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October 27, 2017 4:48 pm

Date Set for Swearing In of NDP Government

Thursday, July 6, 2017 @ 11:43 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Twelve days from now,  the  NDP government  under the leadership of John Horgan will be  sworn into office.

The date for the swearing in of Premier designate Horgan and his cabinet  is July 18th  at 2 p.m.

The NDP  were given the right to form  government  after assuring  Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon  that  their  party,  with the  support of the  Green Party members,  could form a stable government in  B.C.

The  Liberals were ousted by a non confidence  vote in the Legislature on the 29th of June.

There is still no  official word on when the Legislature will resume,  although it is widely  speculated it will be  shortly after Labour Day.

When the Legislature resumes,  the  NDP  and Greens will have a combined total of   44 seats,  while the Liberals will have 43.    With the selection of a Speaker,  the  alliance will be trimmed back to 43.  The speaker  can vote in the  event of a tie,  and traditionally votes  in favour of the government.




Oh goody. I will get right on that! I would rather view the ‘swear at them’ ceremony. Both nimrods! LOL

    The true meaning of the word Nimrod is **Great Hunter**

    The derogatory version came much later when Bugs Bunny called Elmer Fudd a nimrod.

    So it seems that your saying that Horgan and Weaver are **Great Hunters** orrrrr you get most of your information from comic books.

    Have a nice day.


      Good one Pal.Cheers

    Yes, because you’re clearly the pinnacle of intellectual analysis. I’ve known smarter dogs.

Oh goodie now we will get a government that will destroy the northern economy yet again then congratulate themselves on how they saved BC from economic ruin just like the previous times they were in power …

    I know it’s just awful. First you lose Stevie H and now CC. The last time I checked the sun was still shining and the sky had not fallen.

    Go and kiss the trump.

Pretty well says it all: comic books, nimrods, Hoagie and co. Should be a shoo-in to star in an episode! So I am correct after all! Sounds like you have a pretty fun lifestyle? Probably get a series on Toon channel!

More truckloads of crying towels being shipped to BC. They will be strategically placed throughout the Province for easy access by those who cant stop crying about the Liberals getting thrown out of office.

Hopefully we will not have to listen to the whining for the next four years.

    Palopu, so let me get this straight, we listened to your whining, but now you don’t want to listen to ours? That the typical left-wing “liberal” mindset, where only your opinion matters!

      Your whining never stops no matter who is in power.

cool, look for your house prices to fall the next day.

    Well, the Cons who control the Canadian banking industry are raising rates. So…yeah….expect housing prices to start falling in the near future.

They did promise to make housing affordable, so there!

The sky should fall about the same time.

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