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October 27, 2017 4:29 pm

Tension Leads to Threats and Firearms Seizure in Williams Lake

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 @ 11:41 AM

Williams Lake, B.C. – Williams Lake RCMP are  reporting  at least one man  will have a court date this fall after threats were made  against  a firefighter.

According to  police,   just after 10 am  yesterday,  a Firefighter reported that while  working in the  area of  Springfield road,  a local  resident threatened to kill firefighters if they continued  back burning in the area.

The man who made the threat was  in a group of other males,  one of  whom was  alleged to  be carrying a handgun on his hip.

Williams Lake RCMP, with assistance from officers from the BC Wildfire deployment teams, identified and located the 44 year old male, who is alleged to have threatened the fireman.

In speaking with RCMP he acknowledged the statements were made in a time of extreme stress.   At this time, charges against this male are not being considered, however to mitigate the possible risk, his firearm has been temporarily seized.

The 57 year old man, who was alleged to have been wearing the handgun, was also located and arrested.  Police  say  he  had a loaded, insecure handgun, and 6 rifles in his vehicle. His firearms have been seized and he has since been released, with a court appearance scheduled in early November.

We understand that tensions are running high” says  Inspector Jeff Pelley , Officer in Charge of the Williams Lake RCMP, ” but we have to continue to pull together as a community to fight the fires in whatever way we can. The firemen and women have a job to do, as do we, we ask the public to continue to be patient as we work together with all of our partners to make your community a safe place to return to.


Now why is this threat taken more seriously by police over an earlier threat. Would race have anything to do with the threat response?

First of all, I didn’t notice the mention of race in the article…and secondly, I would suspect that the threat is taken much more seriously when there is a loaded firearm present.

Back burning = controlled burn offs?

    Yup controlled burns

yes, they burn off material so that by the time the main fire gets there the fuel is already gone, and then the fire burns itself out if all goes well.

Williams Lake, the wild and wooly west, LOL

    Don’t blame Williams lake . There are mentally ill people in all of our communities . Fuctioning mentally ill people are every where .

The weapon dictates the situation, leave race out of it! The way tempers are right now the weapon creates a volatile situation and the authorities have to act accordingly!

Yep weapon on the hip in an area where a homeowner is protecting his property where the area is rampant with looting and vandalism and some how that denotes him as mentally ill. Give your head a big shake

    In Canada we can’t cary handguns, but we can carry other types of firearms for protection in bear country.

    Yes sir ! Openly carrying a restricted weapon in public . Then threatening fire fighters . And a truck load of unsecured long guns . If that does not define a mentally ill person in your book ,then you need as much help as the nutter doing that sort of thing does .

    protecting your property is one thing, making threats to shoot someone who is helping is another. I would say mentally ill for sure!

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