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October 27, 2017 5:07 pm

Your Thoughts Wanted on New Animal Control Bylaw

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 @ 10:23 AM

Prince George, B.C.- As the City of Prince George  gets  ready to introduce a new  animal control  bylaw,  it wants to hear from  residents.

For the next month,  Animal Control officers with the City of Prince George  will be visiting dog parks  and areas  frequented by  animal lovers to get feedback.    But the possible changes aren’t just about dogs.   The survey  poses  questions about  restrictions for cats, and  possible licensing of felines.

Other topics covered by the survey  include:

  • Dog breed restrictions
  • Dog restrictions based on animal history (e.g. a history of aggression or violence)
  • Dog restrictions in off-leash areas
  • How long dogs should be allowed to bark before being considered a nuisance
  • Various cat restrictions, such as the number a resident should be allowed to own
  • Topics relating to cat and dog licensing

“Administration feels it is imperative reach out to the community for input on some of the key areas of the bylaw we are preparing for Council,” says Fred Crittenden, Manager of Bylaw Services. “We are hoping that residents will provide us with some information to help us to craft the best possible legislation. We encourage both pet owners and non-pet owners to complete the survey to ensure their voices are heard.”

In addition to  surveying residents in the field,  the survey is also available online  (available  here)

Last January, Council directed Administration to bring forward a new Responsible Ownership Bylaw,   which would put the onus on an animals behaviour on the owner,  rather than  the breed.  The existing bylaw   has  several inconsistencies  and  deficiencies say staff.   The current bylaw  is  more than 12 years old.

The new bylaw is expected to be in front of Council for review by the end of the year.



Why have ANY Bylaws when there is NO ONE to inforce the Law.
What a JOKE.

    Sure there is. Between the police station and Tim Hortons there’s heavy foot patrol.

    This. The park I live next to is a no-dogs allowed park. It constantly has dogs being ran in it off leash.

    No point in having animal control bylaws if they’re never enforced.

How about enforcing bylaws for loud motorcycles. Those pussies in city hall are to afraid off

    I think bylaws is firmly adhered to the coffee pot in the office making sure it never gets empty.

    That’s an RCMP thing.

what difference does it make they don’t enforce the animal bylaws they have now.

License cats! Period! But bylaws are useless when there is no enforcement!

    My cat is going for his class 5 license test next week, he just turned 16 and can’t wait for his “N” or “Z”

      The way some people drive they might as well issue them out to cats, my pooch has 4 more years. But he is goofy so I won’t let him drive! LOL

How long dogs can bark before being considered a nuisance? Bylaw officers must be getting tired of responding to the huge number of barking dog complaints they get. If you let your dog bark for no legit reason you are the problem. I have my own way of dealing with you and your noisy mutt. Good luck trying to sleep with the noise that will be unleashed upon you.

The survey asks how long a dog should be allowed to bark during the day and the night. We are a shift worker town. There are people sleeping during the day and night. It shouldn’t matter when dogs bark it should only matter that they do.

    Phone the bylaws. Something like three complaints and they will deal with it. If you get your neighbours involved they will pay the owners a visit. I have done this before and they surprisingly did an efficient job, the matter was dealt with.

      My experience has proven most neighbours have no spine.

Don’t need a bylaw officer for a barking dog. You need to go over to your neighbour’s house and tell him to get his dog to shut it’s %#@&ing mouth.

    Too many people take offence when they are asked nicely. Then many make your lives miserable.

I think cats should have to be licensed and they should be picked up by the ponds as well. Cats are the worst, they dig up your garden, flower beds and freshly planted grass to do there duties. If we wanted a cat or dog we would go buy one.

A lot of dog and cat owners are irresponsible.

I firmly believe that there are no dumb pets, but there sure are a lot of dumb pet “owners”!

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