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October 27, 2017 4:41 pm

More RCMP on the Way

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 @ 11:27 AM

Assistant Commissioner Eric Stubbs and Deputy Commissioner Brenda Butterworth-Carr

Prince George, B.C. – The RCMP   will soon have extra boots on the ground to assist those officers who have already been deployed to the  wildfire  aras in B.C.

Deputy Commissioner of E Division, Brenda Butterworth Carr, says 40 officers will be coming  from Alberta.

She says  RCMP deployed to the wildfire areas have been pulled from traffic and tactical units and they have been busy.

Ten people have already been arrested in the 100 Mie and Williams Lake areas  for break and enters in the evacuated areas as Mounties patrol areas  to  ensure  security of vacated private property.

Officers are also working on traffic control and assisting in evacuation efforts.  Butterworth-Carr also says two RCMP officers  have lost their homes to flames, one in the southeast the other in North District.


BC has a population of 4.631 million
Vancouver is 631,486, and The Greater Vancouver area had a population of 2,463,431 in 2016

There are approximately 15,000 displaced people.

Why are the displaced being directed north, to where more fires are and a smaller centre of 70,000 (2012), rather than the lower mainland where there are no fires, and also more available resources and open transportation routes?

Most of the time, government funding goes down to the lower mainland, yet when there is a provincial emergency such as this, we look after ourselves.

I hope they guard peoples homes and not break in and confiscate firearms like they did in the High River flood.

    Did the people get their firearms back?

    Also I think if the cops find guns they should take them before looters do.. they have already arrested a few in both Williams lake and 100 mile for B &E etc.. slime bags..

    Also last thing you want Is bullets going off from the fires.

      So PVal thinks it’s ok for law enforcement to break and enter and steal private property. Ammunition exploding in a fire isn’t the danger you make it out to be either.

      Some media says they did and some says they didn’t. It did cost us the taxpayers 2.6 million for what they decided to do.

      Loose ammunition going off in a fire isn’t what the movies make it out to be. Ammunition chambered in a firearm in a fire will shoot as intended. Maybe 1 round if that.

One reason they send them to Prince George, is because of the huge capacity we have for looking after people. ie: Hospital, Schools, College, University, Civic Centre, Northern Sports Centre, CN Centre, Kins 1,2,3, etc; etc; etc;.

We have the facilities, and all the amenities so why go to all the problems that you would face in the lower mainland.

I would only go to the lower mainland as a last resort.

The lower mainland is not even a last resort for me. I would go as far as Tuktoyuktuk if I had to.

    Smithers and Terrace beat LMD hands down.

Many of the highways heading south are closed, so North is the only option.

Folks .. be aware of the trolls especially mythological Norse tricksters ..

For example, “….in the tales, Loki is portrayed as a scheming coward who cares only for shallow pleasures and self-preservation. He’s by turns playful, malicious, and helpful, but he’s always irreverent and nihilistic….”

Anyone understanding basic geography and wildfires would avoid the canyon or the Coquihalla highway as either can be cutoff by wildfires in a moment with no side road options. Anything North of Cache Creek is closer to PG than Vancouver.

Don’t get trapped into turning a natural disaster into a North versus South political event.

Very happy to see the Mounties stepping up. Real sad, but we’ve got some sad sacks, otherwise known as the underbelly criminals who see an opportunity and strike when good solid folks are at their lowest.

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