soccer folks make a lot of dandelion wine?

The federal govt is developing a method to get more 0-emission automobiles on Canada’s roads, a process that has sparked a combat between the environmental lobby and the automobile industry as each seeks to form coverage. Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Technology and Financial Development, and Marc Garneau, Minister of Shipping, are scheduled to announce on Friday the creation of an advisory workforce if you want to counsel coverage on 0-emission vehicles or ZEVs. The advisory staff and five subcommittees will contain individuals from environmental teams and car business businesses to boot as companies in the auto sector with a purpose of getting a policy dependent through next 12 months.

    More useless waste of taxpayer dollars.

    O-emission vehicles? No such thing!

    The automobile industry has its own self-centered agenda. The not-now-required electricity output from Site C will come in handy for not only charging batteries of electric cars which are on the way. It will also be great for cutting carbon emissions by converting present home natural gas furnaces to using electric heating elements as well as replacing all natural gas water heaters to electricity.

      You say that like it’s a good thing.

      Prince George, by the time that happens we’ll be so addicted to the money we’re receiving from exporting that power. we’ll need a Site D, and E, and F, etc. Look at the Columbia River power if you doubt me. The idea, the WAC Bennett idea, was that we’d have that power for “free” 30 years after the dams were built, which the Americans originally paid for, and as he said at the time, ” ….and there’s nothing freer than free, my friend.”

      We didn’t need that power in the 60’s, we had the Peace coming online with more juice than we could ever use. But in 30 years time we would. What happened? WE didn’t get it back, to keep OUR hydro rates lower than anyone else’s. Governments had become used to receiving money for it. The NDP to help fund their various social programs, while that nut-job Campbell seemed to have some warped ideological mindset that we should pay ‘world-price’ for our own power! That it was some kind of sin that our hydro rates were cheaper than everyone else’s.

      I KNOW that it is a good thing, otherwise I would not have said it!

      If you have better ideas about how to use abundant clean renewable hydro power don’t be bashful! Let’s hear it!

      There’s a niche for electric cars but they won’t replace the gas guzzlers, so we won’t need it for that.

      Who’s going to pay to convert all those N. gas fired furnaces to electric? Certainly not me, even my inefficient 50 yr old furnace is cheaper than electric heat so why would I? Cutting CO2 emissions is an exercise in futility and hopefully that nonsense will have run its course before such conversions are forced on us.

      It’s not a matter of finding a better use for that electricity (although that’s easy – use it to supply the increasing conventional demand) the point is that your ideas are pointless and unaffordable.

The promise of the Federal Govn’t of 1866 was to build a link to Vancouver Island to unite Canada but when all was said and done nothing was built and we still use boats.

However the The Confederation Bridge spans the Abegweit Passage of Northumberland Strait. It links Prince Edward Island with mainland New Brunswick, Canada.
Before its official naming, Prince Edward Islanders often referred to the bridge as the “Fixed Link”. Wikipedia
Address: Confederation Bridge,Total length: 12,900 m, Construction started: October 7, 1993, completed in 1997.

Vancouver Island joining Canada
The history of an island railroad and a functioning island railway in perpetuity, started with the colony of Vancouver Island joining British Columbia in 1866, and the Canadian Confederation of 1867, and the incorporation of British Columbia into Canada in 1871.

The terms of union required that within two years, the federal government was to start the construction of a railway from the “seaboard of British Columbia” joining the new province and Victoria with the railway system of Canada.

On its part, British Columbia was to grant a band of public land of up to 32 kilometres (20 mi) in width along either side of the railway line to the federal government for it to use in furtherance of the construction of the railway.

The Pacific terminus of the railway was not specific would see the railway cross the Rockies by the Yellowhead Pass and reach the BC coast at Bute Inlet. It would cross Sonora Island and Quadra Island and reach Vancouver Island by a bridge across Seymour Narrows.

Through the influence of then BC Premier Amor de Cosmos, this plan was adopted by Order in Council by the federal government on 7 June 1873. Two shipments of rail were even delivered to Victoria from the United Kingdom. In 1873,

Prime Minister of Canada Sir John A. Macdonald had stated that Esquimalt, British Columbia, the site of a naval base, would be the terminus of the “Pacific Railway”. However, both the federal government and the Canadian Pacific Railway placed a low priority on construction of an island railway, as it had low traffic potential and would duplicate an existing steamer service.

