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October 27, 2017 4:27 pm

BC Hydro CEO Fired

Friday, July 21, 2017 @ 8:01 PM

Prince George, B.C. – A big change at BC Hydro.

This as BC Hydro’s Board of Directors fired CEO Jessica McDonald today.

In a statement the Board thanked her “for her exemplary leadership and dedicated service” along with her “unwavering commitment to excellence.”

Chris O’Reilly is BC Hydro’s new president. No word yet on who will be named the new CEO.

McDonald was hired in 2014 and earned $525,000 last year.

No details yet on what her severance package will look like.

The move comes just days after the NDP took office.

McDonald was formerly the deputy minister to former premier Gordon Campbell.


Hmmm ex deputy minister to the premier CC, ex cabinet secretary of public service……. how do you spell liberal Nepotism?

    With a Big He’s my Buddy” Sign LOL. Ah heck, no different than the rest.

NDP making BC “Great Again”. Firing one Liberal appointment at a time.

Lol, political appointments come from both sides it appears, guess the old boys club is not so gone as posters think

Ken Petterson to BC Hydro
Joy MacPhail to ICBC
Cassie Doyle to BC Housing

The only one who hasn’t worked extensively with the previous NDP party is Cathy McLay who was appointed as a director for ICBC to add to her Translink portfolio

    Total severance so far is 11.3 million to 133 staffers

    And then we all get to pay for a new office for Horgan and Weaver to manage their deal in full of staff to watch one piece of paper on a desk I suppose. The NDP sure know how to watch the public purse

Joy MacPhail. I got a nauseous little shiver when I read that…

get BCRail back from CN; than they will be my hero’s

    How about the 65 billion in contracts to independent power producers making the BCR/CN transfer look like a drop in the bucket.

    But hey the NDP like the enviromental disruption of run of the river plants and inefficient unreliable wind generation bird slicers.

      Let’s dare the BCNDP (the one that swore it was better than the Liberals and would never break any contract) to go ahead and break IPP contracts and Site C contracts! The province will be #10 dead-last and qualifying for federal transfer payments twice as fast as it took the last time to bring it to its knees!

      Joy MacPhail? OMG!

      Cats kill more birds than any windmill has, LOL
      Wonder if the run of the river plants kill fish? Gotta get some scuba gear and took a look……

    Don’t need it back we still own the rail lines. Just buy some of those electric trains Ataloss is always harping about and off you go

      BC Rail did have electric trains on the Tumbler Ridge sub. I think CN sold them.

      All locomotives since the 1950s are diesel electric hybrids . The Diesel engine produces electricity that energize traction motors on each axil . It’s very similar to hybrid automobile .

      Ataloss a diesel locomotive is not anything like a hybrid car. There is no battery to supply motive power in a locomotive. Your lack of understanding at times just amazes me.

      Oh Ataloss the locomotive burns evil diesel for motive energy.

      The hybrid locomotive comparison to a hybrid car was a mistake.

      Since we will have a great surplus of electricity in B.C. we can eliminate diesel locomotives altogether by electrifying rail lines via overhead power cables for electric locomotives. Other countries have used this for over a century. It is nothing new! We lag behind in many ways but are to proud to admit it and do something about it, especially now that we committed ourselves to meet certain conditions of the Paris climate agreement. There is also a thing called carbon tax. Of course we can also renege on our promises, break contracts and treat everything as a big fat joke!

      Signed, Rip.

      No batteries on diesel electric locomotives . That’s by far your stupidest statement seemud . Get a grip and do a little research . You crack me up . Danger 600 volts . Thanks for the laugh . They just fire up using pixie dust . Just hit the pixie dust button , wait , then crank on the lay shaft and your live again . Aw geez I can’t stop laughing . Where do you get this stuff ?

      You should see the size of the jumper cables . Wow . What else don’t know about that your mouth spews ?

      Ataloss I will type slowly for your comprehension. I did not say locomotives have no batteries I said they do not have batteries for locomotion power. Now take a deep breath, settle down and quit drinking red bull.

      About, danger 600 volts, just how do think the current from the generator driven by the diesel engine gets to the traction motors. Those are not jumper cables, its the connection between the generator and traction motor, of course there will be warning signs. A lot of power is being transferred.

