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October 27, 2017 4:50 pm

P.G. Slips in Ranking of Best Places to Live in Canada

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 @ 12:30 PM

Prince George, B.C.- Once again, MoneySense Magazine has produced its list of the best places to live in Canada, and for the second straight year,  Ottawa is ranked in first place.

Prince George has slipped in the rankings,  now sitting at 182, down from the 127th place it was  sitting in a year ago.  But the drop in ranking may have more to do with the number of communities now being assessed by MoneySense than in any major changes in the categories used to assess a community.

The  number of communities now being  examined and ranked  has grown to 417,  nearly double the number  examined  in previous years.  The rankings include  communities with populations as low as 9,000  and  bedroom communities of larger metropolitan  areas.

MoneySense  looks at a number of factors including  housing prices,  incomes,  taxes,  weather,  crime rates,  and accessibility to  health care.

If it is  any consolation,  Prince George ranked  ahead of Greater Vancouver (#204)   Vernon (#221)  and Penticton which came in at #335.

In the top ten,  Oak Bay was the  highest ranking  B.C. community  coming in at  number three,   while North Saanich was  right behind in the number four spot

Here is the full top ten:

  1. Ottawa
  2. St. Augustin-de-Desmaures Quebec
  3. Oak Bay BC
  4. North Saanich, B.C.
  5. Weyburn Saskatchewan
  6. St. Bruno de Montarville, Quebec
  7. St. Albert, Alberta
  8. Mont Royal Quebec
  9. Burlington Ontario
  10. Levis Quebec

Here is how some of Prince George’s neighbours  show up in the  rankings:

Quesnel, now #338    down from #200 last year.

Williams Lake    now #297   down  from  its #195 spot  a year ago

Terrace  is sitting at #177  down from  its  #116 spot in 2016     and

Fort St. John  is  in the #160 spot,   down  from its #61 position a year ago.

The full rankings   and  details can  be accessed  by clicking here.




The City might rank 182 or whatever but our people rank #1. Where else can you go shopping and at the checkout talk to several other people and not have one of them think you want something from them. Yes, we have Blah Blah Blah but so does every other community. Let’s keep it a secret about our people.

I don’t understand why ft st John would rank so high. That place is a hole. PG is light years further ahead….

    I believe there is a big weight on household income in the formula.

    But yes, I agree. FSJ is rough, rough, rough.

I think that our low ranking is due to worrying crime statistics and relative difficulty in accessing the city due to low quality highways which are two lane and subject to many accidents. We have been left way behind in that respect.

Personally I like it here and would not live anywhere else in B.C. given a choice.

Makes me wonder about Queeeeebec in the top ten 4 times. Must be trying to appease them. Obviously they didn’t go all over BC, Kootenays, Rockies area included, to see some of our places. Money-sense Magazine??? Explains it right there. How about they get a little more in depth!

If you visit the Moneysense website, you can read all about how they do their rankings. Here is a quick summary of the categories and the points they assign to each of them:

Demographics: 8
Unemployment: 10
Income and wealth: 15
Affordability: 12
Taxation: 7
Mobility: 11
Crime: 7
Weather: 10
Health care: 10
Amenities: 6
Culture and community: 5

It looks like you can also do your own ranking based on how you would weigh the various criteria if you don’t agree with how they applied them or a different weighting would be more in line with what you value.

At the end of the day, it’s just their interpretation of data. It’s neither right or wrong, but it does offer a basis of comparison.

    Thank you, still you said it! Interpretation is the key here!

      There is no interpretation other than the categories and the weighting. The rest is done by an identical metric screen applied to each.

We beat Abby, hey retired you there, hello, calling retired. Must be having a tantrum.

    Bwahahahaha, looks good on him. Makes ya wonder if he secretly misses PG? Always seems to stick his nose in our website when it doesn’t concern him. Doesn’t manurecrapford have their own website he can go onto?

So PG is 182nd out of 417 communities. That means we are in the top 43.6 percentile.

Last time we were 127th. It says that they nearly doubled the number of communities. So, half of 417 communities is 208.5

We were 127th of 208 or fewer communities the last time. The means we were in the top 61.1 percentile or slightly better the last time.

Therefore we improved, but not necessarily against the same communities as the last time.

I think the metric is biased towards larger cities.

    I would tend to agree. I think reading the description of their methodology would help people get more out of it than just looking at the “snapshot” results.

      So congrats NMG, go SENS !

      Yeah they had a pretty good year I’d say! Hope the REDBLACKS can repeat as well. At home, that would be sweet.

Wait until they start counting the refugees Lord PM has brought in back east.. that should change the violence statistics.

    Seen a large group of them Saturday night on Robson Street in Vancouver. Big hairy dude would go running from the group right at a white guy alone with his o lady and then peel off at the last second. Some kind of infantile intimidation thing they got a kick out of. Sad part was the women with them didn’t see the immaturity in this. Left me thinking what is coming of Robson Street where one doesn’t typically think of for that kind of behavior. I guess when one spends the whole day on welfare they got nothing better to do but try and intimidate others.

      Did you call the police or were you too in awe of the big hairy dude?

      No, I witnessed this stopped at a stop light driving. Hundreds of other people around that could have called it in. I guess Canada day brings out all the idiots.

      Also got swarmed by a group of white teens wrapped in Canadian flags on the waterfront. They were grabing asses and chasing people and if I didn’t have my kids with me I would have been in a scraping mode for sure. Saying they wanted to rape my wife… but my wife holding me back worried I might get knifed if I fought them. I just think they are all a bunch of pussies for going out in groups and picking fights and then no one in that town does anything to stop it. It wouldn’t happen in PG… these cowards wouldn’t last five minutes acting like that in a PG crowd. Then the whole desecration of our flag on Canada Day using it as a shield to act out in that way was just despicable IMO. Sums up the new Vancouver in my opinion. No class and racial tensions high with it only trending worse. The nice Vancouver of twenty years ago is going the way of history.

      So from the seat of your car you can determine:

      “Seen a large group of them”- Who is “them”? A baseball team? A church choir group? A few friends on Robson Street?

      Could it be possible that the “Big hairy dude” and the “white guy” were buddies and that is why the women did not react. Hard for some to understand but people can be on friendly terms with people of different color and even-gasp- different religions.

      “spends the whole day on welfare” So if there is a big hairy dude on the street one is to assume(naturally)that he must be on welfare?

      Better get the windshield on that vehicle checked as I don’t think it is clear glass but more the Trumplstilskin version with a heavy racist coating that is all the rage south of the line these days.

BIAS report most likely a company from Quebec lol

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