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October 27, 2017 4:37 pm

Thieves Cut Down BC Hydro Poles

Thursday, July 13, 2017 @ 3:25 PM


Prince George, B.C.- Thieves in Prince George used a chainsaw to cut down two power poles on Old Cariboo Highway  yesterday.

Downed pole- image courtesy BC Hydro

The thieves were after  certain components  on the  poles to  steal  copper.

Metal theft is a huge concern for BC Hydro. It is a crime that affects the safety of the public and BC Hydro employees, and  has an impact on the reliability of the electrical system.

BC Hydro is warning the public that acts of vandalism resulting in downed lines create serious public safety hazards.

The downed distribution line was carrying 25,000 volts of electricity, which could have injured or killed a member of the public or crews as BC Hydro worked to make repairs. In addition, damage to the downed transformer caused an oil spill, which required a specialized spill crew to prevent damage to the environment.

BC Hydro is reminding the public to stay back at least ten metres and dial 911 immediately if they come across a downed line, and to report any suspicious activity around power lines to the RCMP.




We really need to start taking crime more serious in this community.

Those who commit crimes need to be aware that there is a penalty to pay, and that they will serve time in prison.

Finding reasons to not send these people to jail needs to stop. We need to go back to **you do the crime, you do the time**. Are we going to just sit back and wait until innocent people start to get killed or injured.

    Who’s buying this stuff? How big could the black market for copper be in this town?

      No black market, they sell it to the metal recyclers.

      Black Market implies that that the goods being dealt are stolen. Can they honestly buy this stuff and not wonder where it came from?

    Lock them up in a pair of stocks in a public square! Perhaps some public humiliation should be the order of the day!

    Oh wait, we’re not allowed to do that anymore! What a shame!

      The Romans would give him the rail. A rough cut 2×10 carried on the shoulders of some soldiers with the perp forced to sit on the rail (one leg either side of the rail) as they parade him around town with some weights tied to his feet. They never had repeat offenders that got the rial treatment. I think that’s what should be the order of the day for evacuation looters.

      Yup. It tromps on their precious feelings and violates their rights….apparently.


Those copper thieves were so stupid that they didn’t even steal all the copper.
Don’t spend your $5.00 all in one place jackass!

Put them in those medieval contraptions where the head and hands get put in the holes! EIther that or some therapy on what happens if they persist in doing stupid things like this. Once again the only way crime can be taken seriously is if the justice system gets some teeth and deals with it appropriately! Sure, like that is going to happen!

    Crime was never a problem in Medieval and Roman societies.

      How would you know? Were you personally there to witness that crime was not a problem? If so, could you reveal to us the formula for immortality? I would like to see if the Federation becomes a reality in the 23rd Century? lol

      It wasn’t a problem? So where do you think all the victims for slaughter in the coliseum fights where?
      So even with the known punishment was death there where still lots of criminals etc..

And here is the sickening part. If these thieves hurt themselves in the process, our system will take care of them. This bleeding heart “hug a thug” system is making a victim of us all. There is no deterrent, no penalty that stops these people. We pay for their damages, we pay for their court costs, we pay for any incarceration and they get out and do it again. Maybe they’ll be found BBQ’d at the end of a 25KV wire next time.

As for the looters that are being caught in the fire affected areas… “lead to the head”. No crying sob story about how they are hard done by, just shoot them. Tired of this.

    Sure. Shoot them. Then we can pay out millions to the ones who survive or to the families of the ones who don’t for violating their constitutionally protected human rights. Just like we had to for the poor little “child” terrorist Khadr.

Hmmmm. There appears to be a lot of suicidal people in the Interior and Northern parts of BC.

    That’s a dumb comment with no context… do you need help?

      Cutting down power poles with 25KV of power isn’t context enough for you? How about all of the morons around here that pass on blind corners, up hills and on double solid lines. Is that enough context for you?

@Imback .. go away again please.

    Why? Are you one of the types I’m referring to? Are you one of the ones that have passed me on a double solid and risk involving me in your fatal accident because you getting home ten minutes earlier is worth risking other peoples lives.

      Are you one of the ones who doesn’t know the subject of the story is copper thieves and not drivers?

    It is the same mentality. Risking ones own or other peoples lives for selfish reasons; whether it is stealing copper by cutting down a live power pole or driving like an idiot.

    And that is what I was referring to: the mentality of these people.

It’s 14.4 by the way

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