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October 27, 2017 4:30 pm

City Blanketed in Smoke

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 @ 3:29 PM

City  experiences  heavy smoke  from wildfires – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. –  The City of Prince George  is experiencing a  heavy smoke event, as  smoke from   wildfires  drifts into the  community.

As of 3 this afternoon, the  readings for  PM 2.5  had  climbed to 110.9 micrograms per  cubic meter  while the provincial objective is 25µg/m3   The  reading for  PM 10  was 63.9 micrograms per cubic meter.

The City remains under a smoky skies advisory,   and the   24 hour rolling average  for PM 2.5,  on which  air quality advisories are  based,  was sitting at 20.2 µg/m3  


Just as the NDP are officially signed in… must be a sign of things to come.

    The fires happened as a RESULT OF THE BC Liberals inaction.

      The inaction was the failure of the BC Liberals as they did not perform daily rain dances!

What a low life has to bring in politics, when homes are burning, Do every one a favor and get your self fixed.

    Well its obvious the good lord didnt want Horgan in charge because he is trying to burn down the province now.

      This the most stupid comment I’ve seen in years.

      I tried to mix religion and politics, you didnt like?

    So that comment brought in politics.

    You bring in name calling.

    Let me see, which is worse?

@ doneright.. I rarely post on here and dont know either of you but if any comment is ignorant it’s yours. This story has nothing to do with the plight of others. His comment is in no way offensive to the situation in the south. Get a grip.

Touchy.I will take a Guess, you didnt vote NDP .

not many voted ndp in the interior.

Looks like photo was taken around Carney Hill, would like to see a picture from UNBC or Connaught Hill

I thought that isthisrealife’s comment wAs eorth a chuckle. If we can’t keep a sense of humour in difficult times then we have nothing. Laugh a little folks. It can’t hurt.

    Considering these fires started while Christy Clark was still premier, the real truth is that her and the Libs decided to burn down the province out of bitterness at losing a confidence vote.

    Tell me. Is it still funny now?

      Halarious, Horgy called upon the Gods and the heavens opened up to strike fires in the hopes of bringing the interior to its knees.

Sorry for the lack of spellcheck 😉

Sure the political comments may be perceived as insensitive but they all made me laugh. Good to have some humour in times of crisis.

I hope all with respiratory issues are lucky enough to avoid any complications due to our air quality.

Thanks to all who are helping with the fires and evacuees.

    I’m sitting with all the windows closed and I’m all stuffed up from the smoke. It can’t be good down in the bowl?

Are you guys sure that it isn’t just grandma cooking some pies or “road dust”? 😀

Well I woke up this morning and canforpulp is still running and Tim Hortons wasn’t shut down and wow the NDP have been in power for 12 hours now….you guys are idiots and I truly mean that…16 years of liberal forest mismanagement…lack of replanting in the forests and somehow you idiots will try to blame this on the NDP from the 90s..take your meds go back to bed or drive to Costco for your free lunch

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