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October 27, 2017 4:36 pm

Another Arrest in Evacuation Zone

Friday, July 14, 2017 @ 1:31 PM

Prince George, ,B.C. –  Three more people have been  stopped by police  in the 100 Mile House  evacuation  zone  under suspicion of break and entering.

RCMP Sergeant  Annie Linteau says  officers  patrolling Netherland Road  off Highway 24,   spotted a suspicious vehicle.  When they stopped the vehicle,  they  saw what they  believe  were break and enter tools.

One of the three  is a known prolific offender says Sgt, Linteau,  and is  facing charges of Possession of Break and enter tools  and  possession of a controlled substance.

The other two in the vehicle were escorted out of the evacuation zone.


Jamie Hammerstrom, lol. Hahahahaha…….

Brings back memories, this dip has been in the system for at least 20 years! He will never get it regardless, so use him as cannon fodder and use him on the very front lines to at least be useful for once in his miserable life. He has left a trail of misery. So make his life miserable and give him a big sentence! Ooh, I forgot, never happen in our system.

they have arrested enough of these looters(thieves) to have a fair sized work crew Boston Flats needs burnt stoves, fridges, washers,dryers, sofas etc removed put in some bins and these pieces of useless skin and put them to work it’s fairly obvious they are good at picking up things that don’t belong to them. this could be PART of the punishment along with at least two years in jail and Mr Lawyer before you start with the violating their rights spiel remember the violation of the victims

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