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October 27, 2017 5:11 pm

Friday Free for All – June 9,2017

Friday, June 9, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

It’s time to  speak up on issues that  matter to you.

It’s  time for the Friday Free For All

You pick the topic,  but please obey the three simple rules,  and  refrain from name calling.    Such posts  will be,  at the least,  edited,  and may lead to a loss of privileges.

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


Good morning y’all! May everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend!😎

Well, good morning to you too! I hope your weekend is great as well.

Heyyyyyy What about me?????????

Will this be the Friday free of all politics?
It may be a great weekend after all :)

It isnt fair Ive had enough and I want my share

Here’s my gripe of the day. WHY is it that when people take the off ramp from hyw 97 north down to Massey, they find it necessary to wait until traffic on Massey is clear in both directions before they turn left? Or they will proceed across then stop and wait for traffic to clear, even though they are in a merge lane to Pine Center. IT’s YOUR LANE PEOPLE!!GO GO.

That feel’s better. Have a nice weekend all.

    I think the problem lies with people thinking that the traffic going West on the inside lane will turn left into the merge lane and therefore wait for the traffic to clear.

    I agree that once the North/East lane is clear you are free to go across and merge into the Pine Centre lane, however most people don’t do that.

Here’s my gripe! All winter went by, spring came, all the bike signs were put up telling everyone where bikes and vehicles can and cannot go. However, there is still no light at the corner of Ospika and Ferry! The pole has been there for a year, so what is more important in this town! Turning tight off Ferry onto Ospika is risky and I’ve seen many close calls! Priorities???

Hmm. No political entries makes for a quiet morning. Ha Ha!
Kudos to City Council for listening to the residents regarding the Bus Garage location on 18th and Foothills

Has anyone else noticed the popular trees? I’m thinking the caterpillars are back again.

I heard on a CBC radio program this morning that the opposition party in Alberta want an inquiry into how the Albertan government handled the fire in Fort McMurray. This concerns me first because of the amount of money it would cost to run the inquiry and second because give the government a break. This was, I believe and I might be wrong, the first time in recent history (30-40 years) that a city of that size caught on fire due to a wildfire. It came up quickly and was handled in an emergency-like fashion. Of course, there will be mistakes made. Review those mistakes and have an idea of how to work it better next time, if there is one. In my opinion, it does not need a full inquiry costing lots of taxpayer dollars. To me it sounds like the opposition party just wants something to bitch about.

Thanks to Interior off Road for helping my dad out with a desperately needed repair on his wheelchair van. They fixed it for him sent on his way free of charge… made my families day :)

Canada’s first industrial scale geothermal power plant has been approved in Saskatchewan . They have a tiny fraction of what is avalible in bc . DeSmog.ca has it as top story . The picture of an operating plant is in Iceland, the Kings of geothermal . Just another 21st century technology bus that BC Libcons missed for us . We used to lead , what happened ?

Never a dull moment in politics, locally, nationally or even internationally!

Theresa May, Britain’s Prime Minister called a snap election in the hopes that it would strengthen her majority ahead of Brexit negotiations, and she lost! So, now she sits with a minority government and has stated that she will work with the Democratic Unionist Party out of northern Ireland which won 10 seats and gives her enough to form Government.

So much for her strengthening the majority that she already had. It looks like the “youth” vote turned out it greater numbers, voting for the Labour Party.

I tend to worry a bit about the impact that the “youth” has on elections. In my opinion, many if not most of the “youth” voters have been heavily influenced by the socialist left-wing dogma preached to them by public sector educators. Voting with a mindset that “Government” can, should and will provide them with everything they want, need and desire is never a good thing!

Think that doesn’t happen? Look right here in Canada! Trudeau promised the moon, the sun and the stars, oh and legalized use of marijuana as well! Sunny ways are leading into deficit days!

    Look at the bright side of things, they are the ones that when they are in their 50’s will see their taxes go up to pay for the deficits run in their 20’s. Any luck and we’ll be gone by the time the chicken comes home to roost.

    A friend asked me the other day if the NDP is bad for him. I said for him personally the NDP are outstanding. He’s got family, he’s middle income, they’ll have all sorts of goodies for him.

    I said where they can be bad, is if they put such a chill on business that his business sees a drop in sales and as a result he has a lower personal tax burden, but a much lower income.

    People forget the NDP used to tax capital invested – and that included debt. If you have a 500 million dollar mine, financed by debt, you still had to pay capital tax on the 500 million, and that’s even if you lost money.

      Yes, people’s memories are short when it comes to things the NDP used to tax ~ and could well try to do again. Capital taxes were in under Dave Barrett’s NDP regime. The reason for them then was that it would deter businesses from displacing labor with capital intensive machinery when such machinery was subject to an annual tax, the same as real property is, on an assessed value.