    The confederation bridge is also by some called the Mccains bridge . There are 180,000 people on pei and close to a million people on Vancouver island . Maybe if Vancouver island had more potatoes and fewer people they might have the conferation bridge they were promised 150 years ago too . It’s a debt BC is owed .

    The Vancouver Island section of the proposed Canadian transcontinental railway was built by a different group than those involved in the CPR. VI coal baron Robert Dunsmuir secured financial backing from the group that had constructed the Central Pacific Railway in the US, (that part of what’s now the Union Pacific that crossed California), and the Provincial Government assisted by granting them the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Land Grant. The railway ended at Nanaimo until the early 1900’s, when the CPR bought out the Dunsmuir group and extended the rails north to Courtenay, with a right-of-way graded still further north towards Campbell River. The idea was to provide a fixed link to the Island as per the original terms of our entry into Confederation. World War One halted further construction. After the War was over, an assessment of the world situation found that the expected markets for all the goods this, and a whole bunch of other railways that had been built or started prior to the War, simply did not exist. Canada was grossly over-railroaded, and the Federal government ended up taking over two trans-continental lines to ensure their overseas financial backers didn’t lose their shirts, and thereby imperil the ability of Canada to raise capital abroad.

      And the more things change, the more they remain the same. For here we are today, still trying to chase those elusive global markets. Seems such is the price of having the pleasure to say we’re “working” our way into bankruptcy! Though why anyone feels they have to ‘work’ at that is beyond me. But lets not be negative. After all, after we’ve exported our best, (for less) we can still sell the locals the rest (for more), if only we had enough money to buy it.

      Regardless as to how you frame the island railway , the onus will always lay with the federal governments promise of a fixed link to Vancouver island as a prerequisite to joining confederacy . Every other group wronged by canada has gotten some sort of reciprocity . how about BC ? Sadly , not even lip service . It ferries forever . Polish ferries ? What are our structural engineers doing ?

      I agree, Ataloss. We’ve always been on the short end of the stick in our dealings with Ottawa. Maybe the only good thing about the NDP turning us into a ‘have not’ Province in the 1990’s, (or at least being blamed for such), was that we finally got some money back from the Feds, instead of us just sending it to them. As for building ferries in Poland, or Germany, or wherever, that’s just about as stupid as it gets. We have our own shipyards here, yards that pay a lot of property taxes, as well as a host of other levies, and contribute greatly to our overall economy. The money stays here, in other words. What does Poland buy from us to make up for what we pay them for doing what we could’ve done ourselves? Or Germany? Maybe some more land in the Cariboo and elsewhere in that latter instance. Drive up the price some more. We’ll all be rich… and dispossessed. Tenants in our own country.

maybe you folks can help me out. I want to head out flyfishing this weekend. I’m pretty new to the sport and was wondering if there were any likeminded individuals on the site that could point me to a decent location to try my luck within about an hour of town. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone :)

    Crooked River, anywhere.

    Squawfish run should be on, but you just want to practice right?
    They make good fertilizer for the garden.

    Ferguson Lake.

    Try Opatcho.

If you think 22,000 job losses in Forestry is a problem, the future is going to keep going that way! http://www.highexistence.com/automation-revolution-universal-basic-income/.

I notice that the little computer store that used to be at 9th and Winnipeg is turning into a Learning Centre associated with D. P. Todd. That’s too bad in one way since I don’t know of another local source for computer parts and repair supplies, but anyhow, I’m wondering what it means for the schools. Generally speaking enrollments have been declining. Does this mean that D. P. Todd needs more space because their enrollment is increasing?

    No mention of BP Todd here: (SD 57 website)

    Schools listed below are operating at full enrolment capacity.
    Admission of out-of-catchment students is not anticipated.

    Choice Programs

    Lac des Bois – Maximum of 60 students Kindergarten students
    Polaris Montessori – Maximum of 40 students Kindergarten students

    Elementary Schools

    Hart Higlands
    Heather Park (English Program)

    Secondary Schools

    College Heights
    Duchess Park

      My mind is slipping. I meant Duchess Park, which apparently is full.

    Wasn’t that was the home of DDR Computers? They’re still around, just in another location, because I hear them advertising. Look them up.

      It’s DDR2 on third ave old industrial park

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