      Since your google searching is very weak here is a link

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-3InSFvtKg

      You guys crack me up LMAO

      90% of the electric trains around the world are used to move people and usually operate on specific tracks.

      Moving freight by rail is a major industry in North America and we move considerably more freight by rail that the EU. In fact the EU is declining in rail freight (more trucks) while North America is increasing.

      You will not see very many (if any) electrical freight trains in North America. Why? Because there are to many trains per day, the trains are three times longer and heavier that those in Europe, and last but not least, there is not enough electricity in North America to run these trains.

    It is easy to “get BCRail back from CN”, just break a 99 year contract, just reimburse CN 800 million dollars plus damages, for improvements to rail infrastructure, for new rolling stock…and so forth! Good thing CN is not willing to be part of such nonsense!

      Prince George. What’s your nickname **Rip Van Winkle** . Have you been asleep for the past 20 years.??

      What rail infrastructure, new rolling stock…and so forth are you talking about. ??

      CN Rail has basically reduced BC Rail to a switching line, and has got rid of any and all competition in North Central BC.

      At this point in time Tumbler Ridge cannot get CN interested in reopening the Tumbler Ridge line.

      Digitus Impudicus. It was the BC Rail and the Provincial Government that shut down the electric line to the coal mines in Tumbler Ridge after the mines shut down. The electric locomotives were mothballed and the electrical lines were taken out. They have one of these locomotives on display at the Railway Museum on River Road.

      Palopu, I think that you are incorrect that at this point in time Tumbler Ridge cannot get CN interested in reopening the Tumbler Ridge Line.

      Conuma had been hauling coal by truck to their Willow Creek Mine location where a railway loadoff is located but this wasn’t allowed according to their mine operating permit and back on July 5th, the Ministry put a stop to the hauling by truck.

      The Alaska Highway News in Fort St. JOhn reported in February that CN Rail had agreed to reopen that spur line, after the Wolverine mine restarted. But the line has yet to reopen. However, from what I understand, CN anticipates that the line will be open by December.

      But, I could be wrong!

      Palopu:”Prince George. What’s your nickname **Rip Van Winkle** . Have you been asleep for the past 20 years.??”

      You wish that I had been asleep so that you could get away with some of your unrealistic old fashioned comments, without me calling you out on some! Actually ihave been wide awake and i have a very good memory! However, now that you have discovered my nickname I may just start ignoring some of you unsound contributions. Unlike you I know better than to call people names!

      Rip. I noticed that you did not go into any detail in regards to improvements to rail infrastructure, new rolling stock…and so forth,.

      Hart Guy. As I understood the discussions regarding the Tumbler Ridge Line is the issue is who will pay the $20 Million to upgrade the line.

If only we could capture the hot air from on-line forums we’d have plenty of renewable energy…

CN is horrible, always missing switches.. or very late, or they bring in the wrong cars etc etc.. CN spends a lot of time in court defending their operation and pricing…. places have had to idle down production due to CN not bringing in cars etc..

    CN Rail since its been privatized is a national disgrace. It cannot even paint its rail cars, let alone get them spotted to customers on a timely basis.

Lets see Caribou is burning and all the coalition can come up with is firing the CEO of hydro. Wow now that is a government at work

h tp://www.princegeorgecitizen.com/opinion/editorial/dude-where-s-our-premier-1.21300292

    I read this already in the paper, but many thanks for posting the link to the editorial here! Read and weep! Us in the North here are getting the usual just ignore them *chopped liver* treatment! Ottawa is far away, at least Goodale and the Defense Minister are here in town today, better late than never! Justin Trudeau? Perhaps the whole province has to burn to ashes first?

    I see they let Bennett go also. Gee I wonder how he ever got a job with Hydro?

      Bennett must be one pretty smart cookie, to be the Chair of BC Hydro, and also work on Christys campaign at the same time. But wait, there’s more.

      BC Hydro is in for a major overhaul, Christe lost the election, and Bennett is returning to Ogo Pogo Land.

      His only qualification was being billy Bennetts grandson . It might have had something to do with the west Kelowna riding , that , they gave Christie so she could sit in the house after being clobbered by point grey riding . One hand washing the other ?

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