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October 27, 2017 4:38 pm

Horgan to Tour Areas Affected by Wildfires

Thursday, July 13, 2017 @ 8:40 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Premier-designate John Horgan will get a close-up view of the wildfire situation in British Columbia today.

Horgan will be meeting with wildfire officials and firefighters in B.C.’s Interior and flying over affected areas in Williams Lake, 100 Mile House and Cache Creek.

He won’t be speaking to reporters during the tour but will provide an update upon his return.


For a fella so concerned with the environment, he has no trouble hopping on a plane, one of the biggest releasers of co2.

    But if he stayed on the coast it would be, Horgan doesn’t care about the north.. pathetic

    100 million for fire assistance from the government.. what do you want. Clark and Horgan on a hose.. lol

    Seconded only to you, perhaps

      I was referring to a big releaser of CO2 lol

    So we should be fighting the fires from the ground??? ….

    Just think of how much food those people eat and how much methane they produce and the impact of farming and ranching on the environment to feed people. :-)

    give me a break from the blather that spouts out of your lips bud

Wow, Horgan will finally get to see areas of BC he didn’t bother going to during the campaign.

Horgan needs to see how much taxes he can still milk from the north. Not talking to reporters is a smart move on his part, as soon as he opens his mouth people will realize where is moral compass really points to .

The Eagles had a song a few years back called “Get over it” you guys ought to have a listen.

    I agree. Pretty sad comments to start the day.

Isn’t the real fire in the legislature..?? Oh snap..!!

-Jokes and politics aside, I would expect any leader worth their salt to see the damage first hand if they are making critical decisions on where to deploy resources.

    Actually no. It would be up to the incident commander who would say what is needed where and when. Has nothing to do with the government except to cut the cheque.

      Who funds the IC divisions.? By critical decisions i meant securing and allocating funds in the legislature for emergency response?

      PS im level 200 ICS certified so you cant bullshit me by dancing around semantics. In my (current and active) experience as an IC I want the people holding the purse strings to have an idea of what is going on.

      Some humans have evolved since they lived in caves …. others have not gotten the hang of specialization … ;-)

      Well good for you, take IC 400 then get back to me about what your learned about.

curious as to where all the outrage from certain basement dwellers are about this waste of taxpayer dollars and ‘just a photo op’. oh right, they only chirped when crusty clark was doing it.

    This isn’t a waste.

He can’t make any decisions that affect the fire response until the 18th when he gets sworn in. Until then Clark and Rustad control the purse

It seems the province has a issue dealing with an emergency situation which over all deals with a relatively small amount of people. Just imagine if the big one happens in lotus land.

The population should not count on government for help and so many are relatively unprepared to leave their homes on a moments notice. My self we have a bug out bag that can support us for a minimum of five days and longer if needed. It also includes cash.

He’s not the Premier yet, so who’s paying for this photo op?

    He is still part of the legislature, so I’m pretty sure that the expense of traveling to these areas is covered by the taxpayer.

    That is what is so pathetic about you LibCons. He travels to these areas and it is called nothing but a “photo-op”. He doesn’t travel to these areas and it is nothing but whining and sniveling that “he doesn’t care about the “North””.

      I voted Green but that doesn’t mean I support Horgan’s frivolous, unnecessary spending just to garner a photo opportunity. The people working the fires don’t need nor want him or any other politician up here.

      What is it with some of you posters and your constant attempts to insult others? When you discuss politics face to face with someone who disagrees with you do you call them a “pathetic LibCon”? It’s really not necessary and just makes you look rather immature.

      Neither Horgan or Clark are doing it for fire fighters. They are doing it because they would look like uncaring jerks if they decided that money was more important than visiting the areas that are being affected by this. Neither of them may really give a damn but, as politicians, they have to give the appearance of caring and that is what these trips are designed to do. Sometimes people want their leaders to put in appearance and do a “photo-op” when disaster strikes.

      Your initial response made you sound exactly like one of the right wing nutters that constantly post their bile on this site. When someone sounds like that, I’ll call them what I think they are. At least, I don’t refer to people as “right-tards” unlike a lot of those people, who have no problem referring to myself and others as “left-tards”.

      And, frankly, looking at your postings. for a guy who voted Green, your views seem to align a lot more with the Cons on this site than with a Green point-of-view.

      Good points Axman.

      Right. Good points. Don’t make me laugh. You people would have been on here barking like trained seals about Horgan not giving a crap about the North if he had decided to stay in Victoria and save money.

      And it sure is funny how there are no complaints about Christy Clark wasting taxpayers money by doing the exact same thing Horgan is doing. But, hey, it is a Right Wing Princess spending the cash, so it is perfectly all right.

      ” You people would have been on here barking like trained seals about Horgan not giving a crap about the North if he had decided to stay in Victoria and save money. ”

      I’d love to have a politician say they’re staying away from the fire zones because their presence is not needed and, it will save some money. Ain’t going to happen, politicians are in politics to line their pockets and the pockets of their friends.

      imback, I’m sure that the LibCons aren’t anymore pathetic than the NDP/Green supporters on this site that have constantly criticized Christy Clark, Shirley Bond or Mike Morris whenever they were in a photo! The screams of “photo op, photo op, photo op” from other than the LibCons was deafening!

      But I’m sure you never noticed, right?

      The difference was that Morris, Bond and Clark were spending our money on photo ops trying to get themselves re-elected. Putting in an appearance at an area that has been hit by a disaster is neither inappropriate or a waste of money and that goes for both of them; however, as usual, you completely ignore the point that a bunch of Right Wing bellyachers are complaining about Horgan wasting money while saying absolutely nothing about their Princess doing the same thing.

      Yet, had Horgan chosen not to go, the same Right Wing whiners would be pointing a finger at the guy and yelling about how he doesn’t care about the people in the interior and northern areas of the province

      imback, actually those on the “left” have whined and complained about photos of Clark, Bond, Morris et al for as long as they were in power. The whining wasn’t restricted to just election campaign durations!

      It was the same when Harper and the Conservatives held power federally. The whining from the left was continuous!

      Now that Justin is screwing up Canada, and Horgan is poised to take power in BC, we on the right are entitled to our own opportunity to “whine”! For goodness sakes, Justin is certainly giving us lots of opportunities, as I’m sure that Horgan will also do!

      That sounds fair, right?

      I suppose it’s fair unless of course, one is a typical liberal-lefty who thinks that only their opinion matters! Your not one of those, are you?

      No more so than Conservative Righties who think only their opinion matters. Complain away, but at the least also complain about your Princess wasting our money by doing exactly the same sort of PR trip as Horgan.

      Personally, AFAIAC neither of them are doing anything wrong in visiting the areas that have been hit by these wildfires.

Good, he’s finally gonna breathe some smoke. I am glad he’s going up there, he needs to see it first hand.

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