      Capital tax ruined Britain, the once proud “Workshop of the world”, when the UK’s equivalent of the NDP, the Labor Party tried going that way in the inter-war years. Businesses didn’t both re-investing, they just let their plants deteriorate while they “lived off their depreciation”, as the saying goes.

      Banks, however, (even if they complain when that kind of tax is levied on them, which is ironic, because they alone have the ability to create the money to pay it), are never too critical of a capital tax imposed on anyone else. And why should they be, it’s wonderful for their business when people have to borrow and put up collateral security to get the dough to pay it.

There are several people who are very unhappy with the Prince George Cougars owners right now. The organization changed it’s season ticket pricing AFTER they accepted a deposit for the seats earlier this year. We are cancelling our season tickets which included 2 excellent seats. The increase is almost $500 for both seats for the season. Unreal! Basically they are pricing us out of keeping a WHL team in P.G. How sad. I encourage other season ticket holders to speak up and/or dump their seats.

    I feel your pain but end of day, it’s a privately owned business who needs to make a profit to survive. To me I would have thought it appropriate to grandfather existing ticket holders for at least 3 years. It’s up to the market now to determine if their gamble will pay off. Are there people out there willing to pay the bigger bucks for the prime seats.

    On the flip side, less desirable seats have become quite affordable for lower income households – so you never know how this will all balance out.

      We had prime seats (centre blue line). We’ll go to some games and sit in the ‘cheap seats’. I don’t know what the cost is for single tickets. I heard those have increased as well. I agree, grandfathering would have been an excellent idea. At this point, everyone that I know that has season tickets are dumping them.

    I know… Even concert tickets appears to have gone up… 143 is cheapest for Journey tickets… REALLY??? Sir Elton John had cheaper tickets

Hudson’s Bay Company announces 2000 layoffs! Most layoffs are expected to be in the US but layoffs are layoffs. Tough times for “physical space” retailers trying to compete in an online world!

    Every time I go into our Bay in PG I wonder how they can even stay open. The store is EMPTY of shoppers. No music playing in the background. It’s eerily quiet.

      I think the same thing when I walk through Sears or go into Rona.

Interesting comments in Les Leyne’s “In the Fast Leyne” column in today’s PG Citizen discussing the Utility Commission review of Site C.

I especially liked the way that Andrew Weaver seems to be distancing himself from John Horgan’s actions this week!

This week, Christy Clark sent Horgan a letter, raising the delay costs and this prompted Horgan to write back, twice!

His first letter was openly hostile and appears to have been written by “Angry John”!

His second letter, a toned-down version, perhaps was written by “Toned-Down John”!

An NDP caucus staff member later wrote to reporters to confirm that “there were two versions of the same letter sent to Christy Clark’s office. An earlier version that was accidentally sent due to an administrative error, and the final version…”!

Les Leyne writes that it looks like the first one – Angry John – was rushed out, then retracted when his office realized “Potential Premier John” was the tone they should have been trying to set!

Poor Andrew Weaver! How on earth is he going to deal with “Angry John”, haha?

    never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake

    “Sun-Tzu: art of war”

      He who takes up arms against another commonly wounds himself, and the avenger should remember the words of Napoleon, “Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake.” In 1879 the quote is presented as a “maxim in war” that is unattached to any famous figure.

    Hey Hart, he already said Horgan has a temper, blew up on him a couple
    times, yet he threw in with him. I can see a green or two crossing the floor if he stays the same. Angry John, that’s hilarious!

      More wishful thinking.

    Weaver will manage to deal with Horgan. Once they form the Government they will be happy as pigs in ….

    On the other hand Christie and her Liberal buddies will be suffering from a severe case of ego deflation. They will be sitting in opposition wondering what the H happened.

    They will have the pleasure of watching the so called party of NO calling the shots, and saying yes.

    Meanwhile back at the **barbie** Christie in a white hard hat, continued to pass out hot dogs and hamburgers with heavy machinery as a back drop, showing once again that her (liberal) campaign was nothing more than a dog and pony show, that somehow lost the pony along the way.

      Not likely it will ever happen, but wouldn’t it be something if Christy brought in a Throne Speech that the NDP and Greens couldn’t oppose? She could propose to do just enough of the things her two opponents have been pushing for publicly, and then watch them try to find enough fault with what’s she’s proposing to vote non-confidence. Throw in something else that would be broadly popular, like a 2% reduction in PST from 7% to 5%, and see if they’d then have the guts to vote against that.

So you want your Prime seats at the same price as the cheap seats! Someone has already bought those PRIME seats and is happy to pay a premium for them. Try and get Club seats in Vancouver for the price of nosebleeds. Ain’t going to happen and shouldn’t happen.

So true. The same people that complain about people feeling entitled to gov funded services are now presenting as entitled to cougars tickets at a price they like. Almost as though they want the “good” seats to be subsidized by the “poor” seats.

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