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October 27, 2017 4:29 pm

Integris Credit Union Helps Out

Thursday, July 20, 2017 @ 5:56 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  There has been no  shortage of  Prince George businesses  stepping up to  do whatever they can  to assist  the more than 8 thousand evacuees who  are now  staying in Prince George until  the wildfire situation is  such  that they can return home.

Mutual Fire Insurance  donated $10 thousand dollars, and asked the folks at  Integris Insurance,   a division of Integris Credit Union and a broker  for Mutual Fire ,to use that money in whatever way was needed to assist the evacuees.

Integris topped up that  fund with another $5  thousand  and  after  talking with  the Salvation Army about  the immediate needs,  the $5 thousand  was used to buy pillows and sheet sets.

( at right, an Integris truck delivers  pillows and sheet sets to  the  Evacuation Reception Centre at  CNC)Integris Truck Delivery BC Wildfire Sheet Sets and Pillows

The dollars have also been used

  • Deliver food, propane, and gas cards to fire fighters
  • Purchase toys, games, and books for young children
  • Buy essentials for pets like food, medication, and a refrigerator for medicine storage. Fridge donated to SPCA
  • Purchase board games for youth aged 12 to 18
  • Purchase water, batteries, and gas cards for the Pet Safe Coalition

Integris will be at CNC this evening,  putting on a bar-b-q for the evacuees at  CNC.

Mutual  Fire Insurance and Integris have now  issued a  challenge to the insurance industry  to make  a donation a local organization in a city with a crisis centre to help evacuees and first responders. Those who take up the challenge are urged to post  it to social media using  the hashtag #BCstrong



That’s GREAT… Integris… YOU ROCK… wish the other BIG banks would get personal like this..instead of hiding behind their desks and calculating how much they’ll probably make from this disater

    I guess Scotiabanks $50,000 donation or BMO’s $50,000 donation are not good enough for you? There are a lot of big players helping out here. Just because you don’t see it on 250 doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Maybe broaden your news search.

ohhh geeee not enough to just mention the donations, but got to be judgemental about it.. A lot of us do not have the luxury of sitting at home just to listen to news… But thanks for your input

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