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October 27, 2017 4:50 pm

Description of Suspect in Mall Smash Released

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 @ 11:30 AM

South entrance of Pine Centre mall where  vehicle rammed its way into the building-photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.  RCMP in Prince George  say the suspect in this morning’s smash and drive through  at the Pine Centre Mall is  male,  and was wearing  a black hoody,  a white mask,  dark blue jeans,  and white and grey shoes.

The suspect had driven a white ford f-350 , four door duelly truck with no box,    through the south entrance of the mall around 4 this morning. Although not yet reported as such,  RCMP  believe the truck had been stolen.

It  is believed the suspect was  already accessing a store in the mall when  mall security arrived on scene.  The suspect then fired a shot  from a gun and fled the scene on foot.   The security guard was not injured.

A Police Dog Services Team was called in to assist in locating the suspect, however all efforts have been negative so far.

The investigation is continuing.


They need to deal with this idiot very harshly, not justice system harshly but good old justice harshly! Shooting off a pistol is really smart! Probably doing TV homey boy style and shooting sideways!

    I recall a security guard being murdered here years ago, glad it didn’t happen in this instance. Wanna bet this guy is gonna do something stupid again? Hope no one’s in the way.

No barriers? No security camera photos? Even if he was wearing a mask, maybe someone would recognize something about him. A pretty frustrating day for the cops, the mall staff and the shoppers.

Major Crime, when he pulled the trigger. Gonna go to the big house.

Based on this description, if you’re a male, you’re a suspect.

The “barriers” didn’t do much, I have to wonder if they were engineered or bought from Home Depot.

No Cameras at the mall?